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#16: APT Main Event - TWD 30,000,000 GTD - Flight D (30 mins)




Punnat Punsri


Graeme Siow Leads Final Flight of Record APT Main Event

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

APTTaipei2023_Event16_APT_MainEvent_FlightD_107.jpg Graeme Siow

The final flight of the record-shattering TWD 45,000 + 5,000 APT Main Event has come to an end with 183 entries (152 unique), of which there were 104 survivors who will bring their stacks forward into what is shaping up to be an unforgettable Day 2. It means 1,188 entries were recorded from the four live Day 1s with 566 making it through to the second day of play. There were an additional 194 entries that were played online via Natural8 bringing the current total to 1,382 with registration still open until the start of Day 2. The prize pool sits at a staggering TWD 60,324,300 (~$1,966,150) with room still to grow.

After ten 30-minute levels it was Singapore's Graeme Siow sitting on top of the pack with a stack of 235,200 chips. Siow already has two APT titles under his belt and the Singaporean player has put himself in a good position for a deep run here in Taipei.

APT regular Hiroshi Matsumoto brings through a healthy stack of 96,300 to do battle with on Day 2. The Japanese player has four APT final tables to his name which include a seventh-place finish in the Main Event that took place in Macau five years ago.

APTTaipei2023_Event16_APT_MainEvent_FlightD_104.jpg Daniel Tang

Natural8 Ambassador & Bracelet winner Daniel Tang bagged up 95,000 to bring forward into Day 2 as he looks to add to his spectacular poker resume here in the Main Event. Tang already has an APT title to his name from when he took down a Monster Stack event four years ago right here in Taipei which makes up part of his incredible $13,800,000 career tournament earnings.

Jinho 'Yell0w' Hong managed to bring through a below-average stack of 53,000 and will be looking to multiply that into six figures and beyond as Day 2 kicks off. Hong has two APT titles accredited to himself for a combined score of almost $70,000 and how he would love to complete the hat-trick here in this historic Main Event.

Other notables to bring through a stack from Flight D were Eunji Seo (123,800), Ang Mei San (58,400), Jaesung Park (47,300), and Sean Ragozzini (32,200).

The top ten stacks from Flight D can be found below.

1Giaeme SiowSingapore235,200
2Kai Hei WongHong Kong213,200
3Jeong YimSouth Korea194,700
4Yu Che LinTaiwan159,400
5Shao-Heng HuaTaiwan155,900
6Po-Lun ChaoTaiwan154,200
7Tung Wing WongHong Kong152,600
8Guan Hong LiewSingapore143,100
9Gene Jini ChanCanada141,800
10Seong Uk HuhSouth Korea138,600

Top ten stacks across all four live Day 1s are listed below.

1Namhyung KimSouth Korea305,200
2Chun-Yu WuTaiwan305,200
3Jongwook LeeSouth Korea291,200
4Naoki MatsumotoJapan268,600
5Jerome FinckFrance255,600
6Jae Wook ShinSouth Korea253,600
7Milan StojkovicAustralia245,400
8Ravn TeoSingapore240,200
9Graeme SiowSingapore235,200
10Orathai NasathaenThailand230,100

Day 2 will begin at 12pm local time on Thursday, May 4th with a seat draw being posted on the live reporting section of this website when it becomes available.

It wasn't just the Main Event that has been breaking records in Taipei. The Women's Event attracted 143 players which is over triple the previous record of 46 whilst the PLO saw its highest numbers in APT history with 154 entries. It proves yet again that the APT has entered a new era and will continue to set records way into the future.

There has been a slight schedule change that has affected some events that were due to be played alongside Day 2 of the Main Event.

Event 33: Single Day High Roller - 8 Max rescheduled to 4pm. Level length reduced to 20 minutes.

Event 34: Zodiac Classic - TWD 3,000,000 GTD - Sponsored by Natural8 - Day 1 rescheduled to 7pm (plays 11 Day 1 levels).

Event 35: NLH - Crazy Pineapple - Turbo start time is now 9pm

Event 36: Turbo - 8 Max start time is now 9:30pm

The full, updated schedule can be found Here.

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Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Edoc Eliminated in Last Hand of the Day

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Joris

We picked up the action on table 2 when all the chips already went into the middle between Lester Edoc and Po Lun Chao.

The Filipino held A♥ K♣ and was flipping against Chao's 8♥ 8♣.

Chao covered Edoc as the board ran 3♣ 7♥ 7♠ T♦ J♥.

Edoc busted out in the last hand of Day 1D, he now has to enter the alternate list for tomorrow to be able to get a seat on Day 2 of the Main Event.

NameChip Count
Po Lun Chao121,600
Lester Edoc0


Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

C-bet is a Strong Move

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kwun

Continuation bet in poker is a simple, but yet powerful tool to have in every poker player's arsenal. Jereld Enzhi just won himself a nice pot by doing so in the following hand.

Soo Jo Kim came in with a raise and players on the cut-off and button made the call. Jereld Enzhi in the big blind then raised to 8,000, which all three mentioned players called.

Flop came A♥ Q♥ 4♦, Enzhi was the first to act and he immediately put in a c-bet of 15,000, he didn't have much trouble getting everyone to fold except for Steven C who tempted for a long time with his 36,000 stack but eventually folded.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Chop it Up

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Nguyen Nang Quang was all in for his tiny stack of 1,400 with Yu-Ping Lin raising to 3,000. Jeong Yim made the call but Lester Edoc put in another raise to 17,000. Lin and Yim folded their hands which left Quang heads-up with Edoc.

Quang 3♠ 6♥ Edoc A♦ K♦

Because of the big blind ante it's advisable to get your short stack in before you hit the big blind, especially if you only have a few big blinds. This is because the big blind ante plays first before your blinds which limits how much you can win in the hand. Presumably, this was Quang's thinking here as if he waited for the big blind, which is 1,200, he would only have 200 chips that he could use in the hand.

Anyway, back to the action.

5♠ 4♠ 7♦

Quang flopped a straight leaving Edoc drawing extremely thin in the hand, albeit this only a small pot.

The turn brought an 8♥ which meant the only chance Edoc had of getting anything from the main pot was if a six came on the river.

"Six" shouts Edoc.

The dealer...obliged. A 6♦ completed the board giving both players a straight and they chopped up the main pot while Edoc took the side pot.

NameChip Count
Lester Edoc75,000
Nguyen Nang Quang3,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Suphanit Value Bets Trips

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

A player that goes by a singular name of just 'Chen' opened to 2,300 with Nithiwat Suphanit defending his big blind.

On the K♣ 7♦ 2♠ flop Mr Chen bet 2,500 and Suphanit made the call.

Both players checked the 5♣ turn and got to see a free river card.

When the board-pairing 7♥ fell on the river it was Thailand's Suphanit who took the betting lead with a bet of 6,000. Mr Chen thought for a minute before putting in calling chips.

Suphanit tabled Q♠ 7♣ for rivered trips which was good for the pot.

NameChip Count
Nithiwat Suphanit80,000
Mr Chen40,000
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

A Win for Win Panitvong

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Joris

The moment we reached table 3 all the chips of Win Panitvong were in the middle already. The Thai jammed all-in preflop for 17,600 after an open from Kai Hei Wong from the hijack.

Wong called and saw he was in deep trouble with his K♠ T♣ versus Panitvong's A♣ K♥.

The board ran out 7♠ A♦ J♣ J♠ J♦. Win for the Win!

NameChip Count
Hsin Hung42,500
Win Panitvong38,200
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

A Generous Man

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kwun

APTTaipei2023_Event16_APT_MainEvent_FlightD_034.jpgDaisuke Fujii

We came to this table and saw a big pot brewing. Board was showing Q♣ Q♠ J♣ J♠, with over 50,000 in the pot already. Daisuke Fujii made it even bigger by raising Jeong Yim's bet of 10,000 to 25,000, Yim put in the extra chips.

River was a 4♣ completing a flush on a double paired board, which was exactly what Daisuke had held A♣ 5♣ when he called an all-in by Yim, who had Q♥ T♠ for a boat.

After this big donation to Yim, Fujii is still sitting on an average stack of 65,000, and Yim is reaching chip leader status.

NameChip Count
Jeong Yim180,000
Daisuke Fujii65,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Chen Doubles Through Song

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Yu-Yu Chen got his last 17,200 chips all in against South Korea's Hyungchan Song.

Chen A♦ 5♦ Song A♣ T♦

Song was looking to add to his stack and he was the favorite to do so but the board runout of 2♠ 7♦ 4♣ 4♦ 2♦ meant Chen had backdoored a flush and got himself back to the starting stack of 40,000.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Danny Tang Joins the Action

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Joris

Natural8 ambassador Danny Tang has just joined the Main Event. He will try to do a fast double and go into Day 2 with an average stack.

Tang has a total of $13,814,131 in live tournament earnings.

NameChip Count
Danny Tang40,000


Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Inoue Doubles

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Yoshihiro Inoue got the last of his stack in against countrymate Nobuaki Mitsumoro pre-flop.

Inoue A♦ J♦ Mitsumoro A♠ Q♠

Inoue was behind but the flop of 3♦ A♥ J♥ propelled him into the lead and he managed to double up when the turn 5♠ and river 7♣ brought no queen for Mitsumoro.

Inoue has around 31,000 as we reach the halfway stage of level nine.