APT Summer Series Hanoi, Vietnam 2023



#14: APT Main Event - VND 12,000,000,000 GTD Day 2 (Reg Open Till Start)




Dinh Duc Linh

VND 3.4B

Japan's Shingae Brings Big Chip Lead Into Day 3 of APT Main Event

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Chipleader .jpg Daiki Shingae

Day 2 of the APT Main Event is in the books with 48 players bagging up their stacks to take forward into the third day of play. The 236 survivors from the four initial flights were joined by an additional 40 new entries who registered for Day 2 before the start of play.

This brought the field up to a total of 581 entries (345 unique), swelling the prize pool to VND 17,752,455,000 (~$759,340) with the eventual winner taking home a juicy paycheck of VND 3,401,355,000 (~$145,500).

It was Japan's Daiki Shingae who topped the counts after bagging up a stack of 1,941,000. Shingae bought directly into Day 2 just this morning and managed to spin up the biggest stack after almost ten levels of play.

Long-term chip leader Nguyen Van Sang brings through 1,429,000, which was good for second as Victor Em rounds off the top three stacks with 1,138,000.

Sang was another player who bought in on Day 2, surging into the chip lead in the opening levels after winning a huge pot in which he eliminated Flight A chip leader Gab Yong Kim and Daniel Brugman in the same hand with pocket kings. The local player would wield his big stack as a weapon to finish second in the counts.

MJN08085.jpg Nguyen Van Sang

Nguyen Vu Ha was involved in a lot of the action towards the close of play, bringing the field down to the final six tables when his pocket aces shot down Robert Kiss' ace-king in the last hand of the day to boost his stack up to 893,000.

Two-time APT title winner Dennis Koon also managed to make Day 3, bringing through a stack of 593,000. Koon's two titles both came in Vietnam with the pick of the two coming in a High Roller event right here in Hanoi for VND 1,033,390,000.

Bracelet winner Alex Lindop made the cut with a respectable stack of 413,000. Lindop also has an APT title to his name after taking down a Super High Roller event in Ho Chi Minh for VND 1,160,333,000 and will be looking to use his experience to navigate through the field and reach another final table here.

Ha Va Thien deserves a special mention as he brings through 224,000 chips. The Vietnamese player was down to just 2,000 chips after losing a pot to Kiss, but managed to claw his way back and make it into Day 3.

Other notables to make it through were Thi Xoa Nguyen (1,100,000), Kang Chen (930,000), Quan Qiu (896,000), Eric Wasylenko (406,000), Peter Kiem (368,000), and Kunal Patni (265,000).

The top ten stacks can be found below.

1Daiki ShingaeJapan1,941,000
2Sang Nguyen VanVietnam1,429,000
3Victor EmVietnam1,138,000
4Xoa Nguyen ThiVietnam1,100,000
5Kang ChenChina930,000
6Quan QiuChina896,000
7Nguyen Vu HaVietnam893,000
8Akshay NasaIndia670,000
9Curtis Siew Jian LimSingapore669,000
10Jhon HendriIndonesia668,000

A full APT Main Event Day 3 Seat Draw can be found HERE

The final table payouts can be found below.

Pos.Prize (VND)Prize (~USD)

A full APT Main Event Payout List can be found HERE

Join us tomorrow for Day 3 of the APT Main Event as we play down to a final table from 12pm local time. The action will also be streamed live, with a 30-minute delay, and you can tune in by following the below links.





Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Borha Wins Last hand Before Day 2 Concludes

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In a pot that started with a raise from early position by India's Mohit Borha a call was made from the Dealer Button position of Doan Quang Trung and the Big Blind of China's Chun Chieh Liu.

The flop came T♥ 8♥ 6♠ as everyone checked.

The turn was a different story, though, as when the 7♠ arrived, fireworks ensued.

As Liu checked, Borha fired 40,000. Then Trung's response was a raise to 110,000. The move forced Liu out of the pot, Borha still called.

The river was the T♠. Borha checked. Trung used two Tine Bank cards before electing to also check.

Borha showed A♠ 2♠ and a disgruntled Trung tabled K♠ 9♠ for a straight on the turn but an inferior flush on the river.

That ends Day 2 of the Main Event with 48 players remaining.

Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Kiss Busts in 49th Place, Play Ends

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NZO04932.jpg Nguyen Van Ha

In a sick hand to end the day, Robert Kiss has just been eliminated by Nguyen Vu Ha.

Both were engaged in a pre-flop-raising war with the stacks eventually going in.

Kiss A♣ K♠ Ha A♠ A♦

Ha a huge favorite to win the hand and to end the day right here, and that's exactly what happened as the board ran J♦ 2♦ 8♠ 5♣ 5♥ giving Ha the last pot, and the last laugh of the day.

Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Wasylenko Hero Calls Borha

PostedJust nowby Noel Zarate

After the board of 5♣ 4♠ 4♦ 3♦ 6♠ played out, India's Mohit Borha made a pot-sized river bet that had Eric Wasylenko of Canada going into the think tank

After a short assessment of the situation, Wasylenko chose to pay for the information and called.

Borha tabled T♥ 9♦ while the Canadian proudly turned over A♠ J♥ on a bold hero call with nothing but Ace high.

Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Patni Doubles Up

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NZO05036.jpg Kunal Patni

Kunal Patni has found himself a late double up here on Day 2.

Patni got his stack in pre-flop with Nguyen Vu Ha making the call to put the Indian player at risk.

Patni 4♦ 4♥ Ha A♦ 8♦

A flopped set that turned into a full house would do the trick for Patni as the board ran T♣ 4♠ K♥ 2♥ 2♠ to secure him the double.

Patni still is short with around 240,000 but those extra chips will help ease the pressure with the increasing blinds.

Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Shingae's Pocket 4s Eliminates Francis as Case 4s Hold

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NZO05119.jpg Daiki Shingae

Just as the tournament entered Level 20--the final round of the day--Japan's Daiki Shingae made a raise to 25,000 from Under The Gun and initially had two callers in Victor Em on the Button and Quang Huy Dinh in the Small Blind.

But then Daniel Francis of New Zealand went over the top and declared he was all in. Shingae immediately asked for a count and it was for 264,000. Shingae called.

Em used two Time Bank cards before folding, while Dinh made his decision before his 30 seconds expired and showed he was folding 4♦ 4♥.

It was Heads Up for Francis' tournament life and he tabled A♣ K♣.

Shingae let out a loud laugh as he revealed his hand to be 4♣ 4♠. The whole table laughed with him.

The board ran T♥ 9♥ 9♣ 8♠ 5♥ as Shingae dodged all the conceivable outs to bust Francis and install himself as one of the big stacks with still 56 players left.

Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Ha Rivers Flush

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NZO05043.jpg Jeongho Hwang

We caught the action on the flop as both Nguyen Vu Ha and Jeongho Hwang got their stacks in on a flop of K♠ 7♠ 5♣.

Ha A♠ T♠ Hwang K♥ J♦

Ha's flush draw an overcard against the top pair of Hwang.

The runout would go in Ha's favor as the 5♦ Q♠ meant he rivered the nut flush to stay alive and score a big double up.

NameChip Count
Nguyen Vu Ha600,000
Jeongho Hwang140,000
Level 20: Blinds 6000-12000, 12000 ante

Last Level of Play

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The tournament clock just ticked over another hour meaning we are now in level twenty, which will be the last level of the evening.

There are 54 players remaining and play will stop if we hit 48, or at the end of this level.

Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000, 10000 ante

Hwang Check-Raises Flop

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Jeongho Hwang opened the action to 20,000 with Robert Kiss putting in a 3-bet to 58,000. Hwang wanted to see a flop so put in calling chips and the two were heads up.

On a flop of 8♣ 4♣ 6♠ Hwang started with a check, with Kiss firing 70,000. A small click-back to 150,000 was the response from Hwang. Kiss didn't waste too much in returning his cards to the dealer as Hwang stacked the chips.

NameChip Count
Jeongho Hwang470,000
Robert Kiss220,000
Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000, 10000 ante

Comeback of the Year

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NZO05031.jpg Ha Van Thien

We mentioned Ha Van Thien earlier having just 2,000 chips in his stack after doubling up Robert Kiss. Well, things have changed quite a bit over on Table 3 as Thien has done the impossible and resurrected his stack from the brink of elimination.

His 2,000 chips turned into around 130,000, which was already incredible, before the following hand unfolded.

Andi Li had shoved pre-flop with Nguyen Vu Ha also shoving his stack into the middle. In the small blind was Ha Van Thien who looked down at his cards and saw something he liked, and also made the call.

Li 9♦ 9♥ Ha T♥ T♠ Thien Q♠ Q♥

Quite unbelievably, if Thien could hold in this spot his stack would be over 400,000! That's 200 times more than what he had less than an hour ago.

The dealer put out a flop of J♣ 4♠ 7♦ which gave no help to Li or Ha.

A turn 7♠ brought Thien one step closer to eliminating Li and executing a more-than-perfect comeback.

When the 3♥ hit the river, Thien celebrated as the table looked on visibly stunned at how such a comeback was even possible.

I guess he isn't kissing his Main Event dream goodbye after all.

NameChip Count
Ha Van Thien410,000
Nguyen Vu Ha140,000
Andy Li0