APT Summer Series Hanoi, Vietnam 2023



#41: APT High Roller - 8 Max - VND 4,000,000,000 GTD - Final Day




Ngoc Dai Nguyen

VND 2.7B

Vietnam's Ngoc Dai Nguyen Wins VND 80,000,000 APT High Roller - 8 Max For VND 2,695,460,000 (~$114,800)

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MJN02081.jpg Ngoci Dai Nguyen celebrates with the bronze lion trophy

The APT High Roller - 8 Max has been won by Ngoc Dai Nguyen of Vietnam after he topped the field of 166 entries for a payday of VND 2,695,460,000 (~$114,800). Nguyen defeated APT regular Dylan Foster in a short heads-up battle that only lasted five hands with the Australian taking home VND 1,825,970,000 (~$77,760) for his runner-up finish.

This was Nguyen's third APT title after having won a High Roller event in Da Nang at the back end of last year and also taking down a Hyper Turbo 8 Max right here in Hanoi in February. The Vietnamese player now has a bronze lion trophy to add to his collection after taking home the biggest share of the VND 11,593,440,000 (~$493,700) prize pool.

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (VND)Prize ($)
1Ngoc Dai NguyenVietnam2,695,460,000114,800
2Dylan FosterAustralia1,825,970,00077,760
3Ashish MunotIndia1,217,310,00051,850
4Lev KydatovRussia997,040,00042,460
5Nguyen Thi Bao AnVietnam799,950,00034,070
6Ngo Khoa AnhVietnam620,250,00026,420
7John BonadiesUnited Kingdom459,100,00019,550
8Bertrand GrospellierFrance337,370,00014,370
9Fedor DedelovRussia268,970,00011,455

Play began today with the forty-six survivors from yesterday's opening day coming back to battle it out until we found our champion. It was Russia's Fedor Dedelov that led the way with a star-studded field in hot pursuit as the likes of Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier, Kunal Patni, Zarvan Tumboli, and John Perry were here to put up a fight.

The title of bubble boy went to Anatolii Gorbushin when he ran his pocket queens into the pocket kings of fellow Russian player Lev Kydatov which meant all of the remaining twenty-three players were guaranteed a payout of at least VND 146,080,000 (~$5,730).

Some notables to make it into the money but short of the final table were Jhon Hendri (22nd), Julian Salvesen (18th), Kunal Patni (17th), Grant Gardner (16th), Alex Lindop (15th), Luke Martinelli (14th), and Phan Minh Duc (10th).

MJN00980.jpg Julian Salvesen

When the final table began it was Vietnam's own Nguyen Thi Bao An who held the chip lead with Foster in last place having a lot of work to do if he wanted to get back into contention. The first to fall would be overnight chip leader Dedelov when his flopped set of jacks were undone by the straight of Nguyen after just ten hands. This was the Russian's first appearance at an APT final table but we're sure it won't be the last - he took ninth for VND 268,970,000 (~$11,455).

Foster would then manage to double up twice to bring his name amongst the chip leaders after first holding with ace-jack against the king-queen of Bao An and then doubling through eventual champion Nguyen who had shoved the turn with a flush draw holding ace-four but couldn't get there against the top pair of Foster who held king-jack.

Grospellier didn't seem to get into the final table and was short-stacked throughout until he made a stand with pocket fours but ran into the pocket jacks of Foster. This was the first APT final table appearance for "Elky" and his second cash of the series in Hanoi after he made the money in the Main Event. Grospellier takes eighth for VND 337,370,000 (~$14,370).

MJN01598 (1).jpg Bertrand "Elky" Grospellier

John Bonadies had been quietly going about his business on the final table but was the victim of some unfortunate timing after he three-bet all in holding ace-nine and ran into the ace-queen of Ashish Munot. Both players would end the hand with a full house but Munot's was higher as he took the pot to send Bonadies out in seventh for VND 459,100,000 (~$19,550).

Ngo Khao Anh had also been quiet during the final table and managed to ladder his way up the payouts until he hit the rail courtesy of Munot. Anh shoved all in over the open of Munot with pocket fours but ran into the pocket nines of the Indian player and wouldn't be able to find the sailboat he needed to survive. This would be the fourth APT final table of Anh's career and his best APT cash as he took sixth for VND 620,250,000 (~$26,420).

Foster would score another double-up when his ace-nine held against the queen-jack of Munot. Bao An would also survive when she was all in after her ace-king was too good against the king-queen of Nguyen. Nguyen would get his revenge just eight hands later when his ace-ten took down the ace-queen of Bao An by turning a straight which left her extremely short-stacked. It would be just moments after that she was eliminated when her queen-nine couldn't take down the ace-seven of India's Munot and she was out in fifth for VND 799,950,000 (~$34,070).

MJN01599.jpg Ashish Munot

The very next hand we would see play reduced to three-handed as Kydatov was sent to the rail by Nguyen. Russia's Kydatov had shipped over the open of Nguyen holding king-jack suited but ran straight into the pocket queens of the local and never managed to catch up. Kydatov would finish fourth which was good for a career-best score of VND 997,040,000 (~$42,460).

Munot had been playing very aggressively throughout the final table which saw huge fluctuations in his stack as he rode the wave to the final three but eventually reached his demise when he open-shoved jack-ten and couldn't quash the queen-jack of Nguyen. Munot was a runner-up here in the APT Main Event last year and came within touching distance of the trophy again here but has to settle for third and walks away with VND 1,217,310,000 (~$51,850).

As the players prepared for a lengthy heads-up duel it was over before it really began as after just five hands the two got all the chips in the middle with Foster holding ace-deuce and Nguyen looking to win the title with king-ten. They would both flop a pair but Nguyen would go runner-runner flush to take victory and the VND 2,695,460,000 (~$114,800) that comes with it.

MJN01618.jpg Dylan Foster

Foster played some excellent poker throughout the series and already had two seventh-place finishes under his belt in Hanoi before today but despite the missed opportunity at winning his first APT title, the VND 1,825,970,000 (~$77,760) runner-up prize will surely help the journey home.

Congratulations to all winners during this series and we wish to thank all the players that came out to make the first of our Summer Series a success. Our next event will be the APT Summer Series Da Nang and you can find all of the information by clicking HERE.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Dylan Foster Has Been Eliminated in 2nd Place for VND 1,825,970,000 (~$77,760)

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MJN01617.jpg Dylan Foster

Dylan Foster has been eliminated in 2nd place for VND 1,825,970,000 (~$77,760).

Hand 109 Dylan Foster limped in from the small blind and Ngoc Dai Nguyen made it 1,100,000. Foster responded by shoving all in and Nguyen made the call to put Foster at risk and give himself a chance at winning the title.

Foster A♣ 2♦ Nguyen K♥ T♠

Foster was ahead but only slightly and surely didn't feel comfortable in this 60:40 situation.

"HOLD BABY" shouts Foster as his entourage bellow the same thing.

The dealer was ready to put out a flop and fanned the A♥ T♥ 5♦.

Foster flops top pair but Nguyen catches a piece as he pairs his ten and has a couple of backdoor opportunities.

The turn brought a 4♥ and gave Nguyen a lot more outs as now any heart would give him a flush.

Both Foster and Nguyen were dancing together with the volume in the Grand Loyal Poker Club hitting record highs. They both embraced each other as the dealer was ready to reveal the river card.

The 6♥!

Nguyen completes his flush and takes the pot and the title as Foster has to settle for second place.

Nguyen takes him the trophy and the VND 2,695,460,000 (~$114,800) that comes with it.

A full tournament write-up will follow shortly.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Nguyen Puts Foster All In on River

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Hand 105 Foster limps in and Nguyen checks. On the 7♥ 7♠ 9♦ flop Nguyen check-calls to a 250,000 chip bet from Foster. The turn brought a T♦ and Nguyen checked again, who Foster betting 500,000 which won the pot.

Hand 106 Nguyen opened to 625,000 and Foster made the call. Foster checked the 2♠ 7♣ K♥ flop as Nguyen bet out 400,000. Foster made the call and the two saw a 4♥ on the turn. Foster check-called an 800,000 chip bet from Nguyen. The river brought a board-pairing 4♠ and Foster checked it over to Nguyen, who shoved all in for 7,700,000 which got Foster to fold.

Hand 107 Foster opens and wins the pot.

Hand 108 Nguyen limped the small blind and Foster checked. Both checked the K♦ 8♥ 8♣ flop and the 2♥ turn. They also checked the J♦ river and Foster won it with Q♣ 7♦.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Play Resumes

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As heads-up play begins, here are the stacks.

NameChip Count
Ngoc Dai Nguyen (Nguyen)10,000,000
Dylan Foster (Foster)6,400,000
Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Short Break

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There will now be a short break while some preparations for heads-up play are undertaken.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Ashish Munot Has Been Eliminated in 3rd Place for VND 1,217,310,000 (~$51,850)

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MJN01803.jpg Ashish Munot

Ashish Munot has been eliminated in 3rd place for VND 1,217,310,000 (~$51,850).

Hand 104 Ashish Munot shoved all in from the button and Ngoc Dai Nguyen made the call from the big blind.

Munot J♣ T♣ Nguyen Q♥ J♦

In the first hand back after the break, we may be heading to heads-up play!

Munot, who has been the chip leader for a big chunk of this final table, is now at risk of being eliminated.

The dealer put out a flop of 5♥ 4♦ 5♣.

Safe for Nguyen who was now just two cards away from eliminating Munot in third.

A turn J♥ paired both players and did bring some chop possibilities as now they had two pair each.

But the river 9♦ sealed the deal and sent Munot out in third.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Play Resumes

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As play resumes, here are the stacks.

NameChip Count
Ngoc Dai Nguyen (Nguyen)7,600,000
Dylan Foster (Foster)6,800,000
Ashish Munot (Munot)2,400,000
Level 29: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Break Time

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Players are on a 15-minute break.

Level 29: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Nguyen Doubles Before the Break

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MJN01812.jpg Ngoc Dai Nguyen

Hand 99 Nguyen limped the button and Munot made it 550,000, Nguyen made the call. On the A♣ 5♣ 9♥ flop Nguyen checked and Munot fired for 200,000, with Nguyen making the call. Munot bet 400,000 on the 5♦ turn and Nguyen called. The 9♦ completed the board and both players checked. Nguyen took the pot with 5♥ 4♦ for a full house.

Hand 100 Munot limped the small blind and Foster checked the big blind. On the 6♣ 5♦ 2♥ flop they both checked. They also checked the Q♠ turn and 9♣ river and Munot won with a pair of deuces.

Hand 101 Foster limped the small blind and Nguyen made it 700,000. Foster folded.

Hand 102 Foster opened to 400,000 and Munot shoved all in. Foster folded.

Hand 103 Nguyen made it 400,000 and Munot made it 1,100,000. Nguyen made the call. On the T♦ 9♣ 4♣ flop Munot shoved all in and Nguyen called.

Munot A♦ 4♠ Nguyen Q♥ T♥

Nguyen doubled up as the run out came J♦ 9♦.

Level 29: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Three-Handed Play

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Hand 93 Nguyen took down the pot with a raise pre-flop.

Hand 94 Nguyen opened to 500,000 and Foster shoved all in for 6,300,000. Nguyen quickly folded.

Hand 95 Munot raised the button to 400,000 and Nguyen shoved for 2,000,000. Munot folded.

Hand 96 Munot got a walk.

Hand 97 Munot limps and Foster made it 650,000. Munot quickly folded.

Hand 98 Munot raised the button to 400,000 and Foster 3-bet to 1,300,000 which was enough to win the hand