APT Summer Series Hanoi, Vietnam 2023



#14: APT Main Event - VND 12,000,000,000 GTD Flight C (30 mins)




Dinh Duc Linh

VND 3.4B

Vietnam's Dat Ngo Van Cruises Through Flight C to Finish Top of the Pack

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NZO04483.jpg Dat Ngo Van

Vietnam's own Dat Ngo Van topped the counts in Flight C of the APT Main Event by bagging up an impressive stack of 328,000 to take into battle in tomorrow's Day 2. There were 66 survivors from the 136 entries (107 unique) that will join the 140 that qualified from Flights A & B with Flight D still to play out.

Jhon Hendri, who came sixth in last night's Superstar Challenge, bagged the second biggest stack of the day with 247,900 with Japan's Naoto Takeya in third bringing through a stack of 202,400.

Hyeokki Lee managed to bag up 182,300 in his pursuit of a first APT title. Lee was involved in a lot of pots today with a big hand going his way when he held king-five which turned a flush against the top pair of Abhinav Iyer's jack-eight.

NZO04368.jpg Hyeokki Lee (right)

Two-time APT title holder Dennis Koon found a bag for Day 2 and brings through 123,800 chips in his Main Event Quest. Koon won a High Roller event last year right here in Hanoi for VND 1,033,390,000 and won a Deepstack Turbo event in Phu Quoc just a few months prior for VND 76,630,000.

Former Main Event champion Hai Nam Hoang brings through a stack of 80,400 as he looks to repeat his victory from Hanoi earlier in the year. Hoang seemed to be cruising along and would have bagged a bigger stack but his flopped set fell short to the turned straight of countrymate Hong Quan Nguyen in the later stages of the day.

Other notables to make it through were Mai Bien (91,100), Daniel Brugman (88,700), Duy Anh Nguyen (82,900), Vincent Li (73,600), Joshua Mccully (60,100), Sofia Lovgren Fullmer (52,500), and Alan Pham (26,000).

The top ten stacks can be found below.

1Dat Ngo VanVietnam328,000
2Jhon HendriIndonesia247,900
3Naoto TakeyaJapan202,400
4Nguyen Huu DungVietnam199,000
5Hyeokki LeeSouth Korea182,300
6Seonggwon KimSouth Korea181,800
7Canh Dang XuanVietnam173,800
8Phong Nguyen TrungVietnam164,000
9Tran Van TaiVietnam150,300
10Tung Ta SonVietnam126,300

For a full APT Main Event Player List you can click HERE

Flight D is playing out tonight and the survivors from all four flights will join forces for the first time tomorrow to play out Day 2.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Ngo Van Dat Hits Zheng on Last Hand

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With their table playing the sixth and final hand of the day, an unraised pot turned ugly for China's Tian Hao Zheng.

With five players in the hand, the flop went: T♦ 8♦ 5♦.

Vietnam's Ngo Van Dat--one of the chip leaders--led out after the blinds had checked to him in early position. Zheng called from the cutoff.

The turn was the A♠ as Ngo checked and Zheng fired 15,000. Ngo called.

The river brought in the 9♦. This time Ngo bet 45,000. Zheng made the quick call.

Ngo turned over A♦ K♠--the nut flush on the river. Zheng quickly mucked his hand.

Zheng is back down to around the starting stack of 30,000 while the win put Ngo past the 300,000 mark and appears to be the overall chip leader for this flight.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Parthasarathi Outdrawn and Busted by Park

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What looked to be the makings of a family pot as four limpers came in, Park Hyunkyou of Korea raised to 7,000 from the Dealer Button position.

The initial limpers folded except for former APT Main Event winner Shardul Parthasarathi of India who 4-bet all in for 31,000 from middle position.

Park was in the tank until someone called the clock on him and decided to call.

Parthasarathi tabled A♣ J♥ while to everyone's surprise, Park showed T♥ 9♥.

The first four community cards were harmless to the Indian: 8♣ 5♣ 2♣ 8♠ but then the 9♦ arrived on the river and sent Parthasarathi to the rail.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Final Six Hands

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The tournament director has announced that six more hands will be played before players bag up their chips.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Superstar Challenge Champion Pham Doubles Through Brugman

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Fresh off of his Superstar Challenge victory last night, Alan Pham is playing Flight C of the APT Main Event and has managed to find a double-up in the last level of play.

Pham got his A♥ Kh: in pre-flop against Daniel Brugman's A♠ Q♠ and flopped a king on the 8♥ 5♣ K♠ 9♠ 6♦ to boost his stack up to 50,000.

NameChip Count
Daniel Brugman90,000
Alan Pham50,000
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Chhikara Ends Pun's Run

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India's Himanshu Chhikara stood his ground against a 3-bet shove from Allan Pun of China, but as he called he realized he only had live cards as his K♦ J♦ was behind against Pun's A♣ T♦.

The flop, however, changed everything: J♠ 6♠ 4♠ as Chhikara was now ahead with top pair.

The turn and river blanked out as Pun, who was crippled in his very first hand a valiantly fought his way back to nearly the starting stack, has been waylaid.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Last Level of the Day

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Level ten has just begun which means in less than 30 minutes all remaining players will bag up their stacks and bring them forward into Day 2, which will play out tomorrow.

There are still 76 players with chips in front of them from the 135 entries that have been recorded so far.

Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Hoang Takes a Dent

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NZO04262.jpg Hai Nam Hoang

It's been business as usual for Hai Nam Hoang today as his stack was sitting healthily at around 100,000, but it just took a dent as fellow Vietnamese player Hong Quan Nguyen doubled through the former APT Main Event winner.

Both players got their stacks in pre-flop with Hoang holding 7♥ 7♠ and Nguyen with K♦ T♦.

Despite flopping a set, Hoang would lose the hand to the turned straight of Nguyen as the board ran 9♣ 7♦ J♣ 8♥ 4♥.

NameChip Count
Hai Nam Hoang70,000
Hong Quan Nguyen55,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Big Slick of Chhikara Taken Down

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India's Himanshu Chhikara had Tse Ian Lee at risk holding A♠ K♠ against the A♣ Q♠ of his opponent.

Chhikara was in a great spot to eliminate Lee and looked likely to do so after the J♣ J♥ 5♥ flop but a Q♦ on the turn tilted the odds in the Malaysian's favor. The river 8♣ locked up the pot for Lee and earned him a double-up, with Chhikara not too impressed that he had to count out over 40,000 chips and slide them over to his opponent.

NameChip Count
Tse Ian Lee90,000
Himanshu Chhikara30,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Estimated Chip Leaders in Level 9

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Vietnam's Dung Huu Nguyen is pacing the field at the moment with just about 200,000 in chips while Tan Luan Le of the UK is in second with 170,000. Ngo Van Dat of the host nation is currently in third with about 160.000.