APT Summer Series Da Nang, Vietnam 2023



#19: APT Main Event - Flight A (60 mins) - VND 12,000,000,000 GTD




Shixiang Khoo

VND 3.9B

Anuj Yadav Tops the Chip Counts of the VND 12M (~USD $500K) Guaranteed Main Event Flight A

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NZO02908.jpg Anuj Yadev

Boasting a juicy VND 12,000,000,000 guaranteed prize pool, the VND 35,000,000 APT Summer Series Da Nang Main Event kicked off today, with India's Anuj Yadav ending Flight A at the top of the leaderboard with 320,000 chips.

Flight A attracted 190 entrants (143 unique) who all battled it out over ten 60-minute levels, with only 67 players managing to bag up their chips and make it through to Day 2.

Yadav will be looking to claim his first APT title here in Da Nang, as he managed to propel himself into the chip lead towards the end of level ten after Petr Rudnev folded to his river check-raise in one of the largest pots of the tournament.

APTSSDN_ME_Flight A-17.jpg Pham Duy Anh

Second in chips with 251,400 is Vietnam's own Pham Duy Anh, in the final level of the day Anh correctly called down Slade Fisher over all three streets with just a pair of deuces to help him climb the leaderboard.

Other notables to make it through include APT Kickoff runner-up Yongfu Dong (238,200), Robert Nemeskeri-Kiss (71,000), former APT Main Event Cambodia champion Michael Lindstrom(48,500), and this week's Super High Roller champion Julian-Andrew Warhurst (129,000)

APTSSDN_SHR-42.jpg Julian-Andrew Warhurst

Here is a list of the top ten chips counts to end the day.

1Anuj YadavIndia328,600
2Pham Duy AnhVietnam251,400
3Tran The ANhVietnam249,100
4Yongfu DongChina238,200
5Xiaohua FuChina231,500
6Koangho LeeSouth Korea203,900
7Nguyen Khac CuongVietnam203,800
7Linh Duong NgoVietnam193,700
9Gavin Mark FlynnIreland192,200
10Amit KaushikIndia192,000

You can view a full list of the Main Event Flight A survivors HERE

Join us for Flight B tomorrow which will have slightly faster 45-minute levels and gets underway at 12pm local time.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Siamionwith Fold Trip Jacks

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Amit Kaushik had gone all in for 100,000 on a board of 7♠ Q♣ 5♥ J♥ J♠, Ahrafenin Siamion who had a very similar amount in his stack now had a dilemma between call and fold.

A few minutes passed by whilst Siamionwith sat with his head in his hands deeply thinking over the hand, many players who were seated at the table walked away to stretch their legs, whereas Kaushik just sat stoically in his chair with his eyes hidden behind his tinted sunglasses.

Eventually, Siamion announced fold and turned over the J♣ for tip jacks, the table exploded in disbelief at the fold, still Kaushik just pushed his cards face down into the muck and collected the pot.

NameChip Count
Amit Kaushik160,000
Ahrafenin Siamion98,000
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Battle of the Giant Stacks

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A crowd had gathered around the table as the board showed Q♣ 7♥ 4♥ 8♠ 3♥ and two of the biggest stacks in the room were heads up, Anuj Yadav was one of them and he had checked over to Petr Rudnev who bet out 21,500 into a pot of around 30,000.

Back on Yadav and put in the river check-raise to 90,000, if Rudnev were to call and win he would likely end the day as the chip leader, whereas if he were to call and lose Yadav would probably end as the chip leader.

However after a lot of deliberation, Rudnev chose to fold his holding, Yadav looked at one of his cards and pushed them across the line.

NameChip Count
Anuj Yadav280,000
Petr Rudnev120,000
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Ge Goes All in

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In the last level of the day Tri Lam opened to 2,500 under the gun before Chumphon Naisanthat 3-bet to 10,600, the preflop raising wasn't over yet as Yingrui Ge moved all in from the small blind for 21,000, Lam folded and Naisanthat threw in the call.

Naisanthat J♠ 8♠

Ge 3♦ 3♣

The board ran out 6♥ J♣ Q♠ 8♦ 9♣ and Ge rushed to the rebuy desk whilst Naisanthat pulled in yet another pot.

NameChip Count
Chumphon Naisanthat180,000
Yingrui Ge0
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Super High Roller Champ Pushes Nguyen Out

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APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-5.jpg Julian-Andrew Warhurst

Julian-Andrew Warhurst of Australia has already had success during this series in Da Nang, as he took down the super high roller title a few days ago for VND 1,003,840,000.

Feeding of the confidence from that epic victory Warhurst opened the button to 2,600, and after the small blind folded Tuan Nguyen was to act in the big blind.

Nguyen chips were stacked up to perfection with all the colors aligned, he carefully carved out a 3-bet to 7,500 perhaps expecting to take it down right now, but oh no.

Warhurst mustered together the chips and placed a 4-bet out to the tune of 16,500, Nguyen quickly folded and Warhurst showed one of the many weapons in his arsenal that helped him to win an APT title.

Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Fan Fires of a Bluff

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Getting to this hand on the river with the board showing Q♠ 4♥ J♥ 7♦ 5♠ and Leroy Fan had bet 24,000 leaving himself with only 1,100 chips behind.

KoangHo Lee of South Korea was faced with a decision for over half of his stack, his face was one of agony as he muttered to himself and ran his hand through his hair. Eventually, he put together the call and slid it across the line.

Leroy Fan threw his hand over as if he had the nuts, but it was far from it as he had K♦ T♠ for a missed straight draw. Lee turned over his Q♥ 8♠ and took down the pot with just a pair of queens

NameChip Count
KoangHo Lee103,000
Leroy Fan1,100
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Fu Gets Su For Value

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Duo Su raised to 2,500 from early position and got 3-bet by Xiaohua Fu in late position, Su made the call and the two men from China went to the flop.

The flop came down 7♥ K♠ A♣ and Su checked over to Fu who checked back, the 8♣ fell on the turn and Su checked again to Fu, this time Fu fired out 6,500 and Su came along for the river.

The river was the 9♥ and Su checked to Fu who counted out a bet of 19,000 which was about half of Su's remaining chips, Su verbally announced call and was shown A♠ K♦ for a flopped two pair by Fu.

NameChip Count
Xiaohua Fu180,000
Duo Su24,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Current Chip Leader

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APTSSDN_ME_Flight A-17.jpg Pham Anh

As the players come back from the break the chip leader in the room looks to be Pham Anh from Vietnam, he has around 250,000 chips and will be looking to take those chips and more into Day 2.

Level 8: Blinds 500-1000, 1000 ante

Final Break

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Players have gone on the final break of the day.

Level 8: Blinds 500-1000, 1000 ante

Tsang Doubles Through Petr

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NZO00535.jpg Rudnev Petr

Rudnev Petr still has one of the larger stacks in the room. He opened the action here to 2,000 and got called by Phong Tuan before the big blind Chak Tsang moved all in for 14,400. Petr got the exact count then just called which prompted Tuan to fold.

Petr A♦ Q♣

Tsang 6♥ 6♠

A classic race and the board came J♠ 9♦ 3♥ 7♠ 2♠ and Tsang stays alive, Petr still has a large stack but he would have been hope to have chipped up even more there.

NameChip Count
Rudnev Petr140,000
Chak Tsang36,000