APT Summer Series Da Nang, Vietnam 2023



#1: APT Kickoff - Flight B - VND 1,500,000,000 GTD




Chan Kien

VND 546M

Trung Quan Nguyễn Leads Flight B of the APT Kickoff

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Chipleader Nguyen Trung Quan.jpg Trung Quan Nguyen

Trung Quan Nguyen will go into Day 2 with 402,000 after ending the day at the top of the leaderboard in Flight B of the VND 10,000,000 APT Kickoff. There were a total of 132 entrants with just 19 getting through to Day 2 tomorrow.

Nguyen, who already has an APT Super High Roller title to his name from March of this year, ended up being the player to burst the bubble having knocked out short-stacked Xiaohua Fu with a rivered king again Fu’s ace-queen. Another key hand that catapulted him up the leaderboard was against Vamerdino Magsakay when Nguyen’s ace-king was all in pre-flop against the queen-ten of Magsakay.

Hot on his heels is the Russian Anatolii Gorbushin who has 392,000 and is looking to make his second final table on the APT. The Russian earned the bulk of his chips after a huge hand against Magsakay where his pocket aces rivered a bigger full house after the Filipino flopped a set of jacks.

Armon Van Wijk brings through a stack of 270,000 as he looks to win his second APT title and seventh final table. Wijk's title came in Hanoi just a matter of weeks ago in a Turbo event where he took the top prize of VND 65,300,400.

NZO00708.jpg Kiwanont Sukhum

Thailand's Kiwanont Sukhum bagged up 111,000 as he seeks his third APT title. Sukhum took down the Mystery Bounty Hunter event in Taipei for a career-best score of TWD 1,173,100 (~$38,200) and had previously won a trophy here in Da Nang last December where he won a No Limit Hold'em event for VND 181,730,000.

Other notables to make it through to Day 2 were Linh Duong Ngo (301,000), Anuj Yadav (205,000), Chirag Sodha (200,000), and Christopher Huang (97,000).

The top ten stacks of Flight B can be found below, the shortest stack making it through to Day 2 was Huawei Liu with just 50,000.

1Nguyen Trung QuanVietnam402,000
2Anatolii GorbushinRussia392,000
3Yongfu DongChina304,000
4Linh Duong NgoVietnam301,000
5Sangmin LeeSouth Korea290,000
6Tan LeVietnam285,000
7Shyh Chyn LimMalaysia281,000
8Armon Van WijkAustralia270,000
9Tarush Sunil GuptaIndia240,000
10Anuj YadavIndia205,000

A full APT Kickoff Flight B survivor list can be found by clicking here

Join us tomorrow at 12:15pm local time where we will play down to a winner.

Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000, 10000 ante

Fu Becomes Fight B's Bubbleboy

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On the direct bubble Xiaohua Fu was all in for just 11,000 in middle position which was just over one big blind. He was called by Trung Quan Nguyen in the small blind and Kar Wee Chee in the big blind

The flop came J♦ 2♥ 6♠ and both players checked

Again they checked the 5♦ turn

When the K♥ hit the river Nguyen fired out 25,000 into the dry sidepot.

Once hands from the other tables had finished the players revealed their hands. Fu had A♠ Q♦ and was deemed the bubble boy for Flight B of the APT Kickoff after Nguyen showed K♣ 2♠ and put the remaining 19 players into the money on Day 2.

Level 19: Blinds 5000-10000, 10000 ante

Gupta Gets a Lifeline

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Ngo Linh Duong Ngo Linh Duong

Ngo Linh Duong raised to 20,000 pre-flop and Tarush Gupta shoved all in for around 120,000. The action folded back around to Duong who quickly made the call to put the Indian player at risk.

Duong Q♥ Q♦ Gupta A♦ J♦

Gupta was behind and at risk which meant if he didn't win this hand he would be our bubble boy.

The flop of A♠ 2♦ K♦ was about as perfect as it can get for Gupta as he flopped top pair and a flush draw.

A turn 8♥ and river 3♥ kept him in the lead and he managed to avoid elimination.

NameChip Count
Tarush Gupta240,000
Ngo Linh Duong125,000
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000, 8000 ante

Break Time

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Players are now on a 15-minute break. When they return they will play hand-for-hand until one more player is eliminated with the 19 survivors bagging up their chips for Day 2.

Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000, 8000 ante

Ramsri Almost Doubles Through Tran

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Sitting with only 88,000 in chips Badin Ramsri decided that his hand was good enough and moved all in, he slid his chips into the middle and this was followed by a string of folds from every player until Gia Quy Tran in the big blind called with just remaining 30,000 in his stack after posting the blind and ante.

Ramsri A♣ J♠ Tran Q♦ 8♣

The board ran out A♠ 2♠ K♣ K♠ 5♠ sending Tran to the rail and giving Ramsri a lifeline.

NameChip Count
Badin Ramsri140,000
Gia Quy Tran
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000, 8000 ante

Gorbushin Hits River to Stay Alive

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Anatolii Gorbushin just earned himself a double up in a topsy-turvy hand.

Tan Le opened the action with a min-raise to 16,000 and Anatolii Gorbushin put in a tiny 3-bet to 35,000. Vamerdino Magsakay then cold 4-bet shoved covering both players. Le got out of the way but Gorbushin snap-called to put himself at risk.

Gorbushin A♥ A♠ Magsakay J♠ J♦

Gorbushin was way ahead but was the at-risk player, with Magsakay needing a jack to eliminate the Russian.

The flop was just what the doctor ordered for Magsakay as he flopped a set on J♣ T♣ 6♠ to propel him into the lead. Gorbushin couldn't believe his eyes as he was now on the verge of being eliminated as we approach the bubble.

A 6♥ turn was no help to the Russian as he was now looking for one of the last remaining aces in the deck.

Well, he got his wish. The A♦ fell on the river giving Gorbushin a bigger full house and to snatch the chip lead pot away from Magsakay at the very last opportunity.

To top that all off, Le said that he folded ace-jack! A double one-outer.

NameChip Count
Anatolii Gorbushin360,000
Vamerdino Magsakay45,000
Level 18: Blinds 4000-8000, 8000 ante

Yadav Gets a Nice Value Bet in

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Action folded to Christopher Huang in the cutoff and he opened to 16,000, Anuj Yadav came along from the big blind.

Action checked through the flop of 8♠ 6♥ 9♦ as well as the Q♠ turn

But on the 2♣ river Yadav fired 20,000, Huang was a little too curious and called only to be showed K♥ 9♣.

Yadav is chipping up nicely close to the bubble

Level 17: Blinds 3000-6000, 6000 ante

Munsaf Hits the Rail

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Meherzad Munsaf shoved all in for 56,000 and was put at risk by Xiaohua Fu.

Munsaf A♠ Q♣ Fu Q♥ Q♦

Fu's pocket queens would hold up as the board ran out 2♥ 5♠ 3♦ J♠ 6♣ to eliminate Munsaf.

NameChip Count
Xiaohua Fu240,000
Meherzad Munsaf0
Level 16: Blinds 2000-5000, 5000 ante

Magsakay Makes a Move

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The action pre-flop started with Vamerdino Magsakay raising to 10,000 before getting 3-bet by Trung Quan Nguyen to 25,000. Magsakay eyeballed Nguyen's stack before moving all in for 121,000 which was in front of Nguyen. Nguyen called and turned over A♠ K♥, Magsakay had gone for the 4-bet light with Q♥ T♣.

With almost 250,000 in the pot this was an important one for both players.

The fop came 2♥ K♦ 3♠ and Nguyen fist bumped the table in excitement, the board ran out clean for him with the 8♥ and the 6♥ on the turn and river.

Nguyen sits on 250,000 now.

Level 16: Blinds 2000-5000, 5000 ante

Huang Eliminates Two Opponents With Nut Flush

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Christopher Huang just sent two opponents to the rail in a hand that saw his stack climb to over 250,000.

Huang had both Chak Lam Tsang and Petr Rudnev all in and at risk.

Huang A♦ Q♦ Tsang K♦ Q♣ Rudnev A♠ 9♦

Huang managed to fade the outs of his opponent as the board ran 3♠ 2♠ 6♦ 8♦ J♦ to earn himself the double KO as he rivered the nut flush.

NameChip Count
Christopher Huang255,000
Chak Lam Tsang0
Petr Rudnev0