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#7: APT Super High Roller - 8 Max - Final Day




Julian-Andrew Warhurst


Australia's Julian Warhurst Wins VND 120,000,000 APT Super High Roller - 8 Max for VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430)

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APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-14.jpg Julian Warhurst

The VND 120,000,000 APT Super High Roller - 8 Max has been won by Australia's Julian Warhurst who takes home VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430) for his first-place finish. Warhurst defeated a field of 22 entries that comprised of 14 unique entries to win his maiden APT title and also bring home the coveted pewter lion trophy.

A total prize pool of VND 2,390,080,000 (~$101,020) was created and the final payouts can be found below.

PlaceNameCountryPrize (VND)Prize (USD)
1Julian WarhurstAustralia1,003,840,00042,430
2Satanan JungrungreangkitThailand669,220,00028,280
3Joshua MccullyAustralia430,210,00018,180
4Nguyen Trung QuanVietnam286,810,00012,120

After playing eighteen 40-minute levels yesterday, both Warhurst and Satanan Jungrungreangkit couldn't close out the tournament so came back today for a heads-up clash that lasted less than thirty minutes before the Australian emerged victorious. The Thai player battled hard but will have to settle for second place which still comes with a nice payday of VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280).

To find out more about what went down during Day 1 of the tournament you can read the APT blog here.

APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-11.jpg Satanan Jungrungreangkit

When Day 2 began, there was almost nothing separating the two in terms of chips counts with Jungrungreangkit slightly edging it by less than two big blinds. It was Australia's Warhurst who started the stronger and picked up some extra chips after multiple river bets went uncalled which put him into the chip lead. Jungrungreangkit fought back but lost the majority of his stack after he three-bet the flop on the ace-ace-nine board holding king-queen and shoved all in when a jack hit the turn. Warhurst wasted no time in making the call holding ace-six for flopped trips and faded the gutshot straight draw of the Thai player which left him with a little under three big blinds.

It was all over the very next hand when Jungrungreangkit got in the rest of his stack holding ten-deuce and couldn't overcome the jack-seven of Warhurst. The pair shared a handshake after which Warhurst was left to enjoy his victory and a payday of VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430).

APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-13.jpg Julian Warhurst celebrates winning the APT Super High Roller - 8 Max with Matthew Bevin, Alan Pham, and Armon Van Wijk

Level 19: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Satanan Jungrungreangkit Has Been Eliminated in 2nd Place for VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280)

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APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-6.jpg Satanan Jungrungreangkit

Satanan Jungrungreangkit has been eliminated in 2nd place for VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280).

After losing that giant hand previously, Jungrungreangkit was all in the very next hand with Julian Warhurst looking to lock up the title right now.

Jungrungreangkit T♦ 2♣ Warhurst J♦ 7♦

Warhurst was in front and just needed to fade the live cards of the Thai player to get his hands on the trophy.

The dealer burned a card and fanned a flop of 3♦ 4♣ 9♥.

So far, so good for the Australian and things got even better on the 8♣ turn as he picked up a gutshot straight draw to remove three of Jungrungreangkit's outs. Only a deuce would keep the player from Thailand alive and he had just one chance to hit it.

The river card...


Warhurst pairs his seven to eliminate Jungrungreangkit from the tournament and win the APT Super High Roller - 8 Max. Jungrungreangkit fought a valiant fight but will have to settle for the runner-up spot and the VND 669,220,000 (~$28,280) prize money.

NameChip Count
Julian Warhurst5,500,000
Satanan Jungrungreangkit0
Level 19: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Warhurst On the Brink of Victory

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APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-5.jpg Julian Warhurst

Julian Warhurst is on the brink of winning the APT Super High Roller as Satanan Jungrungreangkit is left with just 150,000 chips!

The hand starts with Jungrungreangkit making a raise to 150,000 which Warhurst defended from the big blind.

On the 9♠ A♦ A♠ flop Jungrungreangkit led out for 125,000 with Warhurst putting in a raise to 310,000. Jungrungreangkit came back at the Australian with a 3-bet to 800,000 and Warhurst made the call after using some extra time.

The turn brought a J♦ and Jungrungreangkit used two time-chips before shoving all in for around 1,800,000, slightly covering the stack of Warhurst. The Australian checked his cards before dropping in calling chips to create the biggest pot of the tournament.

Jungrungreangkit K♥ Q♣ Warhurst A♥ 6♦

"Ah you had the ace" remarked Jungrungreangkit.

He sure did and Warhurst was on the brink here of leaving Jungrungreangkit with just 150,000 chips but his work wasn't done just yet. The Thai player did pick up a gutshot straight draw and if he could find a ten on the river, he would be our champion.

It wasn't to be though as the 7♣ completed the runout to earn Warhurst that huge pot and leave Jungrungreangkit crippled.

NameChip Count
Julian Warhurst5,350,000
Satanan Jungrungreangkit150,000
Level 18: Blinds 25000-50000, 50000 ante

Warhurst Bets River

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Julian Warhurst limped the button and Satanan Jungrungreangkit checked his big blind.

The flop came 6♦ A♣ 6♣ with Jungrungreangkit checking to Warhurst, who bet 50,000. Jungrungreangkit came back with a raise to 175,000 which the Australian called.

A turn 7♦ drew another bet from the Thai player, this time for 275,000. Warhurst called once again and both players saw a river card.

When the 3♣ landed on the river Jungrungreangkit checked with Warhurst firing a bet of 750,000 and the Thai player let it go.

Level 18: Blinds 25000-50000, 50000 ante

Warhurst Wins an Early Pot

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Julian Warhurst made it 110,000 pre-flop and Satanan Jungrungreangkit made the call.

They saw a flop of 6♣ 5♠ T♦ and Jungrungreangkit checked it over to Warhurst who fired a bet of 135,000. Jungrungreangkit wasn't going anywhere just yet and made the call to see a turn.

The turn brought a Q♠ and the Thai player checked once again with Warhurst sizing up to 360,000. Jungrungreangkit once again made the call with both players still in the hand going to a river.

A 6♦ completed the runout with Jungrungreangkit checking for a third time. Warhurst announced a bet of 650,000 which got a quick fold from Jungrungreangkit.

NameChip Count
Julian Warhurst3,300,000
Satanan Jungrungreangkit2,200,000
Level 18: Blinds 25000-50000, 50000 ante

Cards Are in the Air

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APTSSDN_SHR_FInal Day-3.jpg

Let's crown our champion!


Payouts & Chip Counts

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A reminder of what the two are competing for today.

Pos.Prize (VND)Prize (~USD)

With the stacks as close to even as you can get.

NameChip Count
Satanan Jungrungreangkit2,810,000
Julian Warhurst2,690,000

Play will start with fifteen minutes on the clock on level 18.


APT Super High Roller - 8 Max - Final Day

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Good morning from the beautiful Ariyana Convention Centre, Furama Resort, Da Nang.

After an enthralling day of poker yesterday, the APT Super High Roller - 8 Max returns for its second and final day with just two players remaining in one of the flagship events of this series.

From the 22 entries (14 unique) it's Thailand's Satanan Jungrungreangkit who holds the smallest of chip leads over Australia's Julian Warhurst with them both in pursuit of their first APT title.

The prestigious pewter lion trophy awaits the winner as does a payday of VND 1,003,840,000 (~$42,430). So, who will it be?

Join us from 12:15pm local time as play down to our champion.