APT Summer Series Da Nang, Vietnam 2023



#19: APT Main Event - Flight C (30 mins) - VND 12,000,000,000 GTD




Shixiang Khoo

VND 3.9B

APT Title Holder Shyh Chyn Lim Outpaces the Field in Flight C of APT Main Event

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APTSSDN_ME-Flight C-57.jpg Shyh Chyn Lim

Flight C of the APT Main Event is complete and it's Malaysia's Shyh Chyn Lim that outpaced the field to finish top of the leaderboard after bagging up 236,700 chips. A total of 149 entries (128 unique) were recorded which brings the current running total to 537 with Flight D still to play out.

Lim is no stranger to finding himself leading positions as the Malaysian already has an APT title to his name, albeit coming ten years ago when he won an Ante Up Charity event in Manila. With twelve APT final tables to his name and over $200,000 in live tournament earnings he will certainly be a threat come Day 2 tomorrow.

Australia's William Bolton brings through a stack of 226,700 which is good for second on the day as he continues to search for his maiden APT title. In third is Vietnam's Tran Minh Nhat who bagged up 202,700 in search of Main Event success. Nhat already has an APT trophy to his name after taking down a Win The Button event in Phu Quoc earlier this year that saw him win VND 74,200,000.

APTSSDN_ME-Flight C-42.jpg William Bolton

Joshua Mccully is having a fantastic series after winning both the Superstar Challenge and the Single Day High Roller - 40M Bounty - Winner Takes All events on consecutive days. The Australian doubled up his stack in the second hand he was dealt after rivering a flush with ace-king against the flopped set of Phan Minh Duc, who held pocket jacks. The pair would clash again right at the very end of play with Mccully getting a river-value bet paid off with a full house holding king-queen to see him bring through 144,300 chips.

Tran Huy Hoang bagged up a respectable stack of 130,800 as he searches for his third APT title. Hoang's first title came at APT Hanoi last year in a No Limit Hold'em event and he followed that up with a victory in a Monday Madness event in Phu Quoc this year for paydays of VND 125,420,000 and VND 111,740,000 respectively.

Other notables to make it through were Buyu Sakurai (193,900), Duy Tien Pham (112,700), Motokatsu Uhara (94,000), Vu Tran Khanh Truong (79,100), Sita Divari (75,000), Pham Bao (74,700), and Daniel Brugman (35,000).

The top ten stacks can be found below.

1Shyh Chyn LimMalaysia236,700
2William BoltonAustralia226,700
3Tran Minh NhatVietnam202,700
4Juyeol LeeSouth Korea201,000
5Buyu SakuraiJapan193,900
6Heng ZhangChina185,000
7Tran Duc TuanVietnam175,600
8Frederic BollietFrance149,100
9Joshua Curtis MccullyAustralia144,300
10Duc Chinh TranVietnam143,800

A full APT Main Event Flight C Survivor List can be found by clicking here.

Registration for the Main Event remains open throughout the night and will only close at the start of play on Day 2, which kicks off a slightly earlier than usual at 11am local time.

There will be a live stream for you to follow along with all the links posted below.




If you can't watch the stream then you can follow the updates right here on the APT blog for all of the latest action.

See you tomorrow.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Flight C in the Books

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Flight C is officially over with all players now bagging up their chips ready for Day 2 tomorrow.

A write-up of the day's action will follow shortly.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Mccully Has a Full House

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Joshua Mccully was once again stacking the chips of Phan Minh Duc in one of the last hands of the day.

The board read 5♦ Q♦ Q♣ 5♥ 9♠ and the pot was a little under 50,000 when Mccully made a bet on the river for 37,900. Duc was in the tank and was taking his time with this decision because if he called and was wrong he would be left with under the starting stack.

Two minutes went by before Duc did make his choice by dropping in calling chips and wouldn't have been happy with what he saw.

Mccully showed K♥ Q♥ for a full house which was good for the pot as Duc mucked his cards to drop his stack to below 40,000. Mccully, however, now sits with over 150,000!

NameChip Count
Joshua Mccully150,000
Phan Minh Duc38,000
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Final Six Hands

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

The drawing for the final hands has been complete and it has been confirmed there will be six more hands before play comes to an end in Flight C.

Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Lam Out the Door Before Turn Dealt

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Hong Nguyen Dang Lam was out the door before she could even see a turn card as Frederic Bolliet had her drawing dead.

The flop read K♥ 7♥ 3♦ and Bolliet had bet 8,000 with Lam raising to 20,000. Bolliet then shipped all in with Lam calling off the rest of her chips.

Bolliet rolled over a little something called "the nuts" with K♠ K♦ for top set. Lam didn't even want to turn her hand over and was already up from her chair and heading towards the exit before the dealer had to reach over and grab her cards before exposing them to the table.

The reason for Lam's hasty departure? Perhaps something to do with the fact she was drawing stone dead as her K♣ Q♠ had no chance at winning the hand. The meaningless runout of T♠ 3♠ confirmed her elimination and gave Bolliet a nice pot as the day edges closer to its end.

NameChip Count
Frederic Bolliet110,000
Hong Nguyen Dang Lam0
Level 10: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Last Level

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

This is the last level in Flight C and we have seen 149 entries so far with 89 players still in their seats.

In a little over 10 minutes time there will be a draw to see how many final hands will be played with all of the survivors then bagging up their chips to come back tomorrow for Day 2.

Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Nguyen Stares at Vongkittirux

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

With around 50,000 chips in the pot on a board of A♠ 4♣ T♠ J♠ 4♦ we saw Quang Minh Nguyen betting 26,000 into Jallapun Vongkittirux. While the Thai player thought about his decision, Nguyen was staring, we mean really staring at the player from Thailand but Vongkittirux didn't seem to notice with his eyes firmly on the pot. Eventually, Vongkittirux did make the call and saw the bad news.

Nguyen tabled 5♠ 3♠ for a baby flush which was good for the sizable pot as Vongkittirux mucked his hand.

NameChip Count
Quang Minh Nguyen125,000
Jallapun Vongkittirux35,000
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Lim Makes a Good Read

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Tim

NZO00666.jpg Chyn Lim

Chyn Lim who was still pulling in the chips from the previous pot raised to 2,400 from late position and just got a call from fellow Malaysian Joshua Tan in the big blind.

The flop came8♣ 3♣ T♣ and both players checked, the turn A♠ was checked as well.

When Tan checked the K♦ on the river it looked as if he had given up on the pot, but that would be wrong as when Lim bet 2,400 Tan pounced and raised to 12,000, Lim didn't like it and was a bit confused by the raise so in the end he called, and a good call it was as Tan showed T♦ 2♦ for just a pair of tens and Lim won the pot with A♥ 8♠ for a turned pair of aces.

Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Kim Asks for a Deuce

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Tim

Unsure how the action went pre-flop but Jungwon Kim was all in for 31,000 against Phuong Nguyen, and it looked like Kim needed a lot of help.

Nguyen T♥ T♦

Kim 2♥ 2♣

Kim asked the dealer for a deuce but perhaps the dealer thought he said ten, as the flop came 7♦ Q♥ T♣ and running deuces was the only way Kim could win, that didn't happen today as it came 4♣ 7♠ and Kim was eliminated.

NameChip Count
Phuong Nguyen105,000
Jungwon Kim0
Level 9: Blinds 600-1200, 1200 ante

Big Slick Does the Trick for Wu

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

Fuming Wu opened up the action and was 3-bet by Xiaosheng Zheng from the big blind to 7,500. Wu came back with a 4-bet shove for 56,000 and Zheng went into the tank. The Chinese player had his opponent covered and perhaps that was the deciding factor as he flicked in a call.

Wu A♣ K♥

Zheng A♥ Q♠

Wu had a dominating hand and would have surely felt disappointed when the window card was a Q♦. That disappointment swiftly turned into relief as the dealer fanned the flop to expose the 3♦ and K♦. A 6♠ and 9♦ completed the runout which kept Wu alive and gave him a healthy stack going into the final levels.

NameChip Count
Fuming Wu115,000
Xiaosheng Zheng30,000