APT Incheon, South Korea 2023



#24: APT Main Event - KRW 1,300,000,000 GTD - Day 3




Shoichiro Tamaki

KRW 271M

Shoichiro Tamaki's Late Surge Up the Leaderboard Sees Him Top Day 3 of Record-Breaking APT Incheon Main Event

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Shoichiro Tamaki.jpg Shoichiro Tamaki

The penultimate day of the KRW 2,300,000 APT Incheon Main Event came to an end with 16 players surviving the day and bringing their stacks forward into Day 4. It was Japan’s Shoichiro Tamaki who came through as the chip leader after a rollercoaster of a day left the Japanese player with 6,740,000 chips.

A total of 930 entries (563 unique) were recorded for the event which broke two tour records for the most entries in a Main Event in South Korea and also the country's largest-ever Main Event prize pool of KRW 1,867,347,000 (~USD $1,411,975). The remaining sixteen players have locked up a cash of at least KRW 15,300,000 (~$11,570) but all eyes will be firmly fixed on the KRW 346,647,000 (~$262,090) top prize.

Japan's Tamaki started the day with 434,000 chips but found a double up during level twenty-six when his ace-five held against the king-ten of Artem Sofronov. Just one level later Tamaki would again have all his chips in the middle and earned a full double up after his pocket kings flopped a set against the pocket sevens of Veleriy Pak. Minutes later the two would clash again after Tamaki shoved fifty-three big blinds preflop with ace-king and rivered a flush against the pocket jacks of Pak to scoop a monster pot worth well over six million chips.

Abraham Ceesvin 2.jpg Abraham Ceesvin

Abraham Ceesvin bagged up the second-biggest stack of 6,210,000 and is looking for his second APT title of the series and fourth overall. The Singaporean player took the chip lead during level twenty-three when he turned a flush with king-ten and had his river shove called by Hong Kong's Wing Po Liu who had flopped top two pair with ace-queen. Ceesvin's queen-ten then went on to eliminate the ace-ten of Toshio Kataoka after turning another flush which left his stack hovering around the five-million mark.

Napat Chokejindachai is part of the Thai entourage that has descended on APT Incheon and bagged up 1,555,000 which is good for tenth on the leaderboard. The Thai player scored his maiden APT title at the record-breaking APT Taipei where he won a Turbo event for TWD 548,655 (~$17,890) and is looking to take the golden lion trophy back to Thailand here in the Main Event.

All of the previous APT Main Event winners were eliminated throughout the course of the day which means there will be a brand-new champion crowned in the richest-ever Main Event the tour has held in Korea.

Milos Petakovic bagged up 1,345,000 and has a chance to be the first player to ever win two flagship lion trophies and may even do it in the same series after he won the APT Super High Roller last weekend.

Other notables to make it through were Veleriy Pak (2,340,000), Artem Sofronov (1,835,000), Tran Tu (1,695,000), Zhanhui Zheng (1,540,000), and Gallego Martinez (850,000).

The top ten stacks can be found below.

1Shoichiro TamakiJapan6,740,000
2Abraham Abdulla CeesvinSingapore6,210,000
3Tsz To WanChina3,170,000
4King Wai CheungHong Kong2,535,000
5Masahiro AdachiJapan2,515,000
6Adrian Boon Chye ChuaSingapore2,515,000
7Veleriy PakUzbekistan2,340,000
8Artem SofronovRussia1,835,000
9Tran TuNew Zealand1,695,000
10Napat ChokejindachaiThailand1,555,000

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Here is a reminder of the final table payouts.

PlacePrize (KRW)Prize (~USD)

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Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante


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A full write-up of the day's action will follow shortly.

Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Tsang Eliminated in 17th Place

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Cheuk Him Tsang.jpg Cheuk Him Tsang

Hong Kong's Cheuk Him Tsang has been eliminated in 17th place meaning the day has come to an end.

Tsang shoved all in for 195,000 and Milos Petakovic then shoved all in for 2,000,000. Tran Tu was in the big blind and snap-called his last 690,000.

Tsang K♠ Q♥

Petakovic K♣ 9♥

Tu T♣ T♥

A rare misstep by Petakovic perhaps? The Serbian isolates the shove of Tsang but runs straight into the pocket tens of Tu who called with zero hesitation!

Tsang wasn't in bad shape for a triple up but the 3♦ 9♣ 2♥ flop didn't help as now only a queen would scoop him the pot.

An A♠ turn changed nothing and neither did the 4♠ river card which meant Tsang was eliminated and Tu more than double up in the last hand of the day!

Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Bracelet Winner Renji Mao Eliminated

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Renji Mao.jpg Renji Mao

Tsz To Wan opened to 120,000 and bracelet winner Renji Mao shoved all in for 540,000. It folded back to Wan who took just a few moments before making the call to put Mao at risk.

Mao K♠ K♣

Wan A♦ J♦

Mao was looking for a double up and stayed in the lead on the 3♣ 9♥ 8♦ flop.

However the A♥ turn changed things as Wan took the lead and left Mao drawing to the final two kings in the deck.

The river was paint but not what Mao needed as the J♣ completed the board which sent the bracelet winner to the rail.

NameChip Count
Tsz To Wan3,400,000
Renji Mao0
Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

The Rollercoaster Ride Continues as Tamaki Takes the Chip Lead

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Veleriy Pak and Shoichiro Tamaki are going at it!

Renji Mao opened to 120,000 and Pak made the on the button. Tamaki was in the small blind and shoved all in for 3,205,000, or fifty-three big blinds! Mao quickly got out of the way but Pak didn't fold just yet. In fact, the Uzbekistani player counted out his chips before slamming a stack into the middle to signify a call and create a pot of 6,600,000 chips!

Tamaki A♦ K♥

Pak J♠ J♦

These two were certainly second and third in chips when the hand began but one of them is about to be a huge chip leader.

The dealer prepared to deal the first three community cards and fanned an all-heart flop of 5♥ T♥ 3♥ which kept Pak's jacks in the lead but gave Tamaki a flush draw to go along with his two overcards.

Both players were standing up as the turn card was dealt.


Pak was one step closer to a gigantic chip stack which would be around 20% of the total chips in play but he still had to fade one more card to achieve it.

Pak thumped the table when the A♥ completed the board as it gave Tamaki a flush to snatch the pot away from the Uzbekistani player.

Huge, huge pot!

NameChip Count
Shoichiro Tamaki6,600,000
Veleriy Pak1,000,000
Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Zheng Doubles Through Ceesvin

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The action started with Artem Sofronov who raised from the CO to 125,000. On his direct left, it was Abraham Ceesvin who raised to 360,000. The Singaporean saw, however, that from the small blind Zhanhui Zheng moved all-in for 815,000. Sofronov went out of the way, but Ceesvin was already prized in and made the call after he verified no action was happening at the other outer table.

Ceesvin: T♠ T♣.

Zheng: Q♠ Q♥.

The board ran out 8♥ Q♦ 7♦ 8♣ A♣. Zheng made a boat to double up to an average stack. Ceesvin is still one of the biggest stacks in the field.

NameChip Counts
Abraham Ceesvin5,300,000
Zhanhui Zheng1,950,000
Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Pak's Stack is on a Rollercoaster Ride

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Tamaki.jpg Shoichiro Tamaki

Veleriy Pak didn't hold the chip lead for long as he just lost a pot worth over 3,000,000 chips to Shoichiro Tamaki.

Pak had opened preflop and shoved all in over the three-bet of Tamaki with the Japanese player snap-calling.

Pak 7♦ 7♣

Tamaki K♦ K♠

Pak didn't stand much chance after the dealer fanned a flop of K♣ 3♠ 5♦ which gave Tamaki top set and a huge advantage in the hand.

It was all over by the turn as the 8♦ meant Pak was drawing dead with the meaningless 2♥ filling out the board.

NameChip Count
Veleriy Pak3,700,000
Shoichiro Tamaki3,100,000
Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Pak Takes the Chip Lead

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Veleriy Pak (1).jpg Veleriy Pak

Veleriy Pak has just won a monster pot to eliminate Uten Ungchusak and become the chip leader!

Ungchusak had fired a big bet of 700,000 on the river with the board reading A♠ 3♥ 5♠ 2♠ A♥ but Pak shoved all in which put Ungchusak in a very awkward spot for his remaining 650,000 or so chips. Eventually, the Thai player did make the call and it would be his last action in the Main Event.

Pak tabled 5♣ 5♥ for a flopped set of fives that improved to a full house on the river and Ungchusak showed A♣ Q♠ for rivered trips.

NameChip Count
Veleriy Pak5,300,000
Uten Ungchusak0
Level 27: Blinds 30000-60000, 60000 ante

Play Underway

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Cards are back in the air.

There are 20 players remaining which means after four more eliminations, play will stop and the 16 survivors will bag up their chips.

Level 26: Blinds 25000-50000, 50000 ante

Kokwai "The Deuces Magnet" Sim

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Kokwai Sim

From the CO position it was Kokwai Sim who pushed his last 10 big blinds to the middle. Abraham Ceesvin gave up his big blind with a smile on his face. No callers for the Malaysian.

The Malaysian showed the 2♦ while telling us: "You should do a story about me! I am getting dealt deuces for the past few hours, Only deuces!"

Kokwai "The Deuces Magnet" Sim.

NameChip Counts
Kokwai Sim620,000