All players are required to register with the Asian Poker Tour to be able to participate in any APT event. Here are the steps to register for an APT tournament…

  1. Just look for the APT Player Registration Desk. If it's your first time playing in an APT event, our team will assist you with APT Registration System. You’ll be asked to give and/or confirm your details (and/or fill in the Player Release Form and sign it).
  2. Show your ID or state your name to our Registration Staff and inform them of the particular tournament/s you would like to join. You will then be issued the Tournament Receipts, which will be paid and verified at the Cashier.

Event note

  1. The "ANTE BB" format utilizes the ante first before big blind in the event the big blind cannot cover the full amount for the ANTE and BB.

  2. The "ANTE BB" structure remains the same regardless number of the number of players at a table.

  3. An event designed to finish in 2 days will become a 1 day event if the Final 8 Players are reached by 22:00.

  4. The starting level for the Final 8 Players will be at a minimum average stack of 30 times the Big Blind. (not applicable to Turbo events).

  5. Play will start at 10 handed if necessary, moving to 9 handed as soon as possible.

  6. Day 2 of the Main Event and Championships will be played 8 handed up to the unofficial Final Table of 9.

  7. Main Event: Day 3 will play to the Final 8 Players.

  8. Balancing of tables for Main Event starting Day 2 (Starting Days will follow Side Event balancing):

  9. 9 tables or more balancing of tables will be within 2 players.

  10. 8 tables or less balancing of tables will be within 1 player.

  11. Balancing of tables for Side Events: 7 tables or more balancing of tables will be within 2 players. 6 tables or less balancing of tables will be within 1 player. Final Tables will be 9 handed (High Roller 6 Max Turbo 7 handed).

  12. ALL Buy Ins and Fees are in Vietnam Dong (VND)

  13. 3% Staff Charge on all Tournaments and Satellites

  14. All events will be paid to the nearest 10,000

  15. Prizes above VND 10,000,000 LESS the amount of player's buy-in/s subject to government tax of 10%. Sample computation:

  16. Gross Cash Prize (VND 20,000,000) LESS 1x Buy In (VND 1,000,000) = VND 19,000,000.

  17. 10% Tax will be applied ONLY to VND 9,000,000 (amount over VND 10,000,000)

  18. Minimum age limit is 18 years of age

  19. This schedule may be updated without prior notice

  20. Right reserved to cancel guarantee/s due to Force Majeure: Earthquake, Flooding and/or Typhoon

  21. A, B, C, D, E refers to category of event towards Player of the Series (POS).

  22. APT Tournament Rules Apply