Phan Minh Duc Wins Kickoff For VND 520.52M (~$22.38K), Mike Takayama Leads Final Eight in Superstar Invitational, Mystery Bounty Draws 419 Runners; VND 3.65BN (~$157K) Up For Grabs

Ben Wilson / 5 Feb 2023

Phan Minh Duc Wins Kickoff For VND 520.52M (~$22.38K), Mike Takayama Leads Final Eight in Superstar Invitational, Mystery Bounty Draws 419 Runners; VND 3.65BN (~$157K) Up For Grabs


HANOI, VIETNAM, February 4, 2023 – The APT Hanoi Vietnam VSOP 2023 – partnered with the Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP) and sponsored by Natural8 – has crowned the first of its marquee event champions, with Vietnam's Phan Minh Duc claiming the Event #1 APT Kickoff title.

Duc returned for the second and final day with the overall chip lead after topping the Day 1A counts. The Vietnamese player bested a 452-strong field, defeating India's Zarvan Tumboli heads-up to claim his maiden APT title.

Duc earned ₫520,520,000 (~$22,382) for first place – his largest career score to date – after the final three players cut an ICM deal.

The Philippines' David Erquiaga – who held the lead but wanted to enter the Event #6 Superstar Invitational – locked up ₫499,010,000 (~$21,457) and took third place with his chips taken out of play.

Duc and Tomboli were guaranteed payouts of ₫430,520,000 and ₫405,000,000 respectively, opting to leave ₫90,000,000 and the trophy and title on the table to play for, with the official eight-handed final table paying out as follows:


  1. Phan Minh Duc (Vietnam) – ₫520,520,000
  2. Zarvan Tumboli (India) – ₫405,000,000
  3. David Erquiaga (Philippines) – ₫499,010,000
  4. Do Duc Hieu (Vietnam) – ₫245,880,000
  5. Evgenii Chernyi (Russia) – ₫192,820,000
  6. German Bukharov (Russia) – ₫151,070,000
  7. Airidas Stazys (Lithuania) – ₫113,570,000
  8. Artem Utevskii (Russia) – ₫80,660,000

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.

Final Table Action

A total of 61 players returned for Day 2, with Duc the man in pole position. By the time the field was thinned down to the official eight-handed final table Vietnam's Do Duc Hieu had climbed into the chip lead, with Duc dropping down to fifth in the overall pecking order, coming in with a stack of 1.6 million – the equivalent of nine big blinds.

Russia's Artem Utevskii was the first of the final table casualties, his ace-queen offsuit outdrawn by Erquiaga's king-queen suited on the fifth hand played.

The short-stacked Airidas Stazys became the next of the paying casualties two hands later, falling in a battle of the blinds against Hieu after the latter hit a double gutshot draw on the river holding king-five to crack Stazys' eight-seven offsuit flopped pair of sevens.

Duc climbed up to fourth in the counts on the eleventh hand played; the Vietnamese player doubling up through Russia's German Bukharov in a blind-on-blind confrontation.

The two got all the chips in pre-flop holding ace-five offsuit and ace-deuce suited respectively, with Duc running out four to a straight to leave Bukharov on life support with a single big blind.

Despite earning a double-up through Duc three hands later, the Vietnamese player administered the coup de grace the following hand; Bukharov got his last five big blinds in with ace-four offsuit, and Duc woke up with aces to bring the field down to five.


The short-stacked Evgenii Chernyi departed the hand after, his pre-flop all-in with queen-ten offsuit falling afoul of Duc's ace-king offsuit. Chernyi hit the rail in fifth and Duc climbed into the chip lead.

Do Duc Hieu went from second in the counts to bottom the very next hand. Hieu opened the action with ace-ten offsuit and called Erquiaga's all-in shove, with the latter – holding pocket fives – flopping a full house to seize the chip lead.

Hieu called the last of his stack off from the big blind with seven-six offsuit the following hand after a Tumboli raise, with the latter's ace-ten enough to take play three-handed.

After the ICM deal and Erquiaga's departure, that left two, with Duc holding a lead he would not relinquish – 6.4 million in chips to Tomboli's 4.1 million.


The heads-up confrontation lasted five hands, with Duc winning all but one of them.

Tomboli won the first hand with a pre-flop three-bet all-in and Duc claimed the second with a pre-flop button raise.

The third hand played saw Tomboli drop to 1.3 million after getting a nine-high bluff picked off by Duc's bottom pair.

Duc won the fourth hand with a pre-flop raise, and the fifth hand of heads-up would be the last of the tournament.

Tomboli moved all-in pre-flop from the small blind with queen-jack offsuit for his last five big blinds, and Duc called with ten-eight offsuit.

The final board ran out 7♠–7♥–10♦–9♠–10♥ to grant the Vietnamese player the win.

Mike Takayama Leads Final Eight in Superstar Invitational

APT_VSOP Superstar Invitational chip leader Mike Takayama.jpg The Philippines Mike Takayama leads the final eight players in the Superstar Invitational

All the action was not confined to the Kickoff, with the ₫100,000,000+7,000,000 Event #6 APT/VSOP Superstar Invitational getting underway at 11:30am (GMT+7).

This saw 46 players (34 unique) fight it out at the felt, all looking to stake their claim to a share of the ₫4,462,000,000 (~$191,866) prize pool.

Familiar faces like Germany's Martin Finger, the Philippines' Mike Takayama, Lester Edoc, and David Erquiaga, Australia's Tu Thanh Le, and Singapore's Benjamin Sai, and Norbert Koh all joined the action as play progressed.

Of these, only Takayama was able to go the distance and the Filipino will be returning in the best of positions to take the ₫1,517,080,000 (~$65,234) top prize after bagging up the chip lead.

A total of six players will make the money, and all prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.


  1. Mike Takayama (Philippines) – 2,200,000
  2. Ngoc Dai Nguyen (Vietnam) – 2,110,000
  3. Nguyen Nang Quang (Vietnam) – 1,720,000
  4. Julien Tran (Vietnam) – 1,685,000
  5. Jun Hao Wu (Singapore) – 1,290,000
  6. Yuhan Liu (China) – 965,000
  7. Nguyen Huu Dung (Vietnam) 920,000
  8. Duc Anh Nguyen (Vietnam) – 605,000

It took seventeen 40-minute levels to reach the official eight-handed final table, and you can read about all the tournament thrills and spills via the APT blog.

Day 2 resumes at 11am on Sunday, February 5 and the tournament will play down to a champion.

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Mystery Bounty Draws 419 Runners; VND 3.65BN (~$157K) Up For Grabs

Chipleader Nikolay Severtsev.jpg Russia's Nikolai Severtsev topped Day 1B counts and will return second in chips for Day 2

The two opening flights of third of the series' marquee events – the ₫9,000,000+900,000 Event #5 Mystery Bounty Hunter – are in the books.

Day 1A played concurrently with the Kickoff, with action getting underway at 11am (GMT+7) and drawing 235 runners.

Day 1B attracted a further 187 entries to bring the total field up to 419 (231 unique) in total, generating a ₫3,657,845,000 (~$157,287) prize pool – including ₫1,257,000,000 in bounties.

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.

A total of 31 players survived the Day 1A maelstrom, with Vietnam's Tien Trung Tran bagging the chip lead after concluding play with a stack of 726,000 – putting him in pole position.

Other big Day 1A stacks included China's Kelvin Tang (592,000), and Malaysia's Soon Lee Sia (559,000).

A further 27 players made it through the Day 1B meat grinder, with Russia's Nikolai Severtsev bagging up the largest stack of the second starting flight.

Severtsev concluded play with 627,000 in chips, putting him second in the counts overall.

Russia's Mikhail Radchenko (564,000) and Sweden's Jonas Magdalinski (486,000) rounded out the top three Day 1B stacks.

In total, 58 players have locked up a Day 2 berth, with all of them now in the money and guaranteed a payout of at least ₫10,550,000 (~$454), with the top ten returning Day 2 stacks as follows:


  1. Tien Trung Tran (Vietnam) – 726,000
  2. Nikolai Severtsev (Russia) – 627,000
  3. Kelvin Tang (China) – 592,000
  4. Mikhail Radchenko (Russia) – 564,000
  5. Soon Lee Sia (Malaysia) – 559,000
  6. Ngoc Thang Dao (Vietnam) – 515,000
  7. Jonas Magdalinski (Sweden) – 486,000
  8. Jerome Finck (France) – 478,000
  9. Jeorge Lagatuz (Philippines) – 477,000
  10. Tran Van Tai (Vietnam) – 470,000

The survivors from the two starting flights will unite for the first time for Day 2, which gets underway at 11am (GMT+7) on Sunday, February 5.

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