Main Event Up To 640 Entries After Final Two Starting Flights With Registration Still Open; Vietnam's Huy Thanh Le Leads Day 1C & China's Haito Luan Tops 1D

Ben Wilson / 8 Feb 2023

Main Event Up To 640 Entries After Final Two Starting Flights With Registration Still Open; Vietnam's Huy Thanh Le Leads Day 1C & China's Haito Luan Tops 1D


HANOI, VIETNAM, February 8, 2023 – It proved to be another impressive turnout at the APT Hanoi 2023 – partnered with the Vietnam Series of Poker (VSOP) and presented by Natural8 – as the final two starting flights of the ₫25,000,000+2,500,000 Main Event played out at the tournament tables of the VSOP Club.

Following the conclusion of Day 1C & Day 1D, the Main Event field currently stands at 640 entries with ₫15,447,250,000 in the prize pool – with registration remaining open until APT Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas utters "Shuffle up and deal," to start Day 2.

It was Day 1C that kicked off the action at 11am (GMT+7), drawing 155 entries (114 unique), who competed over ten 30-minute levels, with the action done and dusted by around 4:15pm.

Vietnam's Huy Thanh Le topped the Day 1C chip counts, concluding play with a stack of 224,700, which puts him seventh in the overall pecking order coming into Day 2.

The local players dominated the top spots of the third flight, with Quang Minh Nguyen (218,000), and Tran Van Tai (212,400) rounding out the top three stacks.

Reigning Main Event champion Shardul Parthasarathi kept his repeat title dream alive, concluding play with a stack of 88,400.

In total, 76 players made it through to Day 2 to continue their quest for fortune and glory, with a full list of the Day 1C survivors below for your perusal.

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Chipleader.jpg China's Haito Luan locked up the Day 1D lead

The fourth and final starting flight – Day 1D – got underway at 5pm (GMT+7) and drew a further 105 entries (80 unique).

It was China's Haito Luan the man to bag biggest after the ten 30-minute levels played out, concluding play with a stack of 196,000 – putting him 15th in the counts coming into Day 2.

The Philippines' Jeorge Lagatuz (184,800), and Vietnam's Duc Kieu Hung Nguyen (169,000) rounded out the top three stacks, with a further 47 players fighting their way through to Day 2.

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Five players made it through twice: Vietnam's Duc Anh Nguyen, Quang Huy Nguyen, Teddy Pham, and Tony Truong, and Day 1D frontrunner Luan, meaning 169,500 in chips have been removed from play and all five will bring their best stacks forwards.

That brings the combined Day 1 survivors from all four flights up to 264, with Day 1A frontrunner Xixiang Luo returning in pole position with a stack of 388,200.

Russia's Maxim Sorokin (330,700), and Vietnam's Hai Nam Hoang round out the top three returning stacks, with the top ten stacks coming into Day 2 as follows:


  1. Xixiang Luo (China) – 388,200
  2. Maxim Sorokin (Russia) – 330,700
  3. Hai Nam Hoang (Vietnam) – 267,600
  4. Tsz Hing Ng (China) – 266,800
  5. Phashant Bhutoria (India) – 247,500
  6. Victor Em (Vietnam) – 236,600
  7. Huy Thanh Le (Vietnam) – 224,700
  8. Phan Dinh Nam (Vietnam) – 221,400
  9. Quang Minh Nguyen (Vietnam) – 218,000
  10. Artsiom Panasiuk (Belarus) – 213,000

Day 2 plays out at 11am (GMT+7) on Thursday, February 9, and all prize pool and payouts will be available after the close of registration when the action gets underway.

Those players skilled or lucky enough to make it though will return for Day 3 to battle for a place in the money and a spot at the final table.

Day 3 gets underway at 11am (GMT+7) on Friday, February 10, with the tournament playing down to the final table.

The Main Event action will conclude on Saturday, February 11 and see a new APT Hanoi VSOP champion crowned.

You can follow all the Main Event action as it played out via the APT blog.

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Single Day High Roller 8 Max Draws 97 Entrants; Vietnam's Le Cong Vuong Claims Maiden Title

ENZ_9612.jpg Vietnam's Le Cong Vuong claimed his maiden APT title in the Event #23 Single Day High Roller – 8 Max

Outside of the Main Event, the biggest draw of the day proved to be the ₫40,000,000+4,000,000 Event #23 Single Day High Roller - 8 Max, which saw 97 entrants (80 unique) fight it out at the felt for a ₫3,763,600,000 (~$158,071) prize pool.

Some of Asia's best and brightest were in attendance, with the likes of two-time Red Dragon winner Tom Alner, two-time former APT Main Event champion Lester Edoc, the Philippines David Erquiaga, and William Ysmael, and Australia's Aaron Lim just some of those in the running.

Main Event chip leader Xixiang Luo was another in action, as was India's Shardul Parthasarathi, Russia's Sergey Rybachenko, and Singapore's Benjamin Sai.

It took a grueling twenty-eight 40-minute levels to find a champion. Despite all of the above-mentioned poker aficionados in the running, none could hold a candle to Vietnam's Le Cong Vuong, who made his maiden live poker title win a memorable one.

Vuong bested fellow countryman Ngoc Minh Le to claim the ₫987,960,000 (~$41,495) top prize – his largest career score to date.

Le was forced to settle for the ₫692,500,000 (~$29,777) on offer for second place.

Xixiang Luo proved to be in fine poker form, earning bronze for a ₫457,280,000 (~$19,663) payday – although the Chinese player will undoubtedly be hoping to improve on this in the Main Event.

A total of 13 players made the money, with the official eight-handed final table paying out as follows:


  1. Le Cong Vuong (Vietnam) – ₫987,960,000
  2. Ngoc Minh Le (Vietnam) – ₫692,500,000
  3. Xixiang Luo (China) – ₫457,280,000
  4. Phuong Ngoc Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫359,420,000
  5. Pranav Bagai (India) – ₫289,800,000
  6. Dinh Van Tien (Vietnam – ₫225,820,000
  7. Aaron Lim (Australia) – ₫178,770,000
  8. Bao Sheng Woon (Singapore) – ₫139,250,000

Vietnam's Quang Thai Do narrowly missed out on making an official final table appearance, banking ₫105,380,000 for his ninth-place finish, with the Philippines William Ysmael rounding out the top ten paying positions, cashing for ₫86,560,000.

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.

Philippines' Ferlyn Cabaling Wins Seventh APT Women's Event Title

Women's Event champ.png The Philippines' Ferlyn Cabaling claimed her eighth APT title in the Event #24 Woman's Event

The ₫4,000,000+400,000 Event #24 Women's Event drew 24 entries (15 unique), generating a ₫93,120,000 (~$3,911) prize pool.

It was the Philippines' Ferlyn Cabaling who proved to be the woman of the hour.

In addition to taking the ₫39,120,000 (~$1,643) top prize, Cabaling also claimed her seventh APT Women's Event title, bringing her total APT titles up to eight. Poker runs in the family it would seem, with Cabaling's other half Lester Edoc winning the Event #19 Single Day High Roller – 8 Max just a day prior.

Cabling's heads-up opponent China's Wang Yu banked ₫26,070,000 (~$1,121) for second place, with a total of four players making the money and the tournament paying out as follows:


  1. Ferlyn Cabaling (Philippines) – ₫39,120,000
  2. Wang Yu (China) – ₫26,070,000
  3. Soraya Thongprapai (Thailand) – ₫16,760,000
  4. Thi Hong Hanh Le (Vietnam) – ₫11,170,000

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.

Ngoc Dai Nguyen Claims 3rd APT Title In Event #25 Hyper Turbo - 8 Max

ENZ_9573.jpg Vietnam's Ngọc Dai Nguyen wins third APT title in Event #25 Hyper Turbo

The ₫15,000,000+1,500,000 Event #25 Hyper Turbo - 8 Max saw 51 players (42 unique) battle it out at the baize, each looking to win their share of the ₫742,050,000 (~$31,166) prize pool.

It was Vietnam's Ngoc Dai Nguyen the man to win gold, defeating China's Ng Hiu Man heads-up to take the trophy and claim his third APT title.

Nguyen, following up his fourth place finish in the Superstar Invitational, received ₫177,960,000 (~$7,474) for first place after the final three players decided on an ICM deal that saw Man guaranteed a payout of ₫169,000,00, and Vietnam's Tu Thanh Le locking up ₫169,200,000, with the trio then playing out for the title, tropy and ₫18,736,000 in surplus cash.

A total of seven players made the money, with the tournament paying out as follows:


  1. Ngoc Dai Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫177,960,000
  2. Ng Hiu Man (China) – ₫163,000,000
  3. Tu Thanh Le (Australia) – ₫169,200,000
  4. Zou Zhi Guang (China) – ₫81,630,000
  5. Zarvan Tumboli (India) – ₫63,070,000
  6. David Wang (Australia) – ₫48,230,000
  7. Lukas Machala (Czech Republic) – ₫38,960,000

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.

Victory Time For Jinlong Hu In Event #26 Tick Tock

ENZ_9600.jpg China's Jinhong Hu claimed his second APT title in the inaugural Event #26 Tick Tock

Another new addition to the APT Hanoi 2023, the ₫4,000,000+400,000 Event #26 Tick Tock proved popular, attracting 73 entries (51 unique).

A tournament varient played with standard Texas Hold'em rules, blinds are reduced by five minutes after every hour of play until level length reaches five minutes.

With a ₫283,240,000 (~$11,896) prize pool on offer, and time proving a factor, competition for the cash was fierce.

It was China's Jinlong Hu who timed his plays to perfection, defeating the Philippines' John Tech heads-up to take the ₫82,570,000 (~$3,468) top prize, claiming his fifth live poker title and second APT title in the process.

Tech collected ₫59,480,000 ($2,498) for his runner-up finish, with Malaysia's Sing Foong Soo rounding out the podium and receiving ₫38,660,000 ($1,662) for third.

A total of nine players made the money, with the tournament paying out as follows:


  1. Jinlong Hu (China) – ₫82,570,000
  2. John Tech (Philippines) – ₫59,480,000
  3. Sing Foong Soo (Malaysia) – ₫38,660,000
  4. Hoang Nam Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫29,170,000
  5. Trung Hieu Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫22,660,000
  6. Khoi Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫17,560,000
  7. Van Trung Nguyen (Vietnam) – ₫13,880,000
  8. Ta Khanh Linh (Vietnam) – ₫10,760,000
  9. Artsiom Panasiuk (Belarus) – ₫8,500,000

All prize pool and payout information can be found on the Official Results page.