Zhou Jiaping wins first-ever live title at the APT MAIN EVENT

After six fiery days of MAIN EVENT action, the newest APT champion was crowned. The man on the throne was  Zhou Jiaping, the lone Chinese player in the Final 8 lineup. Zhou entered the final day running fifth in chips, proceeded to dominate the competition railing four players along the way. This was Zhou’s first-ever major live tournament title; he was awarded the APT Main Event trophy, APT Championship Ring, and a cool VND 1,892,170,000 (~USD 81,000).

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Zhou Jiaping – Main Event champion

Final 8 payouts
1st Zhou Jiaping – China – VND 1,892,170,000
2nd Nguyen Nam Duong – Vietnam – VND 1,261,440,000
3rd Oliver Helm – New Zealand – VND 876,930,000
4th Nguyen Tien Thanh “Terry” – Vietnam – VND 633,930,000
5th Quang Nguyen – Vietnam – VND 473,680,000
6th Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh – Vietnam – VND 365,580,000
7th Nguyen Duc Thanh – Vietnam – VND 290,310,000
8th Tobias Napel Cornelis – Norway – VND 236,520,000

Day 3 review includes Main Event ITM

Main Event review

The APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 – VND 22,000,000 buy-in Main Event ran from July 4 to 9 at Pro Poker Club. It drew 458 entries (340 uniques, 118 re-entries) for a guarantee smashing prize pool of VND 8,885,200,000 (~USD 380,000). The money flowed at 46 places; the Final 8 players was established late in Day 3. Read up on the Day 2 and Day 3 action via our Live Updates. Final 8 recap and winner’s story below. 

Main Event Final 8

Final 8 review / Winner’s story

The Final 8 race ran a total of 100 hands, five of which were at heads up. The first all in called was at Hand #5 with Nguyen Duc Thanh successfully doubling up however he still remained the shortest stack with 16 bbs. The first casualty was at Hand #10. Norway’s Tobias Napel Cornelis  (8th place) pushed with ace-eight offsuit that didn’t improve against Nguyen Nam Duong‘s pocket jacks. 

Tobias Napel Cornelis – 8th place

This was immediately followed by another called shove with Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh landing a straight on the flop to double up against Zhou Jiaping. In turn, Zhou dropped below 20 bbs but not for long. On the next hand, he got full pay for his K K against Quang Nguyen‘s J 8 missed straight on a board 10 2 9 5 5. The shoves were at the flop. 

Hand #25 saw Duc Thanh fall in 7th place with A 9 unable to improve against Duy Khanh’s A J. With his elimination, Nguyen Tien Thanh “Terry” won the Dafabet APT Survivor promo. 

Nguyen Duc Thanh – 7th place

With two players down, Zhou began to ascend. He earned a big pot against Quang on a bluff. With blinds at 25k-50k, Quang raised to 110k from the button, Zhou three-bet to 365k, Quang called. At the flop Q 7 8, Zhou led for 300k, Quang folded. Zhou showed K-J. 

Four hands later, Zhou picked up a larger pot. He pushed on the turn  5 4 6 5, Duy Khanh didn’t call but still gave up 855k to Zhou. Three hands later, Duy Khanh busted in 6th place with the day’s entering chip leader, Oliver Helm, shipping it.  

Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh – 6th place

From this point onward, every player fell to Zhou. His first casualty was Quang in 5th place. Quang suffered multiple big hits to his stack and finally pushed with 5 5. Zhou called with K 9. The board came 6 2 6 8 K

Quang Nguyen – 5th place

Terry fell in 4th place with his A 10 missing the board against Zhou’s 7 7. Zhou amassed half of the chips in play and took the lead for the first time which he never relinquished.

Nguyen Tien Thanh “Terry” – 4th place

Zhou earned another well played pot on a bluff against Helm. With blinds at 40k-80k, button Helm raised to 180k, bb Zhou three-bet to 385k. Helm called. At the flop 10 4 2, Zhou led for 440k, Helm called. The 8 turn was checked by both, then the river K saw Zhou bet 250k on a 1.5M pot. Helm opted to fold. Zhou showed his 9 6 bluff.

On Han #95, Zhou put the finishing touch on Helm. The shoves were on the turn of A 9 2 8 6. Helm had K 8 missed draw, Zhou with a winning A Q

Oliver Helm – 3rd place

Heads up kicked off with Zhou up 4:1 to Nam Duong. It lasted all of five hands. Zhou won every hand except one where he had to give up his big blind on a penalty for acting out of turn.

The final hand Nam Duong three-bet shoved with A 4 and Zhou called with Q 2. The board granted a queen as it ran 10 Q 9 6 7

Congratulations to Zhou Jiaping! He is the newest APT Main Event champion! 

Terry Nguyen wins Dafabet APT Survivor promo 

Congratulations as well to Nguyen Tien Thanh “Terry” for becoming the last Dafabet player standing at the Main Event! He won a Main Event seat to APT Korea Incheon happening in August.