Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” wins the Championships Event

Fantastic finish for Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” at the APT Online Series 2nd Edition! The Taiwanese pro triumphed over 301 final day qualifiers to clinch the Championships Event title. Due to a three-way deal, he pocketed $ 113,844.25. For his win, he also receives the APT Championship Trophy and APT Championship Ring. Congratulations to the champ! 

This was TurboPete’s second career APT featured event win having won the Mini Main Event at the inaugural online series. In addition to these wins, TurboPete racked up an incredibly long list of final table appearances which included a win at Event 86 High Roller Deep Stack for $ 11.8K. 

Winning hand

Buy in: $ 800
Dates: June 25 to 28
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Total Entries: 1,352
Prize Pool: $ 1,026.760
Final Day qualifiers: 302
ITM: 188 places

You can read up on the action via our Final Day Live Updates and you can watch the final table rundown via APT partner channels. We also have a brief recap below. 

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

Final table payouts

1st Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” – $ 113,844.25 (deal)
2nd SpicyChknSangy – $ 139,015.79 (deal) 
3rd Donsky10 – $ 107,449.10 (deal) 
4th AiDzZz – $ 60,740.27
5th Chainsaw – $ 44,079.08
6th BoldandBankrupt – $ 31,988.24
7th LiteProfit – $ 23,213.79
8th ToulliePuhao – $ 16,846.30
9th miguelangelbostero64 – $ 12,225.39

Notable players in the money were: Vincent Kwun Nai Li “Peleus34” (21st), Chi Jen Chu “PetitFoxx” (43rd), Thai Ha (54th), Beishadezhu2 (55th), Martin Pineir (63rd), Ho Bao Qiang “Yummers19” (74th), Artur Martirosian (84th), HansNeverLose (94th), Kristen Bicknell (102nd), Michael Kim Falcon “DirtyDuck” (107th), and Arnaud Ensleme (174th).

Event recap

The Championships Event ran from June 25 to 28 with 18 entry flights offered. At the close, 1,352 signed up for a guarantee smashing prize pool of $ 1,026,760. Of that delicious pie, only 188 players were guaranteed a slice. The final three players struck a deal that paid out six figures each. 

Bubble bursts!

The final day got rolling with 302 players. An hour and a half in, the bubble burst with hoyintai knocked out by gmjj002, Once the money flowed, bust outs were rampant. TurboPete joined the upper ranks after railing oldzet with pocket sixes holding against K4. SpicyChknSangy held court up top, seen bobbing in and out of the first two spots for a majority of the day. After five and a half hours of tournament play, the final table was formed when Chainsaw railed COL_Mutarde in 10th place. 

Final 9 players

Heavy action at the final table with LiteProfit A 10 doubling up off TurboPete J J. on the first hand. The board dropped all spades including the jack on the river. LiteProfit’s ten played. Next to ship a full load was Chainsaw off miguelangelbostero64 who got crippled to soon fall in 9th place. ToulliePuhao joined at the rail with Donsky10 raking it in. TurboPete faced off against LiteProfit again and this time it was he who got lucky with A 10 pairing the ace on the turn to overtake pocket queens. Short stacked and bruised, LiteProfit busted to Donsky10 in 7th place. 

At six-handed, BoldandBankrupt defended the big blind with a successful double up off SpicyChknSangy. AiDzZz also raked it in with AQ dominating Donsky10’s AJ. Donsky10 recovered the chips and more by knocking out BoldandBankrupt with ducks prevailing. 

By five-handed, SpicyChknSangy was in command. and used the chips to muscle the table. This led to a triple up for TurboPete with pocket nines turned straight. Riding the momentum, TurboPete followed it up with a double up off SpicyChknSangy. Donsky10 emptied out Chainsaw with AK to A10. Crashing out next was AiDzZz whose A8 suited hearts failed to improve against SpicyChknSangy’s pocket fours. 

The final three players immediately struck a deal. SpicyChknSangy was way ahead to ensure the highest payout. When action resumed, TurboPete dragged in a huge pile against the leader to switch ranks. See pic below

TurboPete’s rise was short-lived with SpicyChknSangy winning the next big pot between them. Both had two pair, SpicyChknSangy’s was higher. TurboPete proceeded to rail Donsky10 in 3rd place not too far behind SpicyChknSangy. 

Again riding the momentum, the first heads up hand was a massive double up. It was full house to trips. From there, TurboPete went on to close it out, spiking a higher pair on the turn.