Nguyen Phuong wins the High Rollers and Minami Keita claims the Monster Stack

Among the multiple winners on the final day of APT Vietnam Phu Quoc were Vietnam’s  Nguyen Phuong and Japan’s Minami Keita, both players closing out two-day events. Congratulations to the champions! Here are the highlights.

Event results

Nguyen Phuong wins first ever APT trophy at the High Rollers

The two-day High Rollers saw 57 players and 12 re-entries pony up the VN₫ 33,000,000 buy in for a sizable pot worth VN₫ 2,095,200,000 (~US$ 91,490). Many well known pros were in attendance. Among the moneymakers was three time series High Roller champion Vamerdino Magsakay who cashed in 11th place. Decorated APT champion Huu Dung Nguyen fared better with a 6th place finish.

At five handed, the game slowed down significantly with stacks quite deep. The marathon ended with Nguyen Duc Bien pushing J 9 that failed to improve against bb Nguyen Manh Hung A 9. This gave Hung the chip lead until he got caught bullying with Q 6 and was burned by Quang Nguyen‘s A 5. Following that hand, Hung got involved in two all ins against Terry Nguyen and both times were beaten to exit in 4th place. 

Despite the boost, Terry was out next with all his chips claimed by Nguyen Phuong. After a raise war preflop, the cards ran 4 3 J, Phuong bet 175k, Terry called. On the turn 6, action switched up. Terry bet 200k, Phuong check-raised all in, Terry tanked. After his second time bank expired, Terry called and opened 9 9 and was in a world of hurt seeing Phuong’s K K. The river 6 was no help to Terry to depart in 3rd place. 

Heads up began with Phoung sitting two-thirds of the chips in play. Phuong proceeded to grind down Quang until the final hand was tabled. On a flop J 10 4, all the chips went in, Quang had A A, Phuong J 2 pair flush draw. The turn 2 improved Phuong to two pair and with the river Q, Phuong shipped it for his first ever APT trophy and VN₫ 592,380,000 first prize. 

Buy in: VN₫ 33,000,000 
Entries: 78
Prize pool: VN₫ 2,095,200,000 
ITM: 12 places


1st Nguyen Phuong – Vietnam – VN₫ 592,380,000
2nd Quang Nguyen – Vietnam – VN₫ 394,910,000
3rd Terry Nguyen – Vietnam – VN₫ 274,540,000
4th Nguyen Manh Hung – Vietnam – VN₫ 198,290,000
5th Nguyen Duc Bien – Vietnam – VN₫ 148,300,000
6th Huu Dung Nguyen – Vietnam – VN₫ 114,450,000
7th Thibaut Gaston Blondel – France – VN₫ 90,890,000
8th Nguyen Truong Giang – Vietnam – VN₫ 74,050,000
9th Dennis Ng – Hong Kong – VN₫ 61,710,000
10th Nam Duong Nguyen – Vietnam – VN₫ 51,420,000
11th Vamerdino Magsakay – Philippines – VN₫ 51,420,000
12th Dang Duy Thanh – Vietnam  – VN₫ 42,850,000

Japan’s Minami Keita wins the Monster Stack 

The two-day Monster Stack event drew 78 entries with 13 players earning a piece of the VN₫ 605,280,000 prize pool. Japan’s Minami Keita emerged victorious for his first ever APT trophy and a hefty payout of VN₫ 167,700,000.

At one point in the day, Keita was down to just 2 BB, making this victory quite amazing. He doubled up numerous times to become a threat. At three-handed his K 9 outdrew Tan Si Han‘s A 10 when he spiked the king on the flop. He entered heads up with a near 2:1 advantage against Yvonne Yun Shan.

The final hand arrived fairly quick. Yvonne raised, Keita three-bet, Yvonne called, the flop ran K J 7. Keita c-bet, Yvonne called. On the turn 9, all the chips went in. Yvonne had K J top two pair that was behind Keita’s 7 7 set. The river was 2.

Buy in: VN₫ 8,800,000
Entries: 78
Prize pool: VN₫ 605,280,000
ITM: 13 places

Final table payouts

1st Minami Keita – Japan – VN₫ 167,700,000
2nd Yvonne Yun Shan – Singapore – VN₫ 111,800,000
3rd Tan Si Han – Singapore – VN₫ 77,720,000
4th Chi Chung Ho – Hong Kong – VN₫ 56,140,000
5th Hoang Gia Hiep – Vietnam – VN₫ 41,980,000
6th Tran Van Thang – Vietnam – VN₫ 32,400,000
7th Nguyen Hoang Linh – Vietnam – VN₫ 25,730,000
8th Plivcs Aigars – Latvia – VN₫ 20,960,000
9th To Siu Yan – Singapore – VN₫ 17,470,000