Weng Hong Hoi Wins First Macau Poker Challenge

Weng Hong Hoi

Weng Hong Hoi, left, accepts the trophy from Poker King Club's Winfred Yu

Weng Hong Hoi was the biggest winner at the Poker King Club’s first Macau Poker Challenge.

The Hong Kong poker player was the last man standing tournament out of a field of 143 players. It was held at the StarWorld Hotel’s ballroom for the first prize of HK $116,800.

On the final hand of the tournament, Hoi and his opponent, Singapore’s Kian Chong Cheong, got their money all-in on a board of Ten of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Jack of Spades, and Six of Hearts. Cheong thought he had a good hand, showing the Queen of Spades and Six of Spades for two-pair. However, Hoi tabled Six of Clubs and Ten of Diamonds for the top two-pair.

The river card was a meaningless Three of Clubs, sealing Cheong’s fate and booting him out of the tournament in second place. For his runner-up finish, he took home HK $63,700 in prize money.

Officially an Asian Poker Tour (APT) accredited event, the Macau Poker Challenge featured a guaranteed prize pool of HK $200,000 with a buy-in of HK $2,500 + HK $200. That guarantee was exceeded as the total prize money reached HK $357,500.