Vincent Chauve takes down the Championships Event!

France’s Vincent Chauve has done it! After a grueling three hour heads up marathon against Japan’s Go Mori, Chauve captured the coveted Championships Event title and the VND 1,576,810,000 (~USD 67,800) first prize. 

Several days ago, Vincent Chauve was the player to beat at the series Main Event. He entered the final table with a commanding lead and proceeded to bring his massive stack to heads up against India’s Akshay Nasa. However, the title was not to be. Nasa defied the odds to steal the win. So one would say, it was redemption time.  

At the Championships Event, Chauve topped the charts at the end of Day 2 then entered the final 8 lineup running fourth in chips. Along the way, he knocked out three players, Kang Feng Lien (6th), Fu Bang Huang (5th), and Tien Quyet Pham (4th). After the fall of Dhaval Mudgal (3rd) to Go Mori, Chauve was heads up with a 4:1 advantage. 

The final duel was reminiscent of the Main Event battle. Both players were in hot pursuit of the title with nearly every hand seeing a raise. On event hand #143, underdog Mori took the lead for the first time and built it up to a 3:1 gap. One of the biggest pots was at blinds 50k – 100k ante 100. Chauve raised from the button, Mori called. They checked the flop 3 3 6 then at the turn 6, Mori check-raised from 300k to make it 650k. Chauve called. On the river J, Mori shoved, Chauve tanked using two time banks before folding. 

Chauve regained the lead at event hand #157. With blinds at 60k – 120k ante 120k, Mori opened to 260k, Chauve called. On the flop 8 7 4, Chauve check-called 250k. No bets fired on the K turn. On the river 2, Chauve bet 800k, Mori called. Chauve showed K 6, Mori mucked. 

The leadership switched again on event hand #162. Mori opened to 250k Chauve called. Mori c-bet 225k at the flop 5 4 4, Chauve check-called. No bets landed on the turn 7 and the river came 2. Chauve bet 250k, Mori called. Chauve showed A J, Mori won it with 8 2.  

Three hands later, Chauve jumped back out front and from there never relinquished. At event hand#182, Mori opened to 405k, Chauve called. Both checked the flop J 8 7. On the turn A, Chauve check-called 500k. Then on the river K, Chauve jammed. Mori tanked using two time banks before folding. In the live stream, Chauve had Q-9 straight, Mori had A-K. 

Five hands later, it was all over. Chauve shoved with K J, Mori risked it with 10 7, the board ran 5 6 3 9 6

Congratulations to Vincent Chauve!  He was awarded the APT Championships Event Trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and VND 1,576,810,000 (~USD 67,800).

Championships Event review 

The Championships Event was the second featured tournament of APT Vietnam 2019 taking place from November 13 to 17 at host venue Pro Poker Club. Here’s a look at the numbers:

Day 1A: 66 entries
Day 1B: 82 entries
Day 2: 31 entries 

Total: 179 entries
Buy-in: VND 38,500,000 (~USD 1,700)
Prize pool: VND 6,077,050,000 (~USD 262,000)
ITM: 18 places 

You can read up on the Day 2 and Day 3 action via our Live Updates. Relive the race via our media channels APT Twitch and APT YouTube

Final 8 table

Final 8 payouts
1st Vincent Chauve – France – VND 1,576,810,000 (~USD 67,800)
2nd Go Mori – Japan – VND 1,051,200,000 (~USD 45,200)
3rd Dhaval Mudgal – India – VND 730,780,000 (~USD 31,400)
4th Tien Quyet Pham – Vietnam – VND 527,830,000 (~USD 22,700)
5th Fu Bang Huang – Chinese Taipei – VND 394,730,000 (~USD 17,000)
6th Kang Feng Lien – Chinese Taipei – VND 304,650,000 (~USD 13,000
7th Kensuke Koizumi – Japan – VND 241,920,000 (~USD 10,400)
8th Vincent Huang – Australia – VND 197,100,000 (~USD 8,400)

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