The Poker Circuit: TPC Motherboard

TPC Motherboard

Looking to win seats to APT Philippines 2010? The Poker Circuit (TPC) has just what you need: the TPC Motherboard! The basic premise of the TPC Motherboard is that it will start with one tournament at Php 1,000,000 guaranteed. The guaranteed prize pool will then increase as more poker clubs join in. The whole master plan is to have multiple venues all over the Philippines, playing with the same mechanics and same buy-in of PhP 5,000 + 400, contributing to a multimillion peso prize pool. For every Php 500,000 guaranteed by a poker room, nine players will be in the money and will qualify for the TPC Motherboard Finale on the opening day of APT Philippines 2010. For example, if five poker rooms were to contribute Php 1,000,000 each (creating a total guarantee of Php 5,000,000), a total of 90 players would be in the money and advance to the Finale.

Current Guaranteed Prize Pool: PhP 3,010,000


All In, Cebu City; Poker Royale, Pasay City; Midas Touch, Pasig City; King’s Poker, Angeles City


  1. The TPC’s Mother Board will play by the Tournament Director’s Association’s rules (T.D.A.)
  2. Players that qualify to the finals must pay their way to Manila (airfare & accommodation)
  3. Each event’s buy in will be Php 5,000.00 and an entry fee of PhP 400.00. With multiple re-entries up to the end of the 1st break per starting day.
  4. Every PhP 500,000.00 guaranteed (“GTD”) in the prize pool will qualify nine (9) players to the Finals, which will also be considered players “In the Money”. Any additional funds, aside from the guarantee (“GTD”) less than PhP 500,000.00 will be filtered into the prizes for players “In the Money”.
  5. Pay out percentages will be based on the GTD and for every PhP 500,000.00 in the prize pool.
  6. Seats into the APT Main Event will be included into the prize pool.
  7. All venues will use the same blind structure and starting stack provided by the TPC as indicated in the table below.
  8. For the start of the Finals, blinds will be rolled back to the start of the round where the earliest finishing venue to hit number of qualified players needed.
  9. Players chip stacks will be recorded and carried over to the Finals.
  10. Players will be allowed to play multiple venues and may qualify into the finals more than once.
  11. Players qualifying more than once to the finals cannot aggregate their chip stacks. The Player must choose which chip stack to play first. Only when they exhaust the chosen chip stack can they move on and play their next chip stack.
  12. Finals will happen on opening day of the APT Philippines (August 23rd 2010).


Starting Stack: 20,000
Blind Levels: 30 minutes
Level Small Blind Big Blind Antes
1 100 100
2 100 200
3 200 400
4 300 600
10 minute Break
5 300 600 100
6 400 800 100
30 minute Dinner Break
7 600 1200 100
8 800 1600 200
9 1000 2000 300
10 minute Break
Chip Race 100s
10 1500 3000 500
11 2000 4000 500
12 2500 5000 500
Chip Race 500s
13 3000 6000 1000
14 4000 8000 1000
15 5000 10000 1000
10 minute Break
16 6000 12000 2000
17 8000 16000 2000
18 10000 20000 2000
10 minute Break
19 15000 30000 3000
20 20000 40000 4000
21 25000 50000 5000
10 minute Break
Chip Race 1000s
22 30000 60000 5000
23 35000 70000 5000
24 40000 80000 5000
10 minute Break
25 45000 90000 5000
26 50000 100000 10000
27 55000 110000 10000
10 minute Break
28 60000 120000 10000
29 70000 140000 10000
30 80000 160000 10000

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