The Kim’s take control of Day 3 side events! Mike Kim wins the PLO Hi Single Day & Kim Michael Enriquez bags the Deepstack Turbo

Day 4 of APT Vietnam 2019 had plenty of winners crowned. Before the sun set, Joakim Anderson and Michael Shang were under the spotlight for their victory at respective side events. Then in the evening, host venue Pro Poker Club celebrated again with two more players rising to victory – Mike Kim at the Pot Limit Omaha Hi and Kim Michael Enriquez at the Deeps Sack Turbo 1 event. We’ve got brief recaps below. 

For all results, head here —-> APT Vietnam 2019 results

Players that reached the money in these side events earned points towards the APT Vietnam 2019 Player of the Series race. Make sure to check your standing via the link below. 

APT Player of the Series standings 

Mike Kim wins the Pot Limit Omaha Hi Single Day

A well known figure in the Asian circuit, Mike Kim, was a rare sight at the APT. He was seen slugging it out the Pot Limit Omaha Hi Single Day event and despite his long absence, it didn’t compromise his game one bit. Kim overcame the 34 entry field, defeating Pankaj Kothari at heads up to claim the title and the VND 87,830,000 (~USD 3,800) first place cash.  

To watch the final 8 action of the Pot Limit Omaha Hi event, head to APT Twitch and APT YouTube 

To briefly recap the final 8 race, two-time WSOP bracelet winner Hanh Tran (seat 4) entered with a commanding lead. The money was two spots away. Short stacked Vincent Chauve (seat 8) fell first to bring about the bubble round. On 27:53 of the stream the bubble burst. Two players were all in, Lim Chae Sung (seat 6) A A 2 Q and Ryan Revai (seat 7) A A Q 7. When the board ran out 10 10 7 8 3, Lim improved to a flush to boot Revai in brutal fashion. 

With the final six players now guaranteed to profit, the game slowed down. Another hour or so went by before the first player to cash was determined. On a board J 10 7, Meng Yufeng (seat 5) bet holding A J 7 2, Lim called with Q 9 9 9. On the A turn, Meng pushed Lim who had a very very short stack by then. Lim used both of his time banks before making the call for all his chips. The river Q ended Lim in 6th place. 

Jong Yeon Kim (seat 3) was next but not before watching his stack swing from owning the chip lead to the runt. One of the hands that sent him plummeting was A K Q Q against Pankaj Kothari’s (seat 1) A A 4 2 and a dry board. Shortly after, Meng knocked him out. 

However, despite Meng sending out two players, he still couldn’t bring it to the finish line. His run ended in 4th place with all his chips claimed by Mike Kim (seat 2). The hand saw Kim call Meng’s three-bet preflop and Meng’s push at the flop. When the board ran out 9 5 J 6 7, Meng’s top pair fell to Kim’s straight. 

At three-handed, Kim held the lead, Hanh Tran (seat 4) second until Kothari doubled up to switch them up. Kothari eventually shut the door on Tran. On a board A 2 5 10 2, Kothari scored A J 10 8 two pair to dust Tran’s A J 9 4.

Entering heads up, Kothari was a head by a small margin. Kim won a few early pots to easily take the lead then it swung back and forth. At one point Kothari created nearly a 2:1 advantage until Kim put the stopper with a double up. The hand had both all in at the flop 3 K Q. Kim with K Q 7 4, Kothari with A J 7 2. The turn 6 and river A. That crucial win was the ticket to help send Kim to the winner’s stage. 

The final hand came shortly after. On a flop J 5 7, it was all in again. Kothari with A 8 9 5 and Kim with A K 9 J. The turn was J and river 2

Congratulations to Mike Kim for his victory! Like all the series champions before him, this was his first APT title.

Prize pool: VND 230,860,000 (~USD 10,000) – Buyin: VND 7,700,000 (~USD 33)

1st Mike Kim – Korea – VND 87,830,000
2nd Pankaj Kothari – India – VND 53,950,000
3rd Hanh Tran – Austria – VND 35,030,000
4th Meng Yufeng – China – VND 23,960,000
5th Jong Yeon Kim – Korea – VND 17,190,000
6th Lim Chae Sung – Korea – VND 12,900,000

Kim Michael Enriquez powers through to win the Deep Stack Turbo

The Deep Stack Turbo had a wild finish with first time Vietnam visitor Kim Michael Enriquez denying local player Tan Wah Meng the win. The event rounded up 110 entries, the largest side event so far this series, and at VND 6,600,000 (~USD 285) each, the prize pool came to VND 640,200,000 (~USD 27,600). Out of the healthy pot, 19 players grabbed a slice.

Catching the action at three-handed, KMGM player Mi Ran Hwang fell to Tan. On a flop J 7 K, Mi was all in with A 9, Tan had K 3, the turn 3 and river 5 completed the board. It was then heads up between Tan and Enriquez. Tan was ahead over 3:1 

On the first hand, Enriquez quickly doubled up with A 8 straight on a board 10 K 5 J Q to defeat Tan’s  J 9. From there, the players opted to deal that split the remaining money less 5% and the trophy.

Enriquez doubled up again to take a commanding lead. Tan was unable to recover and eventually bet his life on Q-7 offsuit that fell flat to Enriquez’s K-9 offsuit. 

Congratulations to Kim Michael Enriquez! This was his second cash of the ongoing series and is now the front runner in the Player of the Series race. 

Full results here ——–> APT Vietnam 2019 results

Final 8 payouts
1st Kim Michael Enriquez – Philippines – VND 138,315,000 (deal made)
2nd Tan Wah Meng – Vietnam – VND 130,255,000 (deal made)
3rd Mi Ran Hwang – Korea – VND 74,680,000
4th La Anh Tuan – Vietnam – VND 53,940,000
5th Kim Jung Whan – Korea – VND 40,340,000
6th Nguyen Tien Thanh – Vietnam – VND 31,130,000
7th Taichi Yoneya – Japan – VND 24,720,000
8th Keith Ong Xun – Singapore – VND 20,140,000