Tetsuya Tsuchikawa lands second title + final four side event winners

It has been a fun nine days at the APT Macau 2017 with the final five winners awarded their respective trophies at the Macau Billionaire Poker room in Babylon Casino. Here’s a look at all the latest APT side event champions:

Japanese pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa lands second event title at the 6 Handed Turbo

6 Handed Champion, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

Take two!! That’s exactly what Tetsuya Tsuchikawa did on the final day of the APT Macau 2017. Tsuchikawa grabbed his second event trophy and fifth cash of the series after ousting Jia Wang at the final heads up round of the 6 Handed Turbo.

The event saw 25 players at the felt for a prize pool of HKD 48,500. The bubble burst at the fall of Japan’s Kosei Ichinose whose stack took a hit after doubling up Wang. Although he was able to bring it up through fellow Japanese player Seitaro Aso, he still wasn’t able to reach the money round.

The first player to the cage was Aso in 4th place followed by Hajime Iwakura in 3rd leaving Tsuchikawa up against Wang for the title. Tsuchikawa started the round behind in chips but quickly evened it up with K Q on a board of 8 3 2 K 5. He proceeded to win another double up with 7 3 landing two pair on 7 Q 2 Q 4, then stole away with the victory holding a lucky full house.

Tsuchikawa K 8
Wang A 4

Board A 7 7 K K

1st Tetsuya Tsuchikawa –Japan – HKD 20,900
2nd Jia Tang – China – HKD 13,100
3rd Hajime Iwakura – HKD 8,200
4th Seitaro Aso – Japan – HKD 6,300

Hong Kong’s Lai Kwok Chun takes down the Monster Stack

Monster Stack Champion, Lai Kwok Chun

Two days ago, the Monster Stack event drew in 46 players for a prize pool of HKD 357,000. By the end of the first day, ten players remained and among them were highly decorated pros Kosei Ichinose and Linh Tran. Just before bagging, Tran doubled up to keep him in the running however on his return the following day, he was eliminated before any dividends. As for Ichinose, he would have a much better result, finishing in 3rd place.

Taking down the title was Hong Kong’s Lai Kwok Chun who is having a pretty good poker year so far. At the heads up round, Lai cut a deal with fellow compatriot Vincent Li Kwun Ngai to secure them each a six-digit payout. He collected the large share of HKD 129,100 for his victory.

1st Lai Kwok Chun – Hong Kong – HKD 129,100 (deal made)
2nd Vincent Li Kwun Ngai – Hong Kong – HKD 102,500 (deal made)
3rd Kosei Ichinose – Japan – HKD 53,600
4th Keisuke Hirosaka – Japan – HKD 39,300
5th Anthony Man Chun – HKD 32,100

Malaysia’s Kwan Pek Loy steals away with the No Limit Hold’em 2 title

NLH 2 Champion, Kwan Pek Loy

With a big stack in front of him, Japanese pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa seemed to be on his way to shipping in another title at the APT Macau 2017. But at the heads up round, Malaysia’s Kwan Pek Loy had his sights set on the trophy as well. Despite being dominated in chips, Kwan hung on until he landed a set with 3 3 on a running board of 3 4 6 Q 10. That double up would reverse the chip lead and stay that way to the end.

The last hand saw shoves at the flop of 5 3 6. Tsuchikawa had 6 4 top pair and Kwan with J 5 mid pair. The turn J improved Kwan to two pair and with the 9 river, Kwan earned the title and the HKD 49,400 first prize.

1st Kwan Pek Loy – Malaysia – HKD 49,400
2nd Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – HKD 29,700
3rd Andrew An – USA – HKD 19,800

Hong Kong’s Sai Hang Au wins the Super Deep Stack Turbo

Super Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Sai Hang Au

Last night, Hong Kong’s Sai Hang Au claimed the title at the Super Deep Stack Turbo besting a field of 27 players. Prior to his victory, with two tables still going, Sai landed a triple up in a three-way showdown. He held K-K, Arjun Dhingra had A-A, and Alok Birewar with 8-8. The flop came down K-7-K for a crushing quads.

The final hand saw Hetalkumar Desai all in with Q 9 and Sai with K Q. The board ran 7 8 5 10 7 for a winning flush.

1st Sai Hang Au – Hong Kong – HKD 22,500
2nd Hetalkumar Desai – India – HKD 14,100
3rd Nishant Sharma – India – HKD 8,900
4th Xingbiao Zhu – China – HKD 6,900

Lone female in the lineup, Ji Young Kim wins the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Deep Stack Hyper Turbo Champion, Ji Young Kim

Korean player Ji Young Kim gave all the boys the run for the money at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo event to win the last trophy of the APT Macau 2017. As the lone female in the mix, her last hurdle was China’s Min Jiang at the heads up round, although it wasn’t a tough challenge seeing that she had 80% of the chips in play.

The final hand saw Jiang with A 10 and Kim with A 4. The board spread 6 4 5 2 5 for a victorious two pair. Kim bested a field of 28 players and collected the HKD 11,700 first prize.

1st Ji Young Kim – Korea – HKD 11,700
2nd Min Jiang – China – HKD 7,300
3rd Zarvan Tumboli – India – HKD 4,600
4th Ronak Vyas – India – HKD 3,600

You can watch the daily highlights of the APT Macau 2017 in the APT YouTube channel