Te Wei Chung enters MAIN EVENT Day 2 as chip leader; chip counts and seat assignments inside; one final hour to join the action

The third and final starting day of the APT Taiwan 2021 – MAIN EVENT – is done and dusted with another 63 added to the cumulative entries. That brings the featured event to a total of 150 entries. Players will be happy to hear that the NT$ 2 million guarantee has been surpassed. We will have the official prize pool posted once late registration closes at the start of Level 11 in Day 2. So for all you railbirds, fence sitters, and latecomers this is your last chance to jump in. Players that bust within the first hour of Day 2 may also re-enter before time is up. 

For Day 2 entering players, your NT$ 16,500 (~US$ 590) buy in gets you a healthy 31 BB stack to play with. If you wait until the first break of Day 2 to sign up, it is still a very playable 25 BB stack. Day 2 bags up at the end of Level 17. For more information, make sure to review the Player’s Guide.

Dates: February 26 to March 3
Buy in: NT$ 16,500 (~US$ 590)
Guarantee: NT$ 2,000,000  (~US$ 71,500)
Cumulative entries: 150 
Prize pool: TBD
ITM: top 10% 

Day 2: Monday, March 1
Buy in stack: 25,000
Day 2 opening level: Level 10 
Day 2 opening blinds: 400 – 800 – 800 ante bb
Day 2 bagging time: end of Level 17

Day 2 qualifiers: 66 players
Total chips in play: 3,750,000
Average stack: 56,818

Day 1A: 9 advanced out of 19 entries
Day 1B: 31 advanced out of 68 entries 
Day 1C: 26 advanced out of 63 entries 

66 starting heat qualifiers return to action on Day 2 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club) in Taipei. Day 1C chip leader Te Wei Chung will bring in the largest stack of 120,400 which is equivalent to 60 BB. Day 1B chip leader Li Su Chi Kwon dropped to 4th rank with 117,600 in chips, and Day 1A chip leader Ho Ru Wu is ranked seventh with 99,100 in chips. 

Day 1C chip leader: Te Wei Chung

Also advancing from Day 1C were David Hsing Hsiung Tai, Philip King Chung Wang, and Li Ta Hsu. For pro player Jack En Ching Wu, it wasn’t his day. Wu bumped the rail however he still has one final chance to get back in the game at Day 2. 

Day 2  chip counts and seat assignments

Day 2 qualifiers: 66 players
Total chips in play: 3,750,000
Average stack: 56,818

APT Main Event Format and Shot Clock

The APT MAIN EVENT is the Asian Poker Tour’s star tournament. Its well crafted format has been praised by players worldwide. The tournament has a deep format with blinds increasing every 60 minutes. Registration is still open today (Day 2) however it will close at the start of Level 11. When the tournament is down to the final six tables, the Shot Clock will be introduced. Players will receive 5 initial time banks worth 60 seconds each then another 5 at the Final 8 table.