Stephen Schumacher bags overall chip lead in CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT Day 1B

CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT Day 1B is a wrap! The second feature tournament of APT Kickoff 2019 Vietnam at Pro Poker Club drew out 99 entries. Navigating to the top of the day’s 49 survivors was USA’s Stephen Schumacher with 275,900 in chips. 


Stephen Schumacher

During the last hands called, Schumacher shared the lead with several players then ran away with it after winning a pot against Nguyen Hoang Bach. We caught the action on a board 6 5 6 4 7 with a pot of around 47k+ in the middle. Bach laid out a 21.2k bet then folded to Schumacher’s raise of 45k. Schumacher was the only player in this heat that crossed the 200k range. With this stack, he also bagged the overall largest stack of the combined starting days.

Closing the day in second rank, though far from the leader, was Japan’s Tomomitsu Ono with 198,700. 

Tomomitsu Ono

In third rank was Vietnam’s Tan Huynh with 197,500. Huynh picked up a good pot preflop against Ang Kai Loon just before the end of the day. With blinds at 500-1000 ante 1000, one player raised to 2300, Huynh three-bet to 7500, Loon four-bet to 18k, original raiser folded, and Huynh five-bet to 77.5k. This tanked Loon for a bit. He opted to fold while showing A K premium hand. Huynh returned the gesture showing Q Q

Tan Huynh

One of the day’s survivors was decorated APT major champion Tetsuya Tsuchikawa. On the last hand of the day, Tsuchikawa was in a three-way showdown with his short stack. He had 8 8, short stacked Andreas Rauh had K Q, and big stacked Alan King Lun Lau with J J. The board ran 6 2 8 5 Q. Tsuchikawa tripled up and Rauh won the side pot. 

Among the notable players also advancing to Day 2 were decorated champions Linh Tran, Iori Yogo, Cao Ngoc Anh, Huy Pham, and the festival’s Main Event champion Abhinav Iyer.

These players will merge with the Day 1A qualifiers in Day 2 taking place on Friday, January 18 at 1pm. As written in our previous article, the advertised VND 6 Billion guarantee was surpassed early in Day 1B. Registration remains open until the start of Level 10 in Day 2 so we won’t have an official prize pool for you until it closes tomorrow. 

For those jumping in Day 2, buy-in is VND 38,500,000. This gives you a stack of 50,000. Blinds kick off at 600-1200 ante 1200. Average stack is 102,627 with 11,083,800 chips in play. 

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