Side events: Niroshan Loganathan ships two on final day; Dexter Salmingo, Ramdrick Aznar, Jose Cheung win trophies

APT Philippines 2022 came to a close with the final five side event trophies claimed by first time winners namely Dexter Salmingo, Ramdrick Aznar, Joseph Cheung, and Canada’s Niroshan Loganathan who shipped two events on the same day. Loganathan and Cheung were the only two players to win two events at the series. Congratulations to the champions! 

Full series results

Niroshan Loganathan scores big at the series with two wins

Canadian player Niroshan Loganathan, a newcomer to the APT, made his presence felt throughout the series with three very deep runs. He placed 3rd at the Main Event then on closing day, he won both the Monster Stack and High Roller Single Day. In total, Loganathan pocketed a massive Php 4,202,800 (~US$ 80,213). With no prior live wins to his name, these were his first titles. 

Recapping the side event wins, the two-day Monster Stack was quite the marathon with 120 runners on the felt at Php 27,500 each. This generated a burly prize pool of Php 2,910,000 which was paid out across the top 20 players. At heads up, chip leader Loganathan and Filipino player Jose Paul Flores struck a deal that guaranteed the Canadian the larger payout and his first ever live event trophy. 

Buy in: Php 27,500 (~US$ 525)
Entries: 120
Prize pool: Php 2,910,000 (~US$ 55,540)
ITM: 20 places

Final table payouts

1st Niroshan Loganathan – Canada – Php 655,700* 
2nd John Paul Flores – Philippines – Php 550,000*
3rd John Carlo Sayo – Philippines – Php 335,000
4th Thomas Lee – Canada – Php 242,000
5th Ryoko Hayani – Canada – Php 181,100
6th Joshua Chargualaf – Guam – Php 139,700
7th Junya Kubo – Japan – Php 111,000
8th Yosuke Nakazawa – Japan – Php 90,400
9th Sasaki Seiji – Japan – Php 75,300
*Heads up deal

The High Rollers Single Day was the last event to complete. Only 8 players took interest at Php 86,000 each for a prize pool of Php 931,200. At the fall of Filipino player Vamerdino Magsakay on the bubble, it was heads up for the title between Japan’s Shunpoker and Loganathan. Both players were seeking their second title and both were in hot pursuit. 

The first all in encounter was a double up to Shunpoker with 8 8 set over Loganathan’s A J pair on a board K Q J 8 2. Loganathan wasted no time grinding back the lost chips and doubled up with 3 3 over J 10 that missed the board. The heavy action saw raises at nearly every hand. Loganathan regained the lead and the final hand was tabled. Shunpoker opened with a raise, Loganathan called. On a board 5 9 8 9 K, Loganathan triple barreled with a jam on the river. Shunpoker called each time and to his doom. Shunpoker had K 6,  Loganathan had a dominating 3 7 flush made on the flop. 

Turbo winners: Dexter Salmingo, Ramdrick Aznar, and Jose Cheung

Dexter Salmingo wins the Deep Stack Turbo

First ever APT win for Filipino player Dexter Salmingo at Friday night’s Deep Stack Turbo event. Salmingo outlasted a field of 97 entries, overcoming a loaded final table of pros, and defeating Lester Edoc at heads up. The battle for the win was relentless with both players holding on until the average dropped to just 11 BB. The final hand Edoc shoved K 4, Salmingo dominated with A K, no hits on the board for Salmingo to ship it. For 3rd placer Mike Takayama, it was another deep run to bring his tally to a whopping 8 cashes. You can watch the final 8 race via APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

Buy in: Php 5,500 (~US$ 105)
Entries: 97
Prize pool: Php 470,400 (~US$ 8,980)
ITM: 17 places

Final 8 payouts

1st Dexter Salmingo – Philippines – Php 121,900
2nd Lester Edoc – Philippines – Php 81,200
3rd Mike Takayama – Philippines – Php 56,400
4th Michael Concepcion – Philippines – 40,800
5th Neil Lawrence – Malaysia – Php 30,500
6th Tin Fu Trajano – Philippines – Php 23,500
7th Joven Huerto – Philippines – Php 18,700
8th Ryan Thomas White – USA – Php 15,200

Ramdrick Aznar takes down the Saturday night Deep Stack Turbo

Filipino – American player Ramdrick Aznar was another first time APT winner at the series. He shined above the Saturday night Deep Stack Turbo’s 86-entry field, defeating Hong Kong’s Lam Cheuk Nam Jai who had just reached the Championships Event final 8. With the average down to just 7 BB, Lam pushed J 6 and the larger stacked Aznar fast called with K 7. The board ran K A 10 J 5. You can watch the final 8 race via APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

Buy in: Php 5,500 (~US$ 105)
Entries: 86
Prize pool: Php 417,100 (~US$ 7,960)
ITM: 15 places

Final 8 payouts

1st Ramdrick Aznar – Philippines / USA – Php 111,400
2nd Lam Cheuk Nam Jai – Hong Kong – Php 74,300
3rd Mamerto Reyes – Philippines – Php 51,700
4th Eric Boras – Philippines – Php 37,300
5th Warren Tolentino – England – Php 27,900
6th Jay Doria – Philippines – Php 21,500
7th Deguit Ethelbert – Philippines – Php 17,100
8th Carlos Monton – Philippines – Php 13,900

Jose Cheung bags seond title; denies Renniel Galvez 

The Sunday Deep Stack Hyper Turbo saw 64 try their luck for one of the last trophies on the mantle. This built a prize pool of Php 310,400 with 11 players gaining a cut. It was a quick wrap up with Jose Cheung emerging victorious again for his second APT title. Earlier in the series, Cheung took down Event #7: No Limit Hold’em then proceeded to finish 10th at the Championships Event. To capture his next win, Cheung defeated series Main Event champion Renniel Galvez at heads up to pocket the Php 89,700 first prize. In total he earned a combined Php 731,400 for his best APT run to date. 

Buy in: Php 5,500 (~US$ 105)
Entries: 64
Prize pool: Php 310,400 (~US$ 5,924)
ITM: 11 places


1st Jose Cheung – Philippines – Php 
2nd Renniel Galvez – Philippines – Php 
3rd Hideki Azuma – Japan – Php 
4th Yoshiro Noguchi – Japan – Php 
5th Carter Yap – Philippines – Php 
6th Ng Shu Yih – Malaysia – Php 17,300
7th Ramdrick Aznar – Philippines – Php 13,700
8th Kong Khai Kent – Malaysia – Php 11,200
9th Steven Ho – Hong Kong – Php 9,300
10th Yuta Murakami – Japan – Php 7,800
11th Angelo Mejia – Philippines – Php 7,800