Side event winners: Yin Momo, Dilip Menon, and Seongsu Kong

With the Main Event now completed, it’s time to acknowledge the latest side event winners of APT Philippines II 2019. Three players lifted a trophy off the awards table, India’s Dilip Menon (No Limit Hold’em 1), China’s Yin Momo (High Rollers 2), and Korea’s Seongsu Kong (Short Deck).  Congratulations to all the winners! Brief recaps below. 

Full event results

APT Player of the Series  – All ITM players earned points towards the APT Player of the Series race. Make sure to check your overall standing. 

Event #8: High Rollers 2 – Yin Momo – PHP 2,081,400 (~USD 33,500)

The two day High Rollers 2 event ran from September 16 to 17 with 79 runners putting up the PHP 107,500 (~USD 2,100) entry fee. This built up a very healthy prize pool worth PHP 7,663,000 (~USD 147,000) of which only 14 earned a cut. 

The field was littered with a plethora of pros including Masato Yokosawa, the recently crowned High Rollers Single Day 1 winner and Akshay Nasa runner up of the same event. Yokosawa went on to cash in 12th place, Nasa fared better finishing 10th, however it was China’s Yin Momo who shipped it denying Korea’s Jinho Hong (Monster Stack 1 champion) his second series title. Momo earned PHP 2,081,400 and his first-ever APT win. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Yin Momo – China – PHP 2,018,400
2nd Jinho Hong – Korea – PHP 1,387,600
3rd Hao Tian – China – PHP 964,600
4th Zhu Jing Xian – China – PHP 696,700
5th Iori Yogo – Japan – PHP 521,100
6th Michael Seymour – Australia – PHP 402,100
7th Seungmook Jung – Korea – PHP 319,300
8th Hwang Seong Il – Korea – PHP 260,200

Event #7: No Limit Hold’em 1 – Dilip Menon – PHP 616,000 (~USD 11,800)

The No Limit Holde’m 1 event ran for two days from September 15 to 16. It drew 150 to the tables at PHP 19,800 (~USD 380) each for a prize pool of PHP 2,619,000 (~USD 50,000). Only 25 players profited. The final 8 battle streamed live and has been uploaded on APT Twitch and APT YouTube. You can view it anytime along with other events previously streamed. 

Rising to victory was India’s Dilip Menon who dominated to earn the PHP 616,000 first prize. Key hand for Menon was at four-handed. He delivered a double knockout to Kenichi Takarabe (4th) and Shugo Kimura (3rd) with A J winning over A 5 and Q 5 on a dry board. Menon entered heads up with a 4:1 lead against Korea’s Byeong Hoon Kang. Byeong doubled up with A 6 trips over J 10 to grab the lead. Several hands after, a couple of small pots and walks sent Menon back up by a small margin. The final hand came with Byeong shoving J 8 and got called by Menon with A 10. The board ran X? 5 6 7 8, Byeong prematurely celebrated thinking his pair was good but upon review, Menon had the nut flush. 

Congratulations to Dilip Menon! This was his second-ever APT title having won an NLH event at APT Southeast Asia in 2017. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Dilip Menon – India – PHP 616,000
2nd Byeong Hoon Kang – Korea – PHP 410,900
3rd Shugo Kimura – Japan – PHP 285,600
4th Kenichi Takarabe – Japan – PHP 206,300
5th Richard Magaro – Philippines – PHP 154,300
6th Yik “Ray” Yin Chiu – Hong Kong – PHP 119,100
7th Hiroyuki Noda – Japan – PHP 94,600
8th Alex Lindop – UK – PHP 77,000

Event #9: Short Deck – Seongsu Kong – PHP 263,100 (~USD 5,000) 

The only Short Deck event attracted 48 entries at PHP 19,800 (~USD 380) each for a pot of PHP 838,100 (~USD 16,000). APT circuit regular, Seongsu Kong defeated fellow countryman Kim Kunwoo at heads up to seize the glory and the PHP 263,100 first prize. This was Kong’s third-ever career APT title. 

1st Seongsu Kong – Korea – PHP 263,100
2nd Ki Kunwoo – Korea – PHP 175,300
3rd Carmen Wern – Malaysia – PHP 121,900
4th Wing Chung Chen – China – PHP 88,000
5th Yik “Ray” Yin Chiu – Hong Kong – PHP 65,800
6th Wai Kit Tong – China – PHP 50,800
7th Ogo Nobuhito – Japan – PHP 40,300
8th Chew Xing Jia – Singapore – PHP 32,900