Side event winners: Yen Han “Pete” Chen, Chan Lok Ming, and Yi Wei Peng

Another set of players trimmed the APT Taiwan 2021 awards table. The latest winners were Yen Han “Pete” Chen, Chan Lok Ming, and Yi Wei Peng. Congratulations to the champions! We’ve got those results for you below. Just a reminder, all players that reached the money at any of the trophy events received points towards the APT Player of the Series race. You can view the standings via the link provided. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard

APT Taiwan 2021 results

More games and trophies to be won. The festival has been ongoing since February 27 at the CTP Club Taipei (Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association). Up next is the highlighted CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT featuring a NT$ 2,000,000 (~US$ 71,500) guarantee. The event runs from March 4 to 8 with two starting days to enter. For all the info, make sure to head to the link provided. 


Another trophy event is lined up on Thursday, March 4, the NLH Single Day Event with buy in at NT$ 6,600 (~US$ 237). There is also a satellite to the Championships Event for NT$ 4,400 buy in (~US$ 158). 

Side Event results

Event #6: Monster Stack – YEN HAN “PETE” CHEN – NT$ 148,000 (~US$ 5,310)

Highly decorated Taiwanese pro Yen Han “Pete” Chen grabbed himself another APT Trophy making that eight in total throughout his career. Chen topped the Monster Stack event, besting the 37 entry field. At heads up, he denied Du Ming Tsai a second series win. For his victory, Chen pocketed NT$ 148,000 (~US$ 5,310).

Date: Tuesday, March 2
Buy in: NT$ 13,200 (~US$ 475)
Entries: 37
Prize pool: NT$ 430,600 (~US$ 15,450)
ITM: 7 places 


1st Yen Han “Pete” Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 148,000
2nd Du Ming Tsai – Taiwan – NT$ 95,100
3rd Chun Hui Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 64,100
4th Benezra Nissan Nisim – Israel – NT$ 45,200
5th Kristof Segers – USA – NT$ 33,100
6th Te Wei Chung – Taiwan – NT$ 25,200
7th Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 19,900 

Event #7: Pot Limit Omaha Hi – CHAN LOK MING – NT$ 101,300 (~US$ 3,635)

No stranger to the APT winners circle is Hong Kong player Chan Lok Ming. This time last year, Ming crushed the festival standings to take home the APT Player of the Series title. Once again, Ming is on the hunt with a win at the Pot Limit Omaha Hi event. He bested a field of 38 entries to bank the NT$ 101,300 (~US$ 3,635) first prize and APT Trophy. 

Date: Wednesday, March 3
Buy in: NT$ 8,800 (~US$ 316)
Entries: 38
Prize pool: NT$ 294,800 (~US$ 10,580)
ITM: 7 places 


1st Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – NT$ 101,300
2nd Ching Feng Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 65,100
3rd Ching Hsuan Chou – Taiwan – NT$ 43,900
4th Patrick Liang – Brazil – NT$ 30,900
5th Chao Ting Cheng – Taiwan – NT$ 22,700
6th Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 17,300
7th Fang Kai Chang – Taiwan – NT$ 13,600 

Event #8: High Rollers Single Day: YI WEI PENG – NT$ 327,300 (~US$ 11,745)

At the High Rollers Single Day event, Yi Wei Peng came out victorious to seize his first ever APT title. Peng outlasted heavy hitters such as Chi Jen Chu and Hsing Hsiung “David” Tai to pocket a substantial NT$ 327,300 (~US$ 11,745) in winnings. He is currently the largest single side event winner of the series. 

Date: Wednesday, March 3
Buy in: NT$ 27,000 (~US$ 970)
Entries: 43
Prize pool: NT$ 1,042,700 (~US$ 37,410)
ITM: 8 places


1st Yi Wei Peng – Taiwan – NT$ 327,300
2nd Sin Ren Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 218,100
3rd Chi Jen Chu – Taiwan – NT$ 151,600
4th Ho Ru Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 109,500
5th Hsing Hsiung “David” Tai – – Taiwan – NT$ 81,900
6th Li Su Chi Kwon – Croatia – NT$ 63,200
7th Chen Yi Liu – Taiwan – NT$ 50,200
8th Ting Yi “Eric” Tsai – – Taiwan – NT$ 40,900