Side Event winners: Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung and San Yi Hsiao

Last night, as the Main Event was drawing to its final 8 players, APT Taiwan 2019 awarded another two side event winners at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poer Association (CTP Club). The No Limit Hold’em event found its victor in Hong Kong’s Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung and during the wee hours of the night, the Short Deck event crowned Taiwan’s San Yi Hsiao. We have those stories for you below. Reminder for everyone that cashed in the series, make sure to check your standing in the APT Player of the Series race. 

APT Player of the Series standing

APT Taiwan 2019 results

No Limit Hold’em: Park Yu “Sparrow” Cheung

The No Limit Hold’em event ran for two days with 123 players in action. With buy-in at TWD 9,900 (~USD 320), players battled for a piece of the TWD 1,073,800 (~USD 35,000) pot. The money was reached on the first day when massive chip leader Jia Tang caught a two-outer to knock out a player. It was pocket jacks improving to a set to defeat pocket queens. 

From there, the 21 players were guaranteed cash. The first day wrapped up with 9 players remaining. 

On the final day, Jia Tang went on to cash in 4th place and David Hsing Hsiung Tai in 3rd, leaving Hong Kong pro Park Yu Cheung and China’s Peng Yang to fight it out. However, both players opted on a deal that awarded Cheung the win and Yang the larger payout. 

This was Cheung’s second deep run at the series. He also placed 8th at the Monster Stack 1 opener. Cheung slid into second rank in the APT Player of the Series race. He now adds a fifth APT title to his long list of career achievements and another TWD 263,600 (~USD 8,600) to his pocket. 

Final 9 payouts
1st Park Yu Cheung “Sparrow” – Hong Kong – TWD 175,700 (deal made)
2nd Peng Yang – China – TWD 263,600 (deal made)
3rd Hsing Hsiung “David” Tai – Taiwan – TWD 122,200
4th Jia Tang – Taiwan – TWD 88,200
5th Ben Lai – Hong Kong – TWD 66,000
6th Chun Leung – China – TWD 50,900
7th Inkyu Choi – Korea – TWD 40,400
8th Bongkil Jeong – Korea – TWD 33,000
9th Du Ming Tsai – Taiwan – TWD 27,500

Short Deck: San Yi Hsiao 

The TWD 9,900 buy-in Short Deck event attracted a decent amount of attention with 43 signing in for a pot of TWD 375,400 (~USD 12,000). When the field trimmed to 8 players, everyone was now guaranteed a return.

From there, it was a grueling race to the finish, everyone gunning for the win. At five-handed, a deal was struck to split the pot and leave TWD 19,800 and the trophy to play for. Despite this, it still took another two hours to complete. Taiwan’s San Yi Hsiao shipped it for his first-ever career live tournament title. San pocketed TWD 79,800 (~USD 2,600). 

1st San Yi Hsiao – Taiwan – TWD 79,800
2nd Lee Kuh Han – Taiwan – TWD 60,000
3rd Liang Chih Ying – Taiwan – TWD 60,000
4th Mark Yeow – Singapore – TWD 60,000
5th Philip Wang – Taiwan – TWD 60,000
6th Kim Hak Do – Korea – TWD 22,800
7th Foo Yong Cheong – Singapore – TWD 18,100
8th Graeme Siow – Singapore – TWD 14,700