Side event winners: Hyun Duc Tai, Ryusuke Kasawaki, and Kopyl Waldemar

The APT Kickoff 2019 Vietnam awarded another batch of winners at Pro Poker Club. Hyun Duc Tai, Ryusuke Kasawaki, and Kopyl Waldemar each captured one of the APT’s new Golden Lion trophies. See below for the results.

Full APT Kickoff 2019 Vietnam event results

Hyun Duc Tai wins the NLH Single Day #4 

76 signed up to the NLH Single Day event for a prize pool of VND 589,760,000. This was another event implementing the shot clock to keep the game on pace. The Final 8 streamed live on APT Twitch and APT YouTube. Check that out anytime, just scroll for the upload. Winning the event was Hyun Duc Tai giving Vietnam a second golden lion. Tai defeated Japan’s Tetsuya Tsuchikawa at heads up. 

Hyun Duc Tai – NLH Single Day $4 winner

Ryusuke Kasawaki wins the Super Deep Stack Turbo

The Super Deep Stack Turbo event attracted 106 to the tables. As the event name states, it was a turbo event and it did wrap up in timely fashion. Only 18 players earned  a piece of the VND 616,920,000 prize pool. Pocketing the largest was Japan’s Ryusuke Kasawaki after his defeat of Vietnam’s Vu Minh Tri at heads up. Kasawaki shipped VND 157,266,000 and his first-ever APT title. You can watch the Final 8 action in APT Twitch and APT YouTube

Ryusuke Kasawaki – Super Deep Stack Turbo champion

Kopyl Waldemar wins the event

Following the turbo event above was the sponsored Deep Stack Turbo event. One of the players reaching the final table and the money was APT Player of the Series second race leader, Michael Kim Falcon. He finished 5th and picked up 124.86 points to retake the lead in the race. Winning the event was Kopyl Waldemar who denied Jaysen de San Miguel the title. Waldemar earned the VND 89,591,000 first prize. 

Kopyl Waldemar – champion

APT Player of the Series 

Don’t forget, for every time you place, you earn points toward the APT Player of the Series race. Currently in the lead is Abhinav Iyer for his victory at the Main Event though that will soon be adjusted to Michael Kim Falcon who cashed in on a fourth event.