Side event winners: Hwang Sang Yeon, Ho Bao Qiang, and Kristof Segers

More APT Taiwan 2019 winners emerged last night at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. The latest champs were Hwang Sang Yeon (High Rollers), Ho Bao Qiang (High Rollers Single Day), and Kristof Segers (Pot Limit Omaha Hi). We’ve got results for you below.

Complete APT Taiwan 2019 results

Reminder to all players that reached the money at any of the events this series, make sure to check your standing in the APT Player of the Series race. APT Player of the Series standings

High Rollers: Hwang Sang Yeon – TWD 1,071,400 (~USD 35,000)

The two-day High Rollers was one of the costlier tournaments of the series. 44 runners ponied up the TWD 86,000 (~USD 2,800) entry fee for a prize pool worth TWD 3,414,000 (~USD 111,300). Cash was guaranteed only to the top 8 places. Banking the largest share was Hong Kong’s Hwang Sang Yeon for a TWD 1,071,400 takedown. He knocked out five players of the final 8. 

Recapping the action on the final day, Sparrow Park Yu Cheung took a dive in 8th place after losing in a three-way showdown. Cheung had 10-10, Yang Zhang Q-Q, and Chi Jen Chu with A-K. Both of Chu’s cards partnered up on the flop and held to the end. 

At seven-handed, chip leader Hwang continued to pile it in to amass a very big stack. One of the pots he claimed was against Kannapong Thanarattrakul with the board completing 8 J 9 7 Q. Hwang showed K 10 straight. Thanarattrakul went down in chips but managed to double up through Chu with A-10 both pairing up on the board to best J-J. However, Zhang wasn’t as fortunate. Zhang three-bet shoved with 10 9 only to run into Pan Cheng How’s A A.

Falling in 6th place was short stacked Chan Tsun Ming with Hwang delivering the boot. This was Hwang’s first victim of the final table. He would eventually claim every head before lifting the trophy. 

Five-handed was one of the longest rounds with chips moving around the table as players got lucky on each other: Chu’s K-8 found a king on the turn to survive against Hwang’s 9-9. Thanarattrakul’s 10-10 improved to a set to survive against Chu’s J-J, then Chu gained chips back from Wang Wuyi with 4-4 forming a straight on the river to best 8-8. Wuyi was crippled and Hwang sent him packing in 5th place. 

Thanarattrakul’s luck ran out in 4th place all in with A Q falling to Hwang’s A K. Pan took 3rd place when his A K didn’t hold against Hwang’s A 2 with the board running 8 2 8 6 3. This brought about heads up with Hwang up 7:1 in chips against Chu. 

Despite Chu behind by a large margin, he was able to shave some off the leader with A 2 turning quads over Hwang’s K 10 on a board A A J A J. Chu’s momentum continued to bring the gap close to 1.5:1 but in the end, it was Hwang’s title to win. The final hand saw both players build up a big pot until the river 8 4 7 J 8 where Hwang shoved and Chu called for his tournament life. Hwang held A 8 trips higher kicker, Chu showed 8 6 trips. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Hwang Sang Yeon – Hong Kong – TWD 1,071,400
2nd Chi Jen Chu – China – TWD 714,300
3rd Pan Cheng How – Taiwan – TWD 496,600
4th Kannapong Thanarattrakul – Thailand – TWD 358,600
5th Wang Wuyi – China – TWD 268,200
6th Chan Tsun Ming – Hong Kong – TWD 207,000
7th Yang Zhang – China – TWD 164,400
8th Park Yu Cheung – Hong Kong – TWD 133,900

High Rollers Single Day: Ho Bao Qiang – TWD 868,000 (~USD 28,200)

Running simultaneously with the event above was the High Rollers Single Day with 62 turning up at TWD 54,000 (~USD 1800) each to generate a pot worth TWD 3,007,000 (~USD 98,000). Guaranteed to profit were the top 11 places. Singapore’s Ho Bao Qiang dominated the final table to ship the title and the TWD 868,000 first prize. 

This was impressive consistency from Qiang who jumped into this event after falling 4th at the Main Event. He earned a combined TWD 1.5m for the day. The final hand was against two-time series side event champion Mike Takayama who had A 7, Qiang with K 8. The board ran 2 3 J 9 10 flush to Qiang. 

1st Ho Bao Qiang – Singapore – TWD 868,000
2nd Mike Takayama – Philippines – TWD 578,600
3rd Yang Zhang – China – TWD 402,200
4th Lee Kun Han – Taiwan – TWD  290,500
5th Wei Cheng Yin – Taiwan – TWD 217,300
6th Sheng Chien Cheng – Taiwan – TWD 167,700
7th Nathalie Siew Po – Malaysia – TWD 133,200
8th Chi Chung Ho – Hong Kong – TWD 108,500
9th Graeme Siow Wei Lik – Singapore – TWD 90,400
10th Kwun Li – Hong Kong – TWD 75,300
11th Kwok Ting Shum – Hong Kong – TWD 75,300

Pot Limit Omaha Hi: Kristof Segers – Belgium – TWD 112,300 (~USD 3,700)

The second Pot Limit Omaha Hi event attracted 43 to the felt and at TWD 11,000 (~USD 360) buy-in, the prize pool came to a decent TWD 417,100 (~USD 13,600). Only 8 players earned a cut. The final battle for the title was between Kristof Segers and Kelvin Beattie.

Both players struck a deal and continued to fight tooth and nail for the win. In the end, it was Segers closing it out. The final hand saw both all in preflop.

Segers K K 10 4
Beattie 10 5 7 3

The board ran 2 4 9 9 3

1st Kristof Segers – Belgium – TWD 112,300 (deal made)
2nd Kelvin Beattie – Japan – TWD 105,700 (deal made)
3rd Cheng Sheng Wen – Taiwan – TWD 60,700
4th Itzak Tamir – Israel – TWD 43,800
5th Deng Deng Kai – Taiwan – TWD 32,800
6th Sim Jae Kyung – Korea – TWD 25,300
7th Shao Me Yang – Taiwan – TWD 20,100
8th Chow Cliff – Hong Kong – TWD 16,400