Side event winners: Hamish Crawshaw, Giz Fabrice, and Ori Kossonogi

With the Main Event all wrapped up, APT Taiwan 2020 directed its attention back to the side events where three players reigned. Lifting trophies were Ori Kossonogi, Giz Fabrice, and recently crowned Main Event champion Hamish Crawshaw. All of these players including those that cashed in the events were awarded points towards the APT Player of the Series race. View the standings via the link below. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard

APT Taiwan 2020 results 

Event 13: High Rollers Single Day – HAMISH CRAWSHAW

New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw is clearly not done at the series. After his triumph at the Main Event, Crawshaw returned the following day to battle it out at the High Rollers Single Day and shipped it. 

Buy-in: TW$ 54,000 (~US$ 1,800)
Entries: 11
Prize pool: TW$ 533,500 (~US$ 17,800)

The event started slow with only 3 players pulling up seats however by the end of registration, the tally increased to 11.  It was a solid lineup of heavy hitters from various nations. In addition to Crawshaw were Lin Chen An, Pete Chen, Wilson Lim, Vincent Huang, Tetsuya Enoki, Chi Jen Chu, Mark Gruendemann, and Chan Lok Ming. 

By pre-bubble round with four left, Crawshaw and Chu held large stacks while Gruendemann and Ming were searching for spots to double up. Both were fortunate, however Gruendemann was the luckier of the two. After his first double up, he tripled up with A 4 against Chu’s A K and Crawshaw’s A K when the board ran Q J 5 J 7 for the flush. Gruendemann proceeded to eliminated Chu with A 10 outdrawing J J with an ace on the flop that held. This brought about the bubble round. 

Mark Gruendemann

In just the first hand, the ailing Ming moved all in with Q 5 and fell to Crawshaw’s A 3. Heads up had Crawshaw slightly ahead.

Hamish Crawshaw

Crawshaw began to grind down Gruendemann’s stack. Down in chips, Gruendemann 6 7was all in on a flop 2 9 3 and needed to land the flush to overtake Crawshaw’s Q 9. When the turn K and river 10 completed the board, no flush to be found. Crawshaw shipped it. 

1st Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – TW$ 373,400 (~US$ 12,500)
2nd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 160,100 (~US$ 5,300)

Event 12: No Limit Hold’em – GIZ FABRICE 

Swiss player Giz Fabrice captured his first known Asian live tournament victory at the No Limit Hold’em event. Fabrice reigned over a field of 31 entries to seize the TW$114,400 (~US$ 3,800) first prize and APT trophy. 

Buy-in: TW$ 11,000 (~US$ 370)
Entries: 31
Prize pool: TW$ 300,700 (~US$ 10,000)

Recapping the action from the bubble round, Fabrice won a couple of sizable pots to rise to chip leader. Chih Ying Liang then railed Go Mori with 6 6 over A 9 on a board 6 9 K 9 2, full house over trips. 

As soon as action resumed, Liang was eliminated by Iori Yogo with K-5 two pairs over 10-9 pair. Fast bust outs followed with Yogo downed in 3rd place. The final duel was between Fabrice and Chi Jen Chen. The latter Chen paid a costly double to Fabrice on a cooler. Chen with K Q, Fabrice 10 9 on a board K 5 Q J 5. Crippled down Chen was able to double up twice but still wasn’t enough. Fabrice shipped it on Chen’s third shove. 

1st Giz Fabrice – Switzerland – TW$ 114,400
2nd Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 70,300
3rd Iori Yogo – Japan – TW$ 45,600
4th Wu Chun Hui – Taiwan – TW$ 31,200
5th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 22,400
6th Chih Ying Liang – Taiwan – TW$ 16,800

Event 10: No Limit Hold’em – ORI KOSSONOGI

At Event 10 No Limit Hold’em, Israel’s Ori Kossonogi denied Chan Lok Ming a third trophy. Kossonogi overcame a field of 30 entries, defeating Ming at heads up. This was Kossonogi’s second career APT title with the first one captured last December. 

Buy-in: TW$ 9,900
Entries: 30
Prize pool: TW$ 261,900 (~US$  8,700)

1st Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 111,900 (~US$ 3,700)
2nd Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 64,900
3rd Ping Jui Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 40,100
4th Thanakrit Sidhisantikul – Thailand – TW$ 26,500
5th Tetsuya Enoki – Japan – TW$ 18,500