Shyh Chyn Lim bags the lead at MAIN EVENT Day 1A; 31 advance to Day 2; chip counts inside

APT Taiwan 2019 ran its first starting heat of the MAIN EVENT which took place starting at 1pm at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association aka CTP Club. The featured event attracted a field of 54 entries, each one eager for a piece of the TWD 6 million guarantee. At the end of the scheduled 9 rounds of play, only 31 survived. Bagging up the largest stack of 98,000 was Malaysia’s Shyh Chyn Lim. 

Shyh Chyn Lim

Lim is a regular in the APT circuit. Throughout his career he has cashed four times at an APT Main Event with his deepest run in December 2017 finishing in 3rd place. One of Lim’s late winning hands saw him min-raise from the button from 600 to 1200. Small blind three-bet to 4900, Lim four-bet to 11200, called by the small blind. At the flop 9 K Q, sb checked, Lim c-bet 7500, sb folded. 

Another player causing havoc at the table was China’s Jia Tang who closed the day in second rank with 91,900. Tang entered numerous pots during the final half hour of play. He shaved some chips off late-comer Chan Tsun Ming with trips holding K 7 on a board 7 4 7 A Q.

Earning third rank was Hong Kong’s Choy Wai Tak with 90,500. We weren’t able to get a hand on Choy but we will be tracking his progress in Day 2. Also bagging up chips was decorated APT Main Event champion Guo Dong closing with 33,000. 

Main Event Day 1A chip counts

Rank Name Country / Region Chips
1 Lim Shyh Chyn Malaysia 98,000
2 Jia Tang China 91,900
3 Choy Wai Tak Hong Kong 90,500
4 Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 65,400
5 Kelvin Beattie Japan 64,200
6 Yao Te Tsai Taiwan 62,100
7 Li Kwun Ngai Vincent Hong Kong 60,200
8 Preston Lee United States 58,400
9 Chan Tsun Ming Hong Kong 56,800
10 Chu Chi Jen Taiwan 51,200
11 Tsai Yu You Ci China 49,800
12 Chen Choung Yeh Taiwan 48,400
13 Tso Wei Hong Kong 43,500
14 Chiu-Jen-Chun Taiwan 39,600
15 Huang Yi Qing China 37,500
16 Chan Ying Kit Hong Kong 36,700
17 Choi Yun Lam Kelvin Hong Kong 36,600
18 Wang Tzo Wei Taiwan 35,700
19 Kristof Segers Belgium 35,000
20 Guo Dong  China 33,000
21 Andre Lettau Austria 32,700
22 Li Su Chi-Kwon Costa Rica 30,900
23 Fang Po Wen Taiwan 30,500
24 Wu Yu Faz Hong Kong 25,000
25 Eric Widjaja Singapore 23,000
26 Yen Han Chen Taiwan 23,000
27 Yi-Wei Peng Taiwan 22,000
28 Peng Hsin Hhui Taiwan 19,800
29 Tai Hsing Hsiung Taiwan 17,500
30 Deng Deng Kai Taiwan 16,000
31 Lee Wai Kiat Malaysia 13,500
Day 1A = 54 Entries
1,350,000 Chips in Play / 43,548 Average Chip Stack

The day’s survivors advance to Day 2 taking place on Sunday, October 13 at 1pm. They await the results of Day 1B which is up next, and Day 1C which follows. 

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