Ray Chiu – APT’s Chinese Host

Yik Yin Chiu, known to many as “Ray Chiu” has been recognized for his influence and accomplishments in the Asian poker scene. Ray is one of the co-founders of Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA), as well as an active member of Tournament Directors Association (TDA), he honed his skills as TD of events hosted by HKPPA. He is also a very accomplished poker player player – Hong Kong’s all-time money list ranked 41st.

Ray will be appointed as Asian Poker Tour (APT) Chinese Host. As the APT Chinese Host, he will be responsible for the Chinese players looking to attend APT events for information from tournament schedules and structures, currency exchange, where to shop, eat, stay and have a good time in and outside of each venue.

Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu

“I have always wanted to make live poker more fun and enjoyable, especially for the folks in the Greater China area. APT has been proven time and again that they have their focus on players experience. And I look to bring this fantastic experience to more players and make it even better”, said Ray Chiu, when asked about the appointment.

“In the past events, we’ve noticed a good number of Chinese players attending and we can see those numbers increasing from event to event. Being that Ray is fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese and most importantly is well-respected in the Asian poker market, we see him as a very valuable asset in bettering the experience of Chinese players attending our events”, said Lloyd Fontillas, APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director.