Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan wins the MAIN EVENT for ₹ 34.06 lakhs (~US$ 46,680)

The hunt for the first ever APT Online Series India MAIN EVENT title is over! Outlasting the 240 Day 2 players was Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan to claim the ₹ 34.06 lakhs (~US$ 46,680) first prize, the APT Trophy, and APT Championship Ring. On his road to victory, among his numerous knockouts were two starting day chip leaders and four of the final 8 players. Read up on the action via our live updates. We also have a recap below. 

The featured MAIN EVENT is the most coveted title of the series and is the Asian Poker Tour‘s most highly revered tournament. 1,932 poured in across four starting days, 240 advanced to Day 2 with money starting at 193rd place. Action resumed at PokerBaazi.com on January 26. 

Buy in: ₹ 11,000 (~US$ 150)
Guarantee: ₹ 2 crore (~US$ 273,400)
Cumulative entries: 1,932
Cumulative Day 2 qualifiers: 240 players
Prize pool: ₹ 2 crore (~US$ 273,400)
ITM: 193 places
Running time: 5 hours and 48 minutes (Day 2)

Final table payouts

1st Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan – ₹ 34.06 lakhs
2nd boatfish – ₹ 24.82 lakhs
3rd sidkid – ₹ 19.54 lakhs
4th Shashank “Westworld” Jain – ₹ 15.68 lakhs
5th Divanshu “1diot” Khurana – ₹ 12.44 lakhs
6th TheMathematician – ₹ 9.66 lakhs
7th iceofspades – ₹ 7.38 lakhs

Event recap

On the 40th minute of play, the bubble burst at the fall of Rohan “Theoldrod” Sahni. From there, eliminations were rampant. Among the first to collect were multi event winner Gautam “M8a7” Rohilla (192nd), Ashish “Notoriouskonvict” Nailwal (185th), Akshay “sherlock52” Nasa (152nd), Vivekk “Vivek25” Dube (160th), Vinay “vinay09” Rajpal (151st), dilbaghsingh (141st), Manish “thekid” Lakhotia (139th), Madhav “goacartel” Gupta (138th), Rubin “kornkid” Labroo (126th), and Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (11th). 

In 86th place was the day’s entering chip leader “squanderer” who fell to Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan with Q Q spiking a lady on the turn to crack A A. This gave Mahajan the chip lead. APT Player of the Series race leader Aditya “adit11” Kulkarni departed in 80th place. Day 1C chip leader Satyam “Pkiller28” Prakash (64th) was the next of the starting day leaders to bust with player Tigerr28′s Q Q surviving against A K overcards. Kartik “TheInternetKid” Ved (62nd) Abhishek “singhsaab” Goindi (56th), Kunal “VasooliChacha” Patni (51st), and Arjanveer Chadha “holdbaby” Singh (44th) were among the next to follow. 

Down to three tables, Mahajan railed another starting day chip leader, this time it was Armaan “Armaan007” Kochhar crashing out in 19th place on a failed bluff.  It was a battle of the blinds with Mahajan check-calling at every stage. On a completed board 7 K 7 K 3 Kochhar jammed and Mahajan check-called it with K 2 full house to Kochhar’s Q 8Barbarik ” barbarik12″ Tibrewal  busted in 17th place to Nishaanth “shanni” Shanmughasundaram to form the final two tables. Shanmughasundaram was ahead in the count, Shashank “Westworld” Jain ranked 2nd, and Mahajan was running third in chips. 

After the fall of Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta (16th) and Sahil “ImHighIshove” Mahboobani (15th), big stacked Jain and Shanmughasundaram brewed up a monster pot on a set over set that was awarded to Jain with 9 9 to Shanmughasundaram 6 6 on a board 4 6 A 9 K. Because of this hand, Jain was massive chip leader at 14 remaining. 

Jain continued to fatten up, railing APT Kickoff Vietnam 2019 Main Event champion Abhinav “griezmann” Iyer in 14th place. A few hands later, Jain eliminated Shanmughasundaram in 11th place. The next two to fall were mittpop (10th) to Mahajan, and Day 1A chip leader Nishant “nishant177” Sharma to boatfish.  Happening nearly simultaneously was the elimination of Rahul “pokerjoker” Mittal in 8th place to Mahajan. 

Final table – 7 players

With two rails claimed before the final table was set, Mahajan overtook Jain for the chip lead. Mahajan continued to crush his opponents, sending the axe down on iceofspades (7th) with J J set over A K pair on a board 9 K Q 6 J. Other players helped trim the table with sidkid dusting TheMathematician (6th) with pocket Kings dominating pocket Jacks. Player “boatfish” railed Divanshu “1diot” Khurana (5th) with flush over trips. 

Four handed lit up with plenty of action. The chip lead was usurped by boatfish and Jain lost bouts against sidkid. The round finally ended with Jain’s 8 8 counterfeited on a board J J 7 Q Q for boatfish’s A 9 ace to play. Heads up arrived at the fall of short stacked sidkid to Mahajan. boatfish was ahead in the count. On the 11th heads up hand, Mahajan reclaimed it on a winning straight then widened the gap with pocket Kings over J9o. The final hand arrived soon after with Mahajan 8 8 straight on a board 6 10 7 9 A against boatfish’s K 2

Congratulations to Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan for his victory! He became the first ever APT Online Series India Main Event champion!