Ping Hao Huang wins maiden title at the APT Championships Event; Zhi Hao Huang runner up

After nine hours of heated action, Taiwanese player Ping Hao Huang emerged victorious at the featured APT Taiwan 2021  CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT to capture his first ever career title. For his achievement, Huang seized the APT Champion’s Ring, APT Golden Lion Trophy, and NT$ 603,300 (~US$ 21,647), his largest tournament cash to date. Congratulations to the new champion!

Ping Hao Huang – Championships Event 1st place

The featured Championships Event drew 89 entries across three days. Intended for a five day stint at CTP Club Taipei (Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association), the game wrapped up one day early with Ping Hao Huang outlasting the final 15 players of Day 3. Runner up Zhi Hao Huang must also be recognized for yet another incredible performance. Zhi Hao reached the final table of all three featured events this series and is currently the festival’s largest earner. 

If you missed the race, you can relive it via APT Twitch . We also have a recap for you below including links to recaps of previous days. 

Championships Event Day 1A
Championships Event Day 1B
Championships Event Day 2 

Dates: March 4 to 7
Buy in: NT$ 25,300 (~US$ 908)
Guarantee: NT$ 2,000,000 (~US$ 71,500) 
Total Entries: 89
Prize pool: NT$ 2,000,000 (~US$ 71,500)
ITM: 9 places


1st Ping Hao Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 603,300
2nd Zhi Hao Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 402,200 
3rd Chao Ting Cheng – Taiwan – NT$ 279,600
4th Chung Chie Kuan – Taiwan – NT$ 202,000
5th Yun Hsiang “Terry” Fan – Taiwan – NT$ 151,000
6th Hang Chi – Taiwan – NT$ 116,600 
7th Wei Chen Liu – Taiwan – NT$ 92,600 
8th Po Wen Fang – Taiwan – NT$ 75,400
9th Chen Yu Hung – Taiwan – NT$ 62,800


The Championships Event clocked in at over nine hours. The first two hours saw the departure of Chi Jen Chu, Chen Yi “Serina” Liu, Day 1A chip leader Ori Kossonogi, and decorated champion Yen Han “Pete” Chen who was the only player gunning for a second APT Championships Event title. All of them busted without any pay. With Chen’s elimination a first time event champion was guaranteed.

Falling on the bubble was series High Rollers winner Yu Chung “Nevan” Chang when his Ace-Jack was outdrawn by Chao Ting Cheng‘s Queen-Ten on a board 6-7-8-Q-Q. Missing a coveted final 8 spot was Day 1B chip leader Chen Yu Hung who fell to Yun Hsiang “Terry” Fan in 9th place for NT$ 62,800. Entering the final table, Zhi Hao Huang carried in the largest stack with Fan just a few chips behind. 

Final 8 – Championships Event

Within the first 20 minutes of final table play, Po Wen Fang J J was all in on a flop 10 9 9 however C.T. Cheng had higher Q Q. With the turn 8 and river 4, Fang packed up in 8th place while Cheng took the lead. Fang earned NT$ 75,400 (~US$ 2,705) for his first ever APT cash. Shortly after his defeat, he took on the High Rollers event where he proceeded to ship it for a larger NT$ 249,600 (~US$ 8,958).

Po Wen Fang – 8th place

Another 20 minutes later, the next casualty arrived with very short stacked Wei Chen Liu booted by FanLiu’s 7 7 was outdrawn by Fan’s A Q, ace on the board. Liu earned NT$ 92,600 (~US$ 3,323) for his first ever APT cash. 

Wei Chen Liu – 7th place

Six handed ran a lengthy two hours. During that time, Fan and Z.H. Huang grinded to the top. For the latter Z.H. Huang, he gained command in a hand against C.T. Cheng who folded pocket kings on the river bet. (Hand pictured below)

The session ended with short stacked Hang Chi booted in 6th place by P.H. Huang with 9 9 over 8 8. Chi earned his first ever APT cash of NT$ 116,600  (~US$ 4,184). 

Hang Chi – 6th place

Less than ten minutes after, Fan pushed with 6 6 only to run into C.T. Cheng’s A A. Fan earned NT$ 151,000 (~US$ 5,418) for his deep run. This was his third ever APT career cash. 

Yun Hsiang “Terry” Fan – 5th place

Down to four handed, C.T. Cheng was back on top which he held despite a failed bluff against Z.H. Huang. With 250k already in the pot, Cheng bet the river on a board J 2 J 4 K. Z.H. Huang check-called with ace high. (Hand pictured below)

Out in 4th place was Chung Chie Kuan for NT$ 202,000 (~US$ 7,248). Kuan won his fair share of good pots however he still couldn’t reach the heights of the leaders. His final stand was K 5 that failed to improve against Z.H. Huang’s 7 7

Chung Chie Kuan – 4th place

Three handed kicked off with C.T. Cheng still in command, Z.H. Huang in second position, and P.H. Huang as the shortest. Average stack was a deep 61 bbs, giving players plenty of time to grind. Chip leader Cheng was not so fortunate during this round as both Huangs attacked his big stack with much success. P.H. Huang took the lead for the first time after winning a couple of pots back to back with the largest take on a three way. 

On a board A 7 4 J 10 and 680k already brewed, Z.H. Huang bet, C.T. Cheng called, P.H. Huang raised which only Z.H. Huang called. (Hand pictured below)

From there, P.H. Huang never relinquished the lead, instead he continued to climb. Z.H.Huang and C.T. Cheng battled for second command. Z.H. fell as low as 11 bbs and recovered on a double up with K 7 lucking out on Cheng’s A 5 on a board Q 7 4 4 6. About even in chips, with Z.H. Huang slightly ahead, both faced off again, this time Cheng was at risk. Cheng had A 10, Z.H. Huang with K Q, the board came J 4 K 10 K to outdraw Cheng again. Cheng exited in 3rd place and earned NT$ 279,600 (~US$ 10,032). This was his third cash at the series. 

Chao Ting Cheng – 3rd place

Heads up: Zhi Hao Huang vs Ping Hao Huang

With Cheng’s fall, it was heads up between the Huangs. Ping Hao was ahead by around 2 bbs, which continued to widen to a 5:1 lead. One of the biggest pots was this hand pictured below. Both players checked the A river. 

After 40 minutes of heads up play, the final hand was tabled. P.H. Huang shoved with K 8, Z.H. Huang called for all his chips with K 6, the board was 6 Q 8 3 A. Like the series opener APT Taichung Mini Main Event, Z.H. Huang finished in 2nd place. He earned NT$ 402,200 (~US$ 14,430) for his deep run. 

Zhi Hao Huang – 2nd place

Congratulations to all the players in the money! Don’t forget, points were earned towards the APT Player of the Series race. You can view the standings via the link provided. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard