Philip Wang ships the PLO Hi event; Pablo Li lifts the NLH Single Day trophy

APT Taiwan 2019 awarded another two side event champions at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). The latest were Taiwan’s Philip Wang and Chi Kwon Li Su aka Pablo Li. We’ve got the recaps for you below. For everyone in the money, make sure to check your standing in the APT Player of the Series race. You can also view the payouts via the link below.

Complete festival results & payouts
APT Player of the Series standings 

Philip Wang wins the Pot Limit Omaha Hi event

The two-day Pot Limit Omaha Hi event came to an end this afternoon with Taiwan’s Philip Wang lifting his first trophy of the series. We say “first trophy” because the local pro is running just as strong as back-to-back side event winner, Mike Takayama, and may well be on his way to claiming a second title before the series concludes. For his victory, Wang earned TWD 115,700 (~USD 3,800) and enough points to slide into top rank in the APT POS race. 

PLO Hi champion

Yesterday, Wang finished runner-up to Takayama at the Head Hunter event then jumped straight into the PLO Hi. 49 players signed on at TWD 8,800 (~USD 290) each for a prize pool of TWD 380,200 (~USD 12,400). Anthony Abram fell on the bubble to Patrick Pun Hang after snap-calling for all his chips on a flop J 6 10 but didn’t improve on the turn 7 and river 9. Abram held Q 9 5 7, Hang 2 8 A Q.

The first to the cage to collect was Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu in 9th place to form the official APT final table of 8 players. Just before the day closed, Iori Yogo (seat 3) bowed out in 8th place leaving 7 players back on the hunt today with Philip Wang (seat 5) as chip leader. 

The game resumed with three players falling within the first two hours. At five remaining, Tsai Tsan Lung (seat 6) railed fellow countryman Ching Ling Chu (seat 7) to slide into top rank with a big lead. Lung cracked A A 5 6 with J 9 10 2  flush on a board of Q 4 8 6 10.

However, Lung’s visit at the top was brief. He was brought back to par when short-stacked Chi Chung Ho (seat 2) doubled up with A A J 9 set on a board A K 4 Q 6 against Lung’s K Q 10 8 two pair. From there, Philip Wang picked up momentum claiming multiple pots to regain the lead he once had. 

Wang proceeded to rail his opponents one by one. First was Lung in 4th place with a victorious set of kings. After an unsuccessful ICM deal attempt, Wang gobbled up all of Patrick Pun Hang’s chips with a full house 4 4 A 2 on a board 4 5 J J K. Hang had J 9 9 8 trip jacks. This brought about a very lopsided 5:1 heads up between Wang and Chi. 

Despite Chi earning a much needed double up, it still wasn’t enough to avoid elimination. Chi met his end holding J J 4 6 to Wang’s K Q 5 10 on a board of A Q 6 9 2.

1st Philip Wang – Taiwan – TWD 115,700
2nd Chi Chung Ho – Hong Kong – TWD 77,000
3rd Patrick Pun Hang – Portugal – TWD 53,500
4th Tsai Tsan Lung – Taiwan – TWD 38,700
5th Ching Ling Chu – Taiwan – TWD 28,900
6th Itzak Tamir – Israel – TWD 22,300
7th Liang Chih Ying – Taiwan – TWD 17,700
8th Iori Yogo – Japan – TWD 14,400
9th Yik Yin “Ray” Chiu – Hong Kong – TWD 12,000

Pablo Li awarded the NLH Single Day victory

92 runners hit the felt for the NLH Single Day event and at a very affordable TWD 7,700 (~250) buy-in, the players battled for a piece of the TWD 624,700 (~USD 20,300) prize pool. By the 8th hour of play, a stunning heads up deal awarded Chi Kwon Li Su aka Pablo Li the trophy and Chinese pro Guo Dong the first place money worth TWD 164,400. 

NLH Single Day champion

Backtracking to the bubble round Guo Dong knocked out a short-stacked player (seat 3 pictured below) to guarantee the final 16 players a payout. The hand saw the at-risk player shove with 9 9 on a flop 7 3 K and Guo Dong check-called with K 9 top pair. The turn and river dropped 7 7 for a full house to both and Guo Dong with the higher spread.  

From there, eliminations were quick and the official final table was formed. 

Jumping back in to check the action at four-handed, Pablo Li had amassed an enormous lead of nearly half the chips in play. Guo Dong landed a big double up with Q Q over Woo Jong Ha‘s {7h 7. Ha was crippled down to less than two blinds which he managed to bump up but only to lose it all to the leader Li. 

At three-handed, Yi Wei Peng shipped a triple up to bring his short stack to 10 bbs and like Ha, he quickly lost it to Li with J 7 failing to improve against 4 4. Heads up arrived with Li up by a small margin against Guo Dong. Instead of playing it out, Li proposed a deal that would award him the trophy plus the 2nd place money and Guo Dong pocketing the top cash prize. The gentleman’s handshake sealed it and the game was over. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Chi Kwon Li Su aka Pablo Li – Costa Rica – TWD 109,500 (deal made)
2nd Guo Dong – China – TWD 164,400 (deal made)
3rd Yi Wei Peng – Taiwan – TWD 76,100
4th Woo Jong Ha – Korea – TWD 55,000
5th Eric Widjaja – Singapore – TWD 41,100
6th Kristof Segers – USA – TWD 31,700
7th Wong Weng Seong – Malaysia – TWD 25,200
8th Heon Geon Chun – Korea – TWD 20,500

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