Packed house with 301 entries for Main Event Day 1C; Mai Te bags overall lead

As always, the last entry day of the MAIN EVENT produced the largest turnout with 215 unique players and 86 re-entries for a total of 301 in Day 1C. Add that in with the past two starting days – 105 for Day 1A and 152 for Day 1B – and we had a towering 558 entries. 

The APT Kickoff 2019 Vietnam featured tournament had a set buy-in of VND 22,000,000. By mid-day of Day 1C, the advertised guarantee was conquered. Players will be looking at a prize pool creeping into VND 11 Million when they return. We will have the official number once registration closes at 1pm tomorrow in Day 2. 

Day 1C recap

Out of the 145 remaining warriors, China’s Mai Te wielded the mightiest sword. He already had a sizable stack in the last level of the day and earned much more after eliminating two players in succession. One of them was Michael Kim Falcon who leads the APT Player of the Series race. Te will ring in Day 2 as the overall chip leader with 198,400. 

Mai Te

Closing the day running second-in-chips, though not too close to Te, was Ukraine’s Danilin Oleh with 155,600. 

Danilin Oleh

Rounding out the top three was Vietnam’s Huu Dung Nguyen, a decorated APT major champion. Huu bagged 148,100. 

Huu Dung Nguyen

With a packed house running all day, it was no surprise to see superstar locals on the felt. Among those that advanced were Minh Le, Dang Van Hien, and Cao Ngoc Anh. As for the international attendees some of those remaining were SJ Kim, Kosei Ichinose, Ang Boon Seng, Dhaval Mudgal, Andreas Rauh, Iori Yogo, Kunal Patni, Steffen Endres, and Norbert Koh. 

Main Event Day 1C chip counts

These players will merge with the combined 105 Day 2 qualifiers from the previous starting days. That brings tomorrow’s field at a minimum of 250 players with registration open just before the start. 

Main Event Day 1B chip counts
Main Event Day 1A chip counts

Day 2 qualifiers