Nguyen Van Sang wins the Championships Event

The Asian Poker Tour Vietnam Hanoi Loyal 2022 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – was another big smasher with the featured tournament attracting 216 entries for a juicy prize pool of VN₫ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 315,540). Out of the 22 players that dipped in the money jar, the largest portion went to Nguyen Van Sang for his impressive performance. Nguyen overcame a deficit at heads up against Singapore’s Jiang Yongbo to win the APT Championships Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and a live career high takedown of VN₫ 1,823,500,000 (~US$ 78,500).

Congratulations to the champion!! Nguyen also cashed at four side events to finish 2nd in the APT Player of the Series race. He was awarded the designated POS trophy and US$ 100. You can watch the Final 8 race via the recorded stream on APT YouTube

Dates: June 15 to 19
Buy in: VN₫ 38,500,000 (~US$ 1,657)
Guarantee: VN₫ 4,000,000,000 (~US$ 172,117)
Total entries: 216
Prize pool: VN₫ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 315,540)
ITM: 22 places

Championships Event results

Final 8 payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Nguyen Van Sang Vietnam 1,823,500,000
2nd Jaing Yongbo Singapore 1,215,660,000
3rd Tran Huy Hoang Vietnam 845,110,000
4th Dang Duy Thanh Vietnam 610,410,000
5th Ankit Jajodia India 456,490,000
6th Son Hoang Vietnam 352,310,000
7th Dinh Tien Thanh Vietnam 279,770,000
8th Rijad Hasani Serbia 227,940,000


Winner’s path to the Final 8

Unlike everyone else at the Final 8, Nguyen Van Sang was the only player who entered in Day 2. By the end of the heat, he bagged up a very healthy 59 BB stack to join 34 other players into Day 3. This next heat was where Nguyen shined. He first dropped in chips on a double up to Jiang Yongbo with a straight losing to a full house then later doubled up with pocket Kings. He also got maximum pay for his quads Eights. Down to 12 players, Nguyen eliminated Sumit Sapra with Q Q dominating pocket Tens and eventually entered the unofficial final table of nine players as one of the biggest stacks. With one player needed to close the day, Nguyen went on overdrive, initiating heavy betting action until Dang Duy Thanh eliminated Dinh Duc Linh in 9th place. Nguyen entered the Final 8 running second in chips. 

You can read up on the Day 2 and Day 3 action via Live Updates.

Race to victory

The first good pot at the final table was won by Nguyen who had a set at the flop that earned some chips off the leader Dang Duy Thanh. He proceeded to deliver the first casualty with Q 9 flush cracking Rijad Hasani‘s pocket Kings. The next bust was credited to Dang who cleaned out short stacked Dinh Tien Thanh. The next shoves called saw Yongbo double up his 8 BB stack with Nguyen paying, Nguyen recovered the lost chips by sending Son Hoang out in 6th place. Shortly after, Ankit Jajodia joined the railbirds with Q-J suited falling to Tran Huy Hoang’s pocket Aces. 

Tran Huy Hoang and Anki Jajodia

Down to four players, the game slowed. It took nearly two hours before the next player tumbled. During that time Yongbo picked up momentum landing two big pots to skyrocket to the top. Both hands were against Tran. On a flop  A 10 Q, Yongbo check-raised then called Tran’s shove. With the turn 3 and river 4, Yongbo’s K J straight bested Tran’s A 10 two pair. To take the lead, Yongbo’s 5 4 flush shook down Tran’s Q Q set on a board K Q 7 8 4

Jiang Yongbo

As the blinds increased it put Dang close to the danger zone. He risked his 15 BB preflop with J J that was stunned by Yongbo’s A 10 trips on a board 8 7 6 10 10. Tran quickly followed with his 12 BB stack all going to Nguyen. Heads up opened with Yongbo ahead 69 BB to Nguyen’s 39 BB. 

Dang Duy Thanh

On just the second hand, Nguyen stole the lead with J J holding firm against Yongbo’s  K 10. From there, Nguyen kept a tight grip on the lead while keeping loose with a back massage.

Yongbo’s attempts at regaining control earned him several good pots but still stayed behind the leader. The final hand saw Nguyen raise his 3 4 from the button, Yongbo called with Q 10. At the flop Q 6 7, Yongbo check-called to bring the turn 5. Yongbo checked again, Nguyen get his straight, thinking he was the one trapping, Yongbo jammed and was snap-called. Yongbo was drawing dead, the river was 2.  jiang check, sang bet 600k to a 1.6m pot, check raise all in jiang, call sang, drawing dead jiang, river 2.

Congratulations to the champion!!