Vamerdino Magsakay earns first APT title; Iori Yogo wins the PLO Hi Lo

We had another virgin victor at the series with local player Vamerdino Magasakay taking down his first-ever APT title. Magsakay has been cashing at the APT since 2014, and tonight, he finally nailed one at the APT Philippines Championships II 2018Head Hunter tournament. For his performance he pocketed his largest career scoop of PHP372,400. In addition, he also earned 9.5 bounty rewards worth PHP4,000 each.

Vamerdino Magsakay

Prior to today’s final 8 bout, the event drew in 137 entries to Resorts World Manila and with each entry at PHp17,600, it produced a prize pool of PHP1,578,200 plus a bounty pot of PHP548,000. At 24 players remaining, the money bubble burst with Magsakay sending the axe. From there, dropouts were quick and the final 8 bagged up at the fall of Dhanesh Chainani in 9th place.

Final 8 players

Today’s action was uploaded in APT Twitch and APT YouTube. You can check those out anytime. A brief recap is also provided below.  

Game got underway with Norbert Koh entering with a healthy stack but after a couple of costly pots, he plummeted and then out in 8th place. Falling in 7th place was the lone female at the table, Kim Mul Gyeol. This was an impressive run by Gyeol who was playing in her first-ever tournament.

Kim Mul Gyeol

Henry Acain bit the dust next followed by the short stacked Manuel Mascunana. Mascunana was booted by both Uesugi and Magsakay so the bounty reward was split between the two players. 

At four remaining, short-stacked Teck Seng Lee was gobbled up by the ante and was finally put out of commission by Uesugi. Uesugi also dealt the final blow to Tristan Yumul with 2 2 improving to a full house 6 10 10 4 2 against J 9.

Yoichi Uesugi

Despite Uesugi’s knockouts, Magsakay still had him dominated at heads up over 2:1.

Vamerdino Magsakay

When action resumed, both players were aggressive with a majority of the pots seeing a preflop raise. Uesugi managed to slip into the lead in a hand that didn’t see a showdown. On a raised pot preflop, and a board completing 9 8 2 5 7, Uesugi bet big on every street and won it with Magsakay folding on the river shove.

Uesugi’s rise didn’t last. Magsakay went back on the grind and retook the lead. The final hand saw Uesugi raise to 70k preflop and Magsakay called. On the flop 10 8 2, Magsakay check-called 125k. Both players checked the A turn; then on the 9 river, Magsakay bet 250k, Uesugi shoved, and was called. Uesugi had A 4 top pair that was way behind Magsakay’s J 8 flush.

Heads up

Congratulations the Vamerdino Magsakay for his first-ever APT victory!

Final 8 payouts
1st Vamerdino Magsakay – Philippines – PHP372,400
2nd Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – PHP248,200
3rd Tristan Yumul – Philippines – PHP173,300
4th Teck Seng Lee – Malaysia – PHP126,200
5th Manuel Mascunana – Philippines – PHP95,300
6th Henrieto Acain – Philippines – PHP74,500
7th Kim Mul Gyeol – Korea – PHP60,000
8th Norbert Koh – Singapore – PHP49,600

Iori Yogo wins the PLO Hi Lo event

While the Main Event was running, 47 players opted to take on the Pot Limit Omaha Hi Lo event. As always, it had countless number of split pots that it took over 8 hours to reach the bubble round.

Once there, it was a shove fest with several shorts stacks seated around the orbit. Iori Yogo was one of those who took the risk and survived but for Svyatoslav Dvornikov it was just the opposite, it was doomsday. He busted as the bubble to Tomomitsu Ono with 6 Q 10 5 losing to Ono’s J 7 8 3 on a board of 2 K 9 K 7

Bubble time!

The event proceeded for another three hours before a champion emerged. Yogo closed the door on Shyh Chyn Lim at heads up to claim the PHP212,300 first prize and his second-ever career APT victory under this event. Congratulations Iori Yogo for another APT victory! 

Iori Yogo, champion

Prizepool: PHP683,000 – Buyin: PHP16,500 
1st Iori Yogo – Japan – PHP212,300
2nd Shyh Chyn Lim – Malaysia – PHP141,500
3rd Jeong Minwoong – Korea – PHP98,800
4th Tomomitsu Ono – Japan – PHP71,900
5th Ji Woon Kim – Korea – PHP54,300
6th Nemesio Alegado – Philippines – PHP42,500
7th Park Jung Woong – Hong Kong – PHP34,200
8th Kai Paulsen – Norway – PHP28,300

SNG OFC Pineapple winner

Once again, the SNG Open Face Chinese Pineapple got a bit of mileage with one game of four players on the felt. Malaysia’s Shyh Chyn Lim won it to make that two under his belt. Lim won one late last night. 

Shyh Chym Lim, 2nd SNG OFCP win

Events on Sunday, September 16, 2018

The weekend continues with more games to enjoy. The top event of the day will of course be the MAIN EVENT with Day 1B on the floor starting at 1pm. Get there early and have your chips in play at the starting gun to be eligible for the Bubble Protection. Buy-in is PHP55,000. 

Full MAIN EVENT details

2:00PM: NLH Single Day 1 – Buyin: PHP16,500

6:00PM: Championships Event Satellite – Buyin: PHP9,000 – One seat awarded per ten players

Full festival schedule