Roland Loos and Shigeaki Nozaki win event trophies; PLO and WLS Deep Turbo up next

We’ve had another two players take charge of their respective side events today to become the latest winners of the APT Philippines 2017 here at the Winford Hotel & Casino. Germany’s Roland Loos was the first to get the paparazzi treatment with multiple camera flashes to affirm his victory at the NLH One Day Event 2; and moments after, Japan’s Shigeaki Nozaki lifted the trophy at the Ante Only event.

Here is a short recap on the day’s events.

Germany’s Roland Loos wins the NLH One Day Event 2

NLH One Day 2 Champion, Roland Loos

The second installment of the NLH One Day event turned up fairly the same number of players as the first one with 40 taking to the felt. There were a couple of familiar faces back at the final table with both Martin Ryberg and Stephen Nathan making it to the money. Ryberg finished 5th while Nathan took it further to a runner-up finish. The side event trophy went to Germany’s Roland Loos who claimed the PHP 232,800 first prize.

The final hand saw Nathan shove on a board of J Q 8 and Loos calling him down. Nathan had 10 7, Loos with K Q, and with the turn 4 and river 10 it was game over for Nathan and a joyous victory for Germany.

1st Roland Loos – Germany – PHP 232,800
2nd Stephen Nathan – UK – PHP 145,500
3rd Sigmund Barte Jr – Philippines – PHP 87,300
4th Jun Javalera – Philippines – PHP 64,000
5th Martin Ryberg – Denmark – PHP 52,400

You can watch the final table action in the APT Twitch channel.

Japan’s Shigeaki Nozaki  wins the Ante Only event

Ante Only Event Champion, Shigeaki  Nozaki 

The Ante Only event is one of those unique side events where everyone antes up in every hand to replace the blinds that most games are accustomed to. There were 42 entries for this tournament for a prize pool of PHP 285,200.

After Filipino Gerardo Lubas III fell in 5th place and collected first from the cage, fellow countryman Jan Morris Bolotaolo followed with his A-5 hand failing the whole way against Hong Kong’s Luen Kwok’s A-9. From there, Japan’s Shigeaki Nozaki went on to claim the next two heads, Malaysia’s Choong Kian Weng in 3rd place and Kwok in 2nd to ship in the PHP 114,000 first prize.

Shigeaki eliminated Weng with his K-10 dominating J-9 throughout the board, then finished off Kwok with Q 9 connecting for a higher pair against 4 4 on a board of A 6 9 8 K.

1st Shigeaki Nozaki – Japan – PHP 114,000
2nd Luen Kwok – Hong Kong – PHP 71,300
3rd Choong Kian Weng – Malaysia – PHP 42,800
4th Jan Morris Bolotaolo – Philippines – PHP 31,400
5th Gerardo Lubas III – Philippines – PHP 25,700

Side Events Today

Unable to make the cut into the Main Event? No fret. We’ve got more poker lined up for everyone. Here are two highly enjoyable side events running today.

Pot Limit Omaha
Veering off the Texas Hold’em dominated scene, we have the Pot Limit Omaha. This continues to be one of the fastest growing games in our roster.
Buy-in: PHP 22,000
Starting time: 2pm

Starting stack: 15,000
Opening blinds: 25-50-175 Max open
Blinds duration: increases every 30 minutes Deep Stack Turbo
Fast paced and fun from the get-go, this tournament is loaded with lots of fireworks with players fighting for every chip to avoid getting short stacked before the blinds get insanely high.
Buy-in: PHP 7,700
Starting time: 6pm

Starting stack: 10,000
Opening blinds: 25-25
Blinds duration: increases every 20 minutes

For the tournament structure and full schedule, head to the APT Philippines 2017 event page.

You can watch all the side event final table action in the APT Twitch channel as well as daily video highlights for your viewing enjoyment in our APT YouTube station.