PHP8 Million GTD prize pools for MAIN EVENT and CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT; avail of CoinPoker promos

The two premium tournaments of the APT Philippines Championships II 2018 are the MAIN EVENT and the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT. Each one comes equipped with an PHP8 Million guaranteed prize pool. These APT majors are the events to win.

Up today…. MAIN EVENT DAY 1B!

The featured events are deep-structured No Limit Hold’em tournaments running back-to-back from September 15 to 19 and September 20 to 24 at Resorts World Manila. They each cover a total of five days. We have all the information for you below including the Main Event CoinPoker promos and the Bubble Protection incentive. Full structures can be found in the festival booklet.

MAIN EVENT – PHP 8 Million guaranteed

The first featured tournament on the floor is the MAIN EVENT running from September 15 to September 19. Buy-in is PHP55,000. Players begin with a 25,000 stack. Opening blinds are 25-50, gradually increasing every 60 minutes. Registration closes on Day 2 at the start of Level 10. See schedule below.

Day 1A – Saturday, September 15 @1pm – (play 8 levels)
Day 1B – Sunday, September 16 @1pm – (play 8 levels)
Day 2 – Monday, September 17 @1pm – (play 8 levels)
Day 3 – Tuesday, September 18 @1pm – (play to the Final 8 players)
Final 8 – Wednesday, September 19 @130pm

CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – PHP 8 Million guaranteed

Once the Main Event closes, the CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT takes off. This second APT major tournament runs from September 20 to September 24. Buy-in is PHP82,500.

Players begin with a 50,000 stack. Opening blinds are 100-200, gradually increasing every 60 minutes. Registration closes at the start of Level 10. See schedule below.

Day 1A – Thursday, September 20 @1pm (play 8 levels)
Day 1B – Friday, September 21 @1pm (play 8 levels)
Day 2 – Saturday, September 22 @1pm (play 8 levels)
Day 3 – Sunday, September 23 @1pm (play to the Final 8 players)
Final 8 – Monday, September 24 @130pm

Bubble Protection

As always, the Bubble Protection will be in effect for both featured tournaments. Players that have qualified for the protection have essentially secured themselves insurance for the bubble round. In the event a bubble-protected player falls as the bubble, that player will receive their buy-in back in the form of APT tournament credits.

To qualify, players must meet these 3 simple steps:

  1.     Pre-register
  2.     Draw for your seat before the 1pm starting time
  3.     Have your chips put into play on the first deal of Level 1

*Eliminated players wanting bubble protection on the next starting day will have to qualify again.

MAIN EVENT CoinPoker promos

In addition to the Bubble Protection incentive, APT sponsor, CoinPoker, a cryptocurrency-based online poker room is offering two fantastic promos for all players joining the Main Event.

The first promo is the “Last Man Standing” promo. The promo is simple; the last player remaining in the Main Event wearing the CoinPoker patch will be awarded one free seat to APT Vietnam 2018 MAIN EVENT.  In order to be eligible, you must wear the CoinPoker patch from start to finish of the Main Event.

The other promo is the MAIN EVENT RAKE BACK. Players of the Main Event will be able to collect their full rake back by simply following these steps:

  1.     Register and play the APT Philippines Championships II 2018 Main Event
  2.     Take a photo of your paid receipt
  3.     Send the photo of the receipt to with the subject heading APT PROMO.

*Players will be credited the PHP5,000 rake back via their online account.