Main Event Day 1A attracts 100 entries; Dang Xuan Canh tops the 37 survivors

The moment everyone has been waiting for at the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Championships arrived on the third day of festivities – the Main Event VND 6 Billion Guaranteed – and with it came 100 entries strong for Day 1A at partner and host venue Pro Poker Club. With the schedule altered specifically for this series, players were at their seats for 10 rounds that by midnight, only 37 remained. (View story in Vietnamese)

Main Event Day 1A

Alike the APT ‘s first visit to HCMC, the field had an abundance of local players that it wasn’t much of a surprise to see one of their own bagging up the largest stack.  Vietnam’s Dang Xuan Canh claimed the top rank with 193,000 in chips.

Day Xuan Canh, Day 1A leader

Canh was trailed closely by Korea’s Lee Sang Jiu with 191,700. And to round out the top three was Singapore’s Marcus Kwek with 160,400. 

Here’s a look at the chip counts:

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Dang Xuan Canh Vietnam 193,000
2 Lee Sang Jiu Korea 191,700
3 Marcus Kwek Singapore 160,400
4 He Yue Ge Netherlands 110,800
5 Frederic Bolliet France 108,400
6 Pham Thanh Tung  Vietnam 106,400
7 Nguyen Hoang Linh Vietnam 102,600
8 Phong Lam  Vietnam 97,300
9 Loo JinZhong Malaysia 90,600
10 Nguyen Trung Hieu Vietnam 90,300
11 Mark Lloyd Australia 82,600
12 Johannes Felix Hoeld Germany 81,800
13 Nguyen Hoang Bach Vietnam 78,100
14 Phong Nguyen Vietnam 73,700
15 Eric Ting-Yi Taiwan 70,300
16 Barnay Patrick France 60,500
17 Nguyen Chi Thinh Vietnam 56,200
18 Josh McCully Australia 54,100
19 Chan Kai Tai Jackson Hong Kong 53,100
20 Phan Anh Khiem Vietnam 53,100
21 Ang Boon Seng Singapore 51,700
22 Nguyen Huu Huan France 50,300
23 Tran Huy Hoang Vietnam 49,300
24 Cong Le Vietnam 48,000
25 Suen Kam Sang Hong Kong 43,100
26 Lim Yo Hwan Korea 37,800
27 Wei Cheng Yin Taiwan 36,700
28 Le Quoc Dung France 36,600
29 Julien Tran Vietnam 36,200
30 Tran Xuan Truc Vietnam 35,500
31 Kwok Ting Shum Hong Kong 34,600
32 Yuan Zhong Xing China 33,700
33 Ihan Trung Kien Vietnam 30,300
34 Cerpedes Raphael France 17,700
35 Fujiya Yoichi Japan 16,100
36 Tran Trung Hieu Vietnam 13,300
37 Vin Tran Vietnam 13,100
Day 1A = 100 Entries
37 Players Qualified to Day 2
2,500,000 Chips in Play
67,567 Average Stack

All of these players advance to Day 2 Flight A on Monday, July 16 where they will play another ten rounds of freezeout action. For those unable to make the cut today, no need to fret. We have two more starting days headed your way, Day 1B and Day 1C. 

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