Joseph Talamayan bags the Main Event Day 1A lead; Lester Edoc running second

92 players for Main Event Day 1A! 

Despite Typhoon Ompong bearing down, it didn’t stop players from piling in at the APT Philippines Championships II 2018MAIN EVENT – PHP8,000,000 Guaranteed!

Main Event Day 1A

As one of our APT rules, if a typhoon hits during our event, we reserve the right to cancel any guarantees. However, due to two successful opening days, an executive decision was made to continue onwards with the guaranteed prize pool. APT General Manager and Executive Tournament Director, Lloyd Fontillas expressed,

“The players are already here and they’re not going anywhere. We’re quite famous for hosting events during natural disasters, and just like past incidents, the show must go on!”

Players may remember a couple of mother nature’s other bad moods during our events. The howling winds of Typhoon Haima in Hong Kong on February 2016 that affected travelers; and also the massive earthquake that hit Cebu, Philippines in 2012. Players were sent on an unscheduled break to check on family members living in the center. Despite repetitive aftershocks and intermittent power outages throughout the day, the game rolled on.

Main Event Day 1A recap

That brings us to today’s review. Day 1A drew in 92 warriors with only 42 surviving the scheduled eight rounds. Defending champion / CoinPoker Super High Roller champion Lester Edoc finished strong. He won the final hand at his table to bag up the second largest stack of 128,800.

Defending champion – Lester Edoc

Last year’s Main Event runner-up, Jaehyun Lim, bagged up the third largest stack of 117,400.

Jaehyun Lim

However setting the bar was a player still looking to make his mark in the live tournament arena, Joseph Talamayan. Talamayan bagged the chip lead with 141,200.

Jospeh Talamayan

Going down the list of survivors, decorated APT Main Event champions Feng Zhao and two-time winner Jeon Seung Soo also made it through.

Jeon Seung Soo

Other notables advancing were APT Player of the Series Incheon champion Kazuma Inotsume, APT regular Michael Kim Falcon, Marvin Rettenmaier, Lim Yohwan, Eugene Co, and Steffen Endres. Endres delivered a double knockout to bag up 91,250. He railed APT champions, Soo Jo Kim J J and Gyeong Byeong Lee A Q with his Q Q holding on a dry board of 5 7 10 7 6.

Steffen Endres

Making his way back to the APT arena was Victorino Torres. Back in 2013, Torres took 3rd at the APT Asian Poker Series Main Event right here in RWM.  He will have his work cut out though in Day 2 with only 17,000 bagged up. 

Victorino Torres

Congratulations to all the survivors! Day 2 is not until Monday, September 17 which means, they all get two night’s rest before returning to the races.

You can view the chip counts below and in the APT Facebook page.

Rank Name Country Chips
1 Joseph Talamayan Philippines 141,200
2 Lester Edoc Philippines 128,800
3 Jae Hyun Lim Korea 117,400
4 Liu Zhiqiang China 107,200
5 Steffen Endres Germany 91,250
6 Terry Gonzaga Philippines 86,050
7 Moe Saquing Philippines 75,700
8 Baey Ee Qiang Singapore 72,675
9 Lim Yo Hwan Korea 72,625
10 Loh Shu Chuan Singapore 70,250
11 Angie Melia Indonesia 67,825
12 Jung Seung Mook Korea 65,350
13 Yuka Asaka Japan 64,800
14 Lam Chen Sian Singapore 61,350
15 Michael Kim Falcon Denmark 61,300
16 Martin Gonzales Philippines 61,225
17 Liu Yin China 60,900
18 Mark Robert Sy. Philippines 60,600
19 Marvin Rettenmaier Germany 59,500
20 Feng Zhao Singapore 57,675
21 Eugene Co Philippines 55,700
22 Manuel Mascunana Philippines 54,375
23 Jefferey T. Pamplona Philippines 48,800
24 Benedict Koh Singapore 47,950
25 Jeon Seung Soo Korea 46,400
26 Rehg Delos Reyes Philippines 43,400
27 Chen Hao China 41,975
28 En Cheng Hung Taiwan 40,025
29 Maria Carmen Esdaile Philippines 34,700
30 Henry Ng Singapore 34,175
31 Takayuki Morita Japan 28,325
32 Kazuma Inotsume Japan 27,275
33 Xiaosheng Zheng China 26,750
34 Rex Clinkscales United States 26,000
35 Dhanesh Chainani Singapore 25,725
36 Huang Jiang Ho Singapore 25,025
37 Hanna Khalife Lebanon 22,625
38 Vi Vee Goldman Philippines 21,550
39 Roberto Tomas Aguila Philippines 21,325
40 John Jay Magadan Philippines 17,200
41 Victorino Torres United States 17,000
42 Shota Hirao Japan 13,100