Jaepil You tops Championships Day 1B; Kentaro Somekawa and Lisa Kito win the Turbo events

That’s it! The APT Korea Incheon Championships 2018 bagged and tagged Day 1B of the Championships Event at Paradise City casino A total of 91 runners started the day with only 58 remaining at the end of 8 rounds. Here were the top three players:

Jaepil You – USA – 215,500

Sunny Jennens – Canada – 204,900

Vladimir Mefodichev – Russia – 184,900

Among the many notable players making it through were Main Event champion Iori Yogo, current APT Player of the Series race leader Edward Yam Chun Ho, Yoichi Uesugi, Pete Yen Han Chen, Ken Okada, Yuri Ishida, Hajime Iwakura, and quadruple APT Player of the Year champion,  Samad Razavi.

Samad Razavi

Day 1B survivors will merge with Day 1A qualifiers in Day 2 on Friday, August 17 at 1pm. Late registration remains open until the start of Level 10. 

Day 2 chip counts + seat assignment

Side Event winners

Kentaro Somekawa wins the Super Deep Stack Turbo

The first turbo event offered at the series was the Super Deep Stack Turbo with 50 entries battling it out. At four-handed, the remaining players struck an ICM deal with Kentaro Somekawa ahead in the count. He went on to win it, capturing the title and ₩3,292,000.

Kentaro Somekawa, Super Deep Stack Turbo winner

Recapping the action, as it wound down to 11 players with the money two spots away, the felt amped up with players going all in at nearly every hand. This resulted in five double ups before Takeuchi Kitaro and Tei Yoshikawa were knocked out simultaneously at separate tables. Yoshikawa actually doubled up twice before she was railed.

Tei Yoshikawa

With 9 remaining, action resumed at the same turbo pace. After two players fell, David Scott Shepherd was all in with exactly one big blind. He doubled up with his pocket 7s then trekked upwards to the final four.

David Scott Shepherd

Inotsume Kazuma had a similar run, tripling up with less than a big blind with A 7 besting A J and J 2 on a board of 7 4 5 Q 9. As for Lam Cheuk Nam, he swung wildly going from big to short and back up. Both players also reached the final four.

Eventual winner Somekawa was the only player in the clear with his big stack. He went on to win it defeating Shepherd at heads up.

Prizepool: ₩14,550,000 – Buyin: 330,000 – Entries: 50
1st Kentaro Somekawa – Japan – ₩3,292,000 (deal made)
2nd David Scott Shepherd – USA – ₩2,450,000 (deal made)
3rd Lam Cheuk Nam – Hong Kong – ₩2,589,000 (deal made)
4th Inotsume Kazuma – Japan – ₩2,450,000 (deal made)
5th Tomomitsu Ono – Japan – ₩1,117,000
6th Takeshi Sasaki – Japan – ₩873,000
7th Masato Shimizu – Japan – ₩704,000
8th Toshimasa Sakato – Japan – ₩582,000
9th Bun Sek – Hong Kong – ₩493,000

Lisa Kito wins the Hyper Deep Stack Turbo

Japan’s Lisa Kito was all smiles after shipping in the Hyper Deep Stack Turbo event. She defeated Chun Tai Shen at heads up to pocket the ₩2,028,000 first prize.

Lisa Kito, Hyper Deep Stack Turbo winner

The Hyper Turbo was just as wild as the earlier turbo event with 41 entries down to the bubble round in just four hours. The bubble burst in a very nutty hand highly worth reporting. With blinds at 3K-6K, Kito raised to 20k, short-stacked Morihiko Ogawa went all in with 6k, and big blind Shota Arata decided to go all in as well with just 2k more than Ogawa.

Kito K K
Ogawa A J
Arata 10 7.

When the flop ran A 10 Q, Ogawa jumped ahead of Kito, but with the turn 7 and river 7, it was a runner-runner full house for Arata to eliminate the shocked Ogawa on the bubble.

Morihiko Ogawa (standing)

Shota Arata celebrates

From there, players dropped out just as fast as the blinds increased. The final hand saw Kito with A J, Shen with Q 8 and a final board running A 5 5 2 6.

Prizepool: ₩5,965,000 – Buyin: ₩165,000 – Entries: 41
1st Lisa Kito – Japan – ₩2,028,000
2nd Chun Tai Shen – China – ₩1,304,000
3rd Sungha Kim – Canada – ₩884,000
4th Kazumasa Wakabayashi – Japan – ₩629,000
5th Shota Arata – Japan – ₩468,000
6th Yoshio Tsuchiya – Japan – ₩362,000
7th Kenji Shimazaki – Japan – ₩290,000