Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus scores big at the CoinPoker High Rollers 1

Amongst a crowd of spectators around the table and many more cheering up above, the high stakes event of the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Championships wrapped up with Vietnam’s Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus shipping in the CoinPoker High Rollers 1 to claim the massive VND 1,148,140,000 first prize. (View story in Vietnamese)

Huynh Tan Dung aka Pegasus, CoinPoker High Roller 1 winner

With a buy-in of VND 107,500,000, only 28 entrants were brave enough to cough up the dough, generating a hefty VND 2,716,000,000 prize pool. At the end of twelve rounds, only 10 remained with Pegasus in the lead. 

Pegasus would have been in a zone of his own, far from the pack, had Soo Jo Kim not railed Anh Nguyen during the last hands called with K 5 higher flush over J 10 on a board of 7 4 A 9 6. Both players bagged up with just a 100K difference.

At the final day, both continued to hold on to their stacks and proceeded to enter the official final table in the exact same ranking. The Final 8 streamed live in the APT Twitch channel and in our APT YouTube station. Just click on the link to relive the action. For readers, we’ve provided a recap below.

Final 8 – CoinPoker High Roller 1

Action kicked off with short-stacked Huu Dung Nguyen unable to build any momentum and was sent to the rail first. Tran Kim Dong followed, eliminated by Kim to take full control of the chip lead. Earning the next kill was Pegasus, delivering Yi Won Lee as the bubble boy with J 10 spiking a pair on the river against A J on a board of 2 7 K 2 10.

Big stacked Pegasus

With five remaining and all in the money, the hunt for the juicy first prize took a big turn with a changing of the guard. On a flop 2 3 10, Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh shoved with K K and chip leader Kim called with Q 10. The turn 2 and river 9 secured the double up and a new leader emerged.

Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh

Nguyen fattened up more by booting out Phan Chi Cuong in 5th place. On the turn of a completed board 4 K 3 7 J, Phan shoved while holding A 7 only to watch all his chips head to Nguyen’s corner who had 6 5 straight.

Phan Chi Cuong – 5th place

After a series of hands, Kim shut the door on Nguyen Van Dung in 4th place with all the chips going in on the flop of a board J 4 5 10 A. Van Dung had K J and Kim with K K.

Nguyen Van Dung – 4th place

At three-handed, Pegasus was the runt of the trio but got out of the hole and took the chip lead after two timely double ups through Kim. The first one was A-8 over Q-4, followed by A J over K 8 on a board of 10 Q 7 10 A. The shoves were at the flop.

Crippled, Kim managed to double up but tumbled right back down with his K-6 losing to Nguyen’s A-Q. Kim exited in 3rd place.

SJ Kim – 3rd place

Heads up began with Pegasus holding a 2:1 lead over Nguyen. The bout didn’t last long. Both players were all in on a flop 8 10 9 with Pegasus holding the nuts straight Q J against Nguyen’s J 10. The turn 6 and river 4 completed the flush and Pegasus became the newest event champion of the series.

Heads up

Prizepool: VND 2,716,000,000 – Entries: 28 – ITM: 5 places
1st Huynh Tan Dung – Vietnam – VND 1,148,140,000
2nd Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh – Vietnam – VND 667,990,000
3rd Soo Jo Kim – Korea – VND 418,230,000
4th Nguyen Van Dung – Vietnam – VND 280,720,000
5th Phan Chi Cuong – Vietnam – VND 200,920,000