Hideki Izutsu bags a monster stack at Day 2; Fokin Valeriy and Mitsunori Tokumi win trophies

The APT Korea Incheon Championships 2018 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – closed Day 2 at Paradise City with 24 players remaining. In the lead was Japan’s Hideki Izutsu with an enormous stack of 1,054,000. 

Day 3 chip counts and seat draw

Hideki Izutsu

Kicking off Day 2, Izutsu wasn’t in our immediate radar. He was hidden in the mix of the 74 qualifiers while Preston Lee, Jaepil You, and Sunny Jennens, the top three leaders entering the day, continued to dominate the action at their respective tables. 

Halfway through the day, leadership changed. Izutsu found his way into the upper tier taking full command after railing Jinghan Yan with A Q that spiked an ace to overtake Q Q

By the bubble round with 26 remaining, Izutsu was not only the player to catch up to but he was also creating an even bigger gap away from the pack. With his massive stack, he entered nearly every hand of the bubble round and won numerous pots to rise to 1.2 million. He closed the day as the only player over the seven-digit mark. You can read up on his impressive Day 2 run in our live posts.

Bagging up the second largest was New Zealand’s Tae Hoon Han with 732,000. 

Tae Hoon Han

Day 2 recap

Day 2 saw another 20 sign up to bring the Championships Event to 148 entries for a prize pool of ₩215,340,000. The top 25 spots would be looking at a payout with 1st prize earning a sweet ₩49,770,000. 

While it was a good day for the leaders Izutsu and Han, not so for a large number of notable players. Among the fallouts were Pete Chen, Aaron Lim, Iori Yogo, Samad Razavi, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, and Yuri Ishida. 

The hardest to fall was Ken Okada; he was knocked out during the bubble round. With the amount of double ups and lucky hands taking place in that round, Aleksei Sei coined it “crazy time”. 

Day 2 ended with 24 players bagging up and Tomomitsu Ono walking out with the first payout of the event. He busted in 25th place. 

 Day 2  Live Updates

The 24 remaining players will return on Saturday, August 18 at 1pm for the race to the Final 8 spots. 

Side event winners

Fokin Valeriy wins first-ever title at the PLO 2 

For all the years Fokin Valeriy has played poker, he has been on the hunt for a trophy. Tonight, that dream was reached after he bested the 26 player field of the Pot Limit Omaha 2 event. For his achievement, he shipped in the ₩4,265,000 first prize.

Fokin Valeriy, PLO 2 winner

Prizepool: ₩10,088,000 – Buyin: ₩440,000 – Entries: 26
1st Fokin Valeriy – Russia – ₩4,265,000
2nd Simon Josselin Coutier- France – ₩2,481,000
3rd Tomoya Hasegawa – Japan – ₩1,553,000
4th Yukiko Ogasawara – Japan – ₩1,043,000
5th Jaehoon Lee – Korea – ₩746,000

Mitsunori Tokumi wins the WeLoveSport Turbo event

Closing the day’s festivities was the WeLoveSport.com Deep Stack Turbo event with Mitsunori Tokumi topping the 81-entry field. Tokumi shipped in the ₩4,202,000 first prize and the event trophy. 

Mitsunori Tokumi

Prizepool: ₩15,714,000 – Buyin: ₩220,000 – Entries: 81
1st Mitsunori Tokumi – Japan – ₩4,202,000
2nd Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – ₩2803,000
3rd Takashi Kosakai – Japan – ₩1,957,000
4th Makon Miura – Japan – ₩1,425,000
5th Toshimasa Sakato – Japan – ₩1,077,000
6th Yuki Hirata – Japan – ₩842,000
7th Ryu Nosuke Torii – ₩678,000
8th Kenji Shimazaki – Japan – ₩561,000
9th Keiichiro Sugimoto – Japan – ₩475,000
10th Zhujin Huang – China – ₩406,000
11th Takuya Matsuda – Japan – ₩347,000
12th Tei Yoshikawa – Japan – ₩347,000
13th Naoki Yamamoto – Japan – ₩297,000
14th Hideaki Miyamoto – Japan – ₩297,000