Guarantee obliterated as 185 storm in for Main Event Day 1B; 10 APT championship titleholders advance

The typhoon may have passed but a storm of 185 entries made landfall at Day 1B of the APT Philippines Championships II 2018MAIN EVENT. This flight alone blew away the advertised 8M guarantee however with late registration still open, we won’t have the official prize pool for you until the start of Level 10 in Day 2.

Main Day 1B

With a field that size, it was no surprise to see notable players scattered all around the room. 13 APT major titleholders were among those in the mix with 10 of them through to the next round. Among them were Linh Tran, Kwok Kwan Kit, In Chul Sin, Hung Sheng Lin, Choong Kian Weng, Soo Jo Kim, Gyeong Byeong Lee, and Metro Team Pros John Tech, Joven Huerto, Alexis Lim. 

Metro Team Pro Alexis Lim – 118,100

Two-time champions Iori Yogo and Mike Takayama (Metro Team Pro) failed to advance along with Gerard Bringley. We will likely see them jump in the action coming Day 2.

Moving on to the big stacks of the day, out of the 89 remaining players, Edison Marzan bagged up the largest. Marzan has been absent from the circuit for the past few years however that didn’t seem to compromise his game. He amassed an impressive 161,600. This earned him the overall chip lead entering Day 2.

Bagging up the second largest was Yang Shao Ching with 148,800. This was a strong showing for Ching who is a newcomer to the APT.

Yang Shao Ching – 148,800

In third rank was Inaki Santos with 140,300. Four years ago, Santos finished in 2nd place at the APT Philippines Main Event.

Inaki Santos – 140,300

Other notable players with chips to bag were Metro Team Pro Marc Rivera, Stephen Nathan, Tamon Nakamura, Vamerdino Magsakay (Head Hunter winner), Kai Paulsen, Wilson Lim, Raiden Kan, and  CoinPoker sponsored player Yosuke Murata.

Yosuke Murata

Congratulations to all the qualifiers! They merge with the 42 Day 1A qualifiers in Day 2 taking place tomorrow, Monday September 17 at 1pm.

You can view Day 1B chip counts below and in the APT Facebook page.

Edison Marzan Philippines 161,600
Yang Shao Ching Taiwan 148,800
Inaki Santos Spain 140,300
Alexis Lim Philippines 118,100
R.E.D. 168 Philippines 116,800
Joonwon Lee Korea 114,300
Marc Rivera Philippines 110,800
Rex Clinscales United States 102,000
Yong Hyun, Yoo Korea 98,500
Elilvannan Australia 97,200
Craig Landry Australia 93,200
Chua Shan Hui Singapore 90,000
Nehmee Alegado United States 86,900
Kenta Hino  Japan 84,500
Peng Mendoza United States 77,500
Stephen Nathan United Kingdom 74,700
Baey Kian Guan Singapore 74,400
William Ysmael Philippines 74,300
Tamon Nakamura Japan 74,100
Trygve Leite Norway 72,400
Lee, Kyung Min United States 70,000
John Tech Philippines 69,600
Mark Jerick Almusajin Philippines 69,600
Gary Yip Canada 67,800
Hot Sauce Marquez Philippines 67,200
Chen I Wei United States 67,100
Phua Tzai Wei Singapore 64,900
Emmanuel Segismundo Philippines 61,000
Jack Mardabeigi Australia 60,200
Linh Tran Vietnam 60,000
Joseph Ty Sia Philippines 58,600
Andrew Doyle England 55,000
Jesse Leonarez Duterte 54,700
Joven Huerto Philippines 53,400
Jeremy Wee Singapore 53,100
Flo Campomanes Philippines 50,500
Leesuin Abraham Singapore 50,400
Hudson Wong Su Seng Malaysia 48,700
Makato No Guchi Japan 48,200
JC Sayo Philippines 47,500
Kwok Kwan Kit Hong Kong 45,700
Robert Harris United States 45,500
Andrianto Tan Indonesia 45,400
Ji Young Kim Korea 44,500
Czar Ian Marcos Philippines 44,100
Yoon Ho Korea 43,900
In Chul Sin Korea 43,800
Rodger Gaor United States 43,700
Zhang Yu China 43,400
Le Ngoc Khanh Vietnam 42,900
Yusuke Okada Japan 42,300
Martin Corpuz United States 39,000
Duy Ho United States 39,000
Ichitaka Otake Japan 38,800
Lin, Hung Sheng Taiwan 37,900
Suditu Madalin Romania 36,300
Anthony Abram Australia 36,200
Shingi Kohama Japan 35,800
Wang Jia Jun China 34,900
Henry Acain United States 33,500
Georges Chehade Lebanon 32,500
Kenny Cheong Singapore 32,200
Robert Coleman United States 30,300
Yosuke Murata Japan 30,000
Steve Harnett Australia 30,000
JM Hauducoeur Switzerland 28,900
Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines 28,800
Sen Hao Laeu Malaysia 26,600
Sun Tan Malaysia 26,500
Choong Kian Weng Malaysia 24,900
Han Wool Jaing Korea 24,800
Kai Paulsen Norway 24,200
Chen Chinh-Yen Taiwan 24,000
Ryo Hashimoea Japan 23,600
Georg Schreinen Germany 23,300
Wilson Lim Singapore 23,100
Sj Kim Korea 23,100
David Chargualaf Sr. Guam 21,300
Gyeong Byeong, Lee Korea 21,000
Yasuo Tanoda Japan 20,800
David Huerge Hietto Spain 18,700
Jackie Yip Canada 17,500
Graham Cowan Australia 16,500
Raiden Kan Hong Kong 15,000
Edwin Marzan Philippines 12,700
Keith Seah Singapore 12,600
Hiroshi Kato Japan 9,900
Anthony Hope Australia 9,400
Hong An Hong Kong 7,100