Gavin Flynn wins first event of the series; sets the bar for the APT Player of the Series race

The APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Championships concluded its first event of the series with Gavin Flynn emerging victorious at the Monster Stack event. This was Flynn’s first-ever APT victory. He defeated Viet Hung Nguyen at the heads up round to pocket VND 214,000,000. Flynn now leads the APT Player of the Series race.

Gavin Flynn – Monster Stack champion

Recapping the action, the event kicked off on opening day with 123 total entries charging in the host venue Pro Poker Club. This created a prize pool of VND 1,193,100,000 with 21 players standing to earn a piece. The bubble burst on the second day with Luong Thanh Trung A Q spiking the ace 5 4 7 J A to knock out Josh McCully with K K.

During the money round, decorated APT major champions Huu Dung Nguyen and Hisashi Ogi were eliminated in 17th and 12th place respectively. The final table was eventually formed after a mind-blowing double knockout that sent Luong to the rail crushed and in disbelief.

Luong Thanh Trung busts (R)

The hand began with a raise by Viet, a shove by short –stacked Tan Jeck Tech, three-bet to 100k by Luong, four-bet shove by Viet, and after tanking, Luong called risking his tournament life.

Tan: A Q
Luong: K K
Viet: K J

The board ran a head-snapping 6 7 8 J J for a runner-runner trip jacks. The 9 remaining players then merged for the first final table of the series.

The final table got underway with Le Hoai Nam in command. Prior to the merge, Nam won several big pots against the day’s entering chip leader Le Hong Nghia. He amassed an even larger stack by cracking Tran Thanh Trung‘s A A with his A 8 flush on a board that ran 2 7 5 K 4.

Le Hoai Nam

Another big hand came down, and this was a game changer. Flynn’s Q Q cracked Tran Ngoc Dung’s A A with quads 5 Q K J Q. Both players were all in preflop. This doubled up Flynn which he eventually carried all the way to the final three.

Quads! Gavin Flynn ships it

The three-handed round saw chips move around the table with not much effect on the stack sizes. Fairly even in chips, the final three opted on a deal that awarded each one a guaranteed VND 200M with an additional VND 14M to the winner. In just under twenty hands, Flynn went on to eliminate both of his opponents. The last hand of the tournament saw Flynn with A 8 Viet with A 6 and the board K 8 9 2 9.

Final table payouts
Prize pool: VND 1,193,100,000 – Buyin: VND 11M – ITM: 21 places
1st Gavin Flynn – Ireland – VND 214,000,000 (deal made)
2nd Nguyen Viet Hung – Vietnam – VND 200,000,000 (deal made)
3rd Tran Ngoc Dung – Vietnam – VND 200,000,000 (deal made)
4th Le Hong Nghia – Vietnam – VND 97,570,000
5th Le Hoai Nam – Vietnam – VND 73,740,000
6th Yoichi Fujiya – Japan – VND 57,630,000
7th Hoang Thi Hong Nhung – Vietnam – VND 46,420,000
8th Tran Thanh Trung – Vietnam – VND 38,400,000
9th Oystein Waldenar – Norway – VND 32,520,000

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3:00PM: No Limit Hold’em 1 – Buyin: VND 6,600,000

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