Final day events: 6-Handed and Deep Stack Hyper Turbo; Okamoto, Ogawa, and Chen win trophies

The APT Korea Incheon 2017 is down to its last day in Paradise City with two final events to fulfill that weekend poker itch. Starting at 1pm, we have the 6 Handed Turbo w/Antes and a few hours later is the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo at 4pm. Also finishing up is the High Rollers event with 8 out of the starting 23 players returning at 3pm.

Yesterday, USA’s Albert Paik reigned victorious at the first-ever APT Main Event here in Incheon and captured the KRW 44,860,000 first prize. While that was the highlight story of the day, there were also three side events that completed. Below is a recap of those events.

Masakazu Okamoto wins the Monster Stack event

Monster Stack Champion, Masakazu Okamoto

Japan’s Masakazu Okamoto overcame a huge deficit at the heads up round to win the Monster Stack event and capture the KRW 15,300,000 first place purse.

The two-day event racked up a total of 103 entries for a juicy KRW 59,950,000 prize pool. 26 players returned today with only 18 of them earning a profit. The first one to collect some pay was Jeremy Alan Graves. Others notable players also making the money were Sam Nee Aik Chuan (5th), Paphawin Laodee (9th), Hisashi Ogi (14th), and Noda Hiroyuki (15th).

Catching the final action at three-handed, Mitsumori Nobuaki was eliminated by the overwhelmingly massive stacked Andrew An with A-9 over A-3. This set up the very lopsided heads up round with An backed by a 3:1 chip advantage over Okamoto.

However, Okamoto proved too tough to crack, winning a few opening hands then taking the leadership role. The crucial hand that did it began with An raising to 65k and Okamoto with the call. On the flop 2 6 Q, Okamoto checked, An bet 70k, Okamoto raised to 155k, and An called. On the J turn, Okamoto led for 140k then An shoved. Okamoto quickly called and revealed his 2 2 set ahead of An’s A 6 flush draw. The river 3 completed the board and Okamoto zoomed back in the game with a slight chip lead.

From there, the lead seesawed back and forth until Okamoto won another roaring double up with 8-8 unbeaten by A-9. Okamoto proceeded to eliminate An on the next hand with K-J completing a straight against An’s 8-9 two pair on a board of A-8-Q-9-10.

Jenyen Chen takes down the No Limit Hold’em 3

No Limit Hold’em 3 Champion, Jenyen Chen

The No Limit Hold’em 3 event attracted 40 players to the tables for a prize pool of KRW 19,400,000. With only five players seeing the money, the bubble round lasted for some time until Tyler Tan was eliminated by Choong Kian Weng with A-J falling to Q-Q on a board of 9-2-Q-J-5. The money began to flow with Ishihara Masanori first to collect in 5th place followed by Koichi Muto in 4th place.

The three-handed bout saw Weng continue to climb, amassing the biggest arsenal. Jenyen Chen proceeded to rail Loo Junzhong in 3rd place with 9 9 flush against A K on a board that ran 3 K 8 10 5.

The heads up round began with Weng backed by his massive stack. As the chips moved back and forth, Chen cut the gap but was still behind until he landed a big double up with his 7-7 over Weng’s K-5. This reversed the lead with Chen now up 7:1. Weng managed to bounce back a little, doubling up with K-K however the victory was not his tonight. Chen had his number. The final hand arrived with Chen holding 6 7 and Weng with J 7. The board spread 7 5 6 9 K for a winning two pair. Chen was awarded the KRW 7,760,000 first place purse and the APT event trophy.

Norihiko Ogawa wins the Deep Stack Turbo 2

Deep Stack Turbo Champion, Norihiko Ogawa

One of the fast-paced games of the festival ended quite early with 76 entries down to one victorious player, Norihiko Ogawa, lifting up the trophy at the Deep Stack Turbo 2.

At three-handed, the players opted to strike a deal with everyone receiving KRW 2,000,000 each and the champion an extra KRW 170,000. When the game resumed, a three-way showdown ensued with Ogawa holding 10-10, Kenichi Takarabe with A-9, and Hiroaki Iwa with Q-4. With the board running 3-9-10-x-A, Ogawa’s set prevailed and Iwa fell in 3rd place. Takarabe stack also took a beating, crippled way down and was eliminated two hands later. There were a total of 10 players earning a slice of the KRW 11,060,000 prize pool.

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