Big victory for Julius Lagman at the Opening Event; Hii Wang Kiong wins the Charity event

This evening, the APT Philippines Championships II 2018 wrapped up two side events at Resorts World Manila with Julius Lagman and Hii Wang Kiong both claiming trophies. Congratulations to both players! We’ve got those recaps for you below.

Big opening victory for Julius Lagman

Local player Julius Lagman has done it again! After two grueling days at the felt, Lagman captured the APT-RWM Opening Event title along with PHP584,600 in cold, hard cash. This was a glorious deja vu moment for Lagman who won the exact same event right here in 2016.

Julius Lagman, champion

The opener kicked off yesterday with a thunderous 319 entries each contributing PHP11,000 to generate a PHP3,094,300 prize pool. Lagman had a bit of rocky start. He dropped to a desperate short stack but managed to climb out of the hole to bag up slightly under average.

At today’s final race, 82 players returned with only 54 ensured a piece of the pot. Within the first two hours, Joseph Sia delivered the bubble making every remaining player very happy. He went on to finish in 13th place. 

For the day’s entering chip leader, Moses Saquing, he drove his stack all the way to the official final table of 8 where all but one player hailed from the Philippines, Japan’s Ito Shinya.

Final 8 of the Opening Event

Similar to Lagman, Shinya was down and nearly out with 4 bbs left at ten-handed. His first double up snowballed into a few more to enter the final 8 with a healthy stack.

Ito Shinya

The six-handed battle saw lots of thrilling action. Lagman took the lead after winning a big pot against Renniel Galvez on a board of Q 6 2 6 J. Galvez three-bet preflop, bet the flop, then folded to Lagman’s river bet. Another big hand was Shinya’s huge river bet against Alexis Lim on a board of 10 K 9 Q 2. Lim tanked then folded with Shinya agreeing to show his hand. Shinya turned over A 5 bluff.

At three-handed, Shinya took command with a full house holding K K. He fired a big bet on the river board 9 7 4 7 K that Lagman paid off. Lagman lost nearly 1M in chips in that hand alone. Despite the shaving, he battled back and retook the lead by sending Lim out in 3rd place with A-J besting A-10.

Heads up was a fairly quick fight. Lagman maintained his edge and pushed with A 9. Shinya called with 7 7. The final board ran Q J Q J A for a higher two pair to Lagman. With this vicotry, he takes the helm in the APT Player of the Series race.  

Heads up

Final 8 payouts
1st Julius Lagman – Philippines – PHP584,600
2nd Ito Shinya – Japan – PHP389,900
3rd Alexis Lim – Philippines – PHP272,200
4th Martin Corpuz – Philippines – PHP198,200
5th Renniel Galvez – Philippines – PHP149,800
6th Redentor Edoc – Philippines – PHP117,100
7th Alvin Francisco – Philippines – PHP94,300
8th Moses Saquing – Philippines – PHP78,000

Among the notable players in the money were Park Jung Woong (10th), Stephen Bristow (11th), Feng Zhao (15th), Steffen Endres (15th), Oleg Mordassov (18th), Sim Kok Wai (19th), Richard Marquez (24th), Stephen Nathan (30th), JC Sayo (34th), Norbert Koh (40th), Iori Yogo (46th), and Lim Yohwan (54th). 

Hii Wang Kiong wins the Charity event

Hii Wang Kiong, winner

31 players generously contributed to the Ante Up for Charity event. This was in benefit of the RCMN Feed a Child, Build a Nation Feeding Program. A total of PHP77,500 was collected to help feed the children at the F.Benitez Elementary School. Winning the event was Malaysia’s Hii Wang Kiong. He won his first-ever APT trophy and PHP58,300.

Head Hunter attracts 137 entries

The Head Hunter event drew in 137 entries and with each one paying up PHP17,600, it created a PHP1,578,200 prize pool. Action was fierce as players attempted to knock out as many as they could to collect the PHP4,000 bounty per head. Filipino player Vamerdino Magsakay delivered the bubble to start the money flowing at 23 remaining. The event closed with the final 8 players:

Final 8 players

T.S Lee – Malaysia – 147,000
Manuel Mascunana III – Philippines – 79,000
Henrieto Acain – Philippines – 239,000 (chip leader)
Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – 219,000
Vamerdino Magsakay – Philippines – 143,000
Kim Mul Gyeol – Korea – 181,0000
Norbert Koh – Singapore – 175,000
Tristan Yumul – Philippines – 190,000

These players resume at 1pm on Saturday, September 15 for their final race to the title and the PHP372,400 first prize. We will broadcast live (30-min delay) on APT Twitch and APT YouTube so make sure to follow the action. 

SNG OFC Pineapple winners

We also had another enthusiastic group of players for the SNG OFC Pineapple. The winners were:

Terry Gonzaga

Shyh Chyn Lim

Events on Saturday, September 15 2018

The time has arrived. The MAIN EVENT begins at 1pm! Get there on time to avail of the bubble protection. Buy-in is PHP55,000. Full Main Event details 

There will also be one side event running, the Pot Limit Omah Hi Lo Split. That event takes flight at 2pm. Buy-in is PHP16,500. Then at 5pm is the last Main Event satellite. Buy-in is PHP12,000. One seat awarded per five players. 

Full APT Philippines Championships II 2018 schedule