Big day for Shinji Sugeta at Main Event Day 2; Jackson Chan wins the No Limit Hold’em 1

It was a big day for Japan’s Shinji Sugeta. He entered Main Event Day 2 on the lower end of the chip rung with just over starting stack then closed it out eight rounds later at the top with a huge 377,000 in chips.

Shinji Sugeta

There were many hands that helped Sugeta reach those heights. One of his early knockouts was crushing Pak Valeriy’s flush. With the all ins seen on the turn K 8 6 Q, Valeriy had 4 4 flush and Sugeta with K Q two pair. The river K improved him to a full house. During the last level of Day 2, he took control of his table earning nearly 100k combined from both Toshimasa Sakato (NLH Single Day winner) and Kashima Shinji.

Tomoharu Furuya

Prior to Sugeta taking the lead, Tomoharu Furuya dethroned the day’s entering chip leader, Kyung Min Lee. Lee kicked off Day 2 scooping up chips in every direction keeping well above the pack. At midday though, at a separate table from Lee, Furuya racked up a massive stack which he nurtured all the way to bagging time. He earned second-rank with 299,500.

Manami Hayamizu

Also running well was Manami Hayamizu. Hayamizu got busy early, railing a player on the first hour. Later in the day, she also sent Akihiro Shimizu packing to eventually bag up the third largest stack of 231,500.

Other notable players making it through the day were Iori Yogo (101,000), Kyung Min Lee (92,500), and Simon Cho (138,500). As for the fallouts, one of the earliest was WSOP bracelet winner Kevin Song later followed by Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, Yuri Ishida, and Roman Shcherbakov.

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 Full Chip Counts and Seat Draw

For a rundown of the numbers, the APT Korea Incheon Championships at Paradise City resumed wIth 106 Main Event qualifiers back on the felt. With registration open for one final hour, the 181 entries from the combined starting flights saw another 11 sign up for a total of 192. At ₩1,100,000 buyin each, this generated a juicy prize pool worth ₩186,240,000. Out of that pie, 32 players will pocket a share with the largest of ₩40,463,000 reserved for the eventual champion.

Prize Pool and Payouts

Jackson Chan wins the No Limit Hold’em 1

Jackson Chan, NLH 1 winner

The No Limit Hold’em event attracted 65 to the felt for a prizepool of ₩25,220,000. The event wrapped up with Jackson Chan overcoming a deficit at heads up to defeat Edward Yam Chun Ho

The defining hand saw both players all in, Yam with A K and Chan with 10 10. The board ran dry to double up Chan and cripple down Yam.

Two hands later, Chan eliminated Yam with Q J spiking a queen on the board to improve against 7 7. Chan pocketed the ₩7,177,000 first prize and the event trophy.

Heads up: Edward Yam Chun Ho (L) vs Jackson Chan Kai Tai (R)

At heads up, the first all in between them, Chan had 10 10 and Edward with A K. The board bricked and Chan doubled up while Edward dropped to 7 bbs. 

The final hand soon arrived. Chan had Q J and Edward with 7 7. The flop granted Chan a queen on the board to claim the victory. 

Prior to Chan’s win, Nishikawa Toshiaki sported a monstrous stack at two tables down to the final 7. However, his leadership wasn’t able to get past a 5th place berth. 

Nishikawa Toshiaki

The unfortunate bubble player was Keith Ong who went all in with A Q and fell to Chzhen Evgenii’s  9 9 that blossomed into a dominating straight flush 7 5 7 6 8

Bubble round: Seat 1 Keith Ong – Seat 2 Chzhen Evgenii

Prizepool: ₩25,220,000 – Buyin: ₩440,000
1st Jackson Chan Kai Tai – Hong Kong – ₩7,177,000
2nd Edward Yam Chun Ho – Hong Kong – ₩4,785,000
3rd Chzhen Evgenii – Russia – ₩3,341,000
4th Shimooka Yuichiro – Japan – ₩2,432,000
5th Nishikawa Toshiaki – Japan – ₩1,838,000
6th Lam Cheuk Nam – Hong Kong – ₩1,437,000
7th Naruyasu Ota – Japan – ₩1,157,000
8th Watanabe Takahisa – Japan – ₩957,000
9th Kenji Hamamoto – Japan – ₩811,000
10th Jansukon Ratthanin – Thailand – ₩693,000
11th Masanori Mizutani – Japan – ₩592,000

Results for APT Korea Incheon Championships 2018 

APT Player of the Series standings 

Top 5 players:

2 Aleksandr Cherepov Russia 265.10
3 Simon Joon Cho United States 227.30
4 Sungha Kim Canada 213.00
5 Wei Fan China 210.47