APT Noumea 2017 Main Event Champion to be Crowned Today

With the Final Eight of the APT Noumea 2017 Main Event set, we will see a new APT Noumea Main Event Champion crowned today at the Casinos De Noumea.

Monster Stack Champion Andre Moracchini receives his second trophy so far at the APT Noumea 2017 from Casinos de Noumea General Manager Alain Mathieu

The largest stack on the table belongs to Andre Moracchini who already has two other APT Noumea 2017 titles under his name – the Head Hunter and Monster Stack events. In fact, after winning the Monster Stack, he joined the XPF 110,000 No Limit Holdem Two-Day event. So there may be a possibility that Moracchini will have to multi-table.

APT Final Eight Seats and Stacks:

  1. Madrias – 50,000
  2. Jean Pierre Gauvan – 233,000
  3. Eric Perron – 200,000
  4. Teva Tevita – 405,000
  5. Enrick Fandoux – 287,000
  6. Aignelot Piere – 207,000
  7. Robert Saggio – 153,000
  8. Andre Moracchini – 590,000

For your viewing pleasure, once the feed is available, the APT Noumea 2017 Main Event Final Eight will be streamed live from the Casinos De Noumea in New Caledonia!

The last day of APT Noumea 2017 will also feature the continuation of the No Limit Holdem along with the NLH Two-Day Event and the last tournament of the festivities –XPF 33,000 No Limit Holdem Turbo side event.